Chapter 23: Needed A Distraction

2080 Words

Chapter twenty-three: Needed A Distraction

Alpha Axel

My thoughts were a haze as the cool breeze flew from the open window and touched me. I contemplated going to close the window but I just let it be since I saw no need to do so.

The paperworks was scattered around the table as usual and I sighed for the eighth time. I was tired but I couldn't leave since it was my responsibility to attend to all this. I still haven't found anyone trustworthy to handle the affairs of the Pack.

It was funny to believe that in a Pack as large as this, there was still no one that could do this and do it the way I wanted. A letter had arrived this morning and I was too tired to even ask who sent it or tried to check the content of the letter.

I took the envelope and opened it and immediately I saw the handwriting,

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