Chapter 24: Bad Memories

2014 Words

Chapter twenty-four: Bad Memories Sophia "Sit." Alpha Axel said and I shook my head vigorously, maybe I didn't hear him right because there is no way the Alpha would ask me to sit beside him. "Don't keep me waiting, sit down, Sophia." He said again as he gestured to the chair beside him. I am sure he is trying to test me. After what happened to that maid early today, everyone had been terrified and no one would dare to do something that the Alpha doesn't like, even breathing at this point was hard for me. I don't blame him for punishing her though, what she was wearing was too revealing. She was trying to seduce the Alpha and got caught in her trap. I was practically pushed to serve him when it wasn't even my turn. I regretted glancing over to Edward who had his hand on his sword. Wa

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