Chapter 25: Night Stroll

2179 Words

Chapter twenty-five: Night Stroll Alpha Axel I was Sophia's scared figure retreating and I sighed. It wasn't my intention to speak to her in that way but her question got me upset instantly. I don't want to even be reminded of the day I was born because it only brought bad memories to me. An Alpha's birthday is something that should be celebrated but mine is a taboo. It was something that shouldn't be spoken about even in my presence. How the happiest day of my life had turned to be the most awful day and that was something I couldn't understand till today. It was something that made me wonder why I had such a twisted fate. I saw a guard come and Kari was following him closely and I sighed again. I was not in the mood for a conversation now. I just wanted to be left alone. They both bo

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