Chapter 29: A Gift

2212 Words

Chapter twenty-nine: A Gift Alpha Axel It is my birthday but no one was celebrating it. I scoffed at the thought of it. It was the same old routine that got me bored. Kari, my best friend won't be around today because he knows I am always on edge during this time. The maids stood by the corner as I ate my breakfast. I was picking the food, not really liking how it was tasting. It tasted like garbage in my mouth. Nothing tasted the same in my mouth anymore and it felt weird. Should I blame it on the cooks or my bad mood? I tossed the spoon on the table, I am done trying to force myself to eat the food because I knew that it won't end well. "Take this away and tell the cool to make something else, it tastes awful." I instructed as the maids took the tray of food and scurried away in fe

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