Chapter 28: The Bracelet

2192 Words

Chapter twenty-eight: The Bracelet Sophia The next morning, Talia and I were both on off duty and I suggested we should go to the market. I really liked how free I felt the first time we went to the market and I didn't want to spend my off day in the Castle. If I ran into Bella, I am sure she might want to strangle me for what I did so I better avoid her for sometime. "Is there anything you want to buy?" Talia asked and I nodded happily. I wanted to buy something but it was a surprise. "Fine then, we would go to the market. I wanted to leave the Castle for a while." She said and I thought I was the only one that was actually tired of staying here, I guess I wasn't. The only reason the Castle was enjoyable for me was because Talia was here and maybe because I wanted to see the Alpha e

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