Chapter 1: Sophia's Point Of View

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The jingling from the chains was the only sound I used to hear. It is like an everyday rhyme to me which I was used to already. Shouting of the guards always echoes in my ears and has already registered a melody to my brain. My bed was the dirty ground of sand and grass, you can say I sleep in the same place animals do and it gives me the comfort I need. For me, I don't really know what comfort is or how it feels to sleep in an actual bed. It has been ages that I understand the actual meaning of comfort anymore. I tried to drag my tied legs as I walked, I could only hear some guards shouting and hitting us to walk very fast but everyone was very tired and hungry from all the walking. Who won't be, we have been walking without food or water for the past seven days. We needed to rest but that wasn't an option for us at all because they felt that resting was a waste and the worst thing that could ever happen to them. The guards knew so well that the time we waste by walking sluggishly is going to cost them a huge amount of money but still they refused to give us food, even to treat the wounds they inflicted on us all. How then did they expect us to perform miracles by walking fast in an empty stomach and unhealed wounds. I was amazed at the length of their stupidity. The hole scars on my back and neck I got from the guard because I am very weak and also sick to walk faster. It was the most and worst painful moment of my life yet I didn't say a word, even though I have so many things on my mind, I just kept quiet and could only pray that the whipping and beating would stop. The thought that alone always sent shivers to my brains down my spine. I was always very careful not to fall sick, because that alone would make you a liability to them and they certainly don't want liabilities or burden to them. The soldiers will deal with that person in a proper way. "Walk faster you idiots!" One of the guards shouted angrily at the top of his voice but we still kept walking slowly and it angered him more. The head of the guard walked in searching for the person that was delaying the movement with a whip in his right hand. When he reached the man causing the delay, he raised his whip and seriously lash it on the back of the man who cried and pleaded for mercy. "Keep quiet and walk very fast, I don't have any time to waste with you people!" A guard shouted at the man who continuously pleaded for mercy but despite the pain he continued limp walking. The man was trying so hard to stand up straight and walk but he couldn't do that. The one I thought was the head of the guard was so mean that he didn't let the man climb on one of the horses or the carriage to ease his pain. He just let him limp walk and at the same time infect his wounded leg. We all can't disobey any order given to us even if we are in so much pain you are in so much agony that you feel like dying at that moment yet you will still continue moving. We walked from day to night without food or water, my stomach was protesting the harsh treatment given to it but I couldn't complain. At least I am still breathing, that was the only thing that matters at that moment. The guard only gave us food and water once a day but they refused to give us anything, rather they allowed us to watch them eat and enjoy themselves. It pleases them to show us that we were nothing and never existed. They never understand the actual meaning and value of life. Everyone has the right to live and enjoy the fruits of mother nature just like them. It is already nightfall and all of us are very tired but I still thanked God that my star shined on me and was able to put up with the journey without minding the harsh treatment I received from the guards. "We will set a camp here", one of the guards shouted and everyone was relieved even though it all means we are sleeping on the grass but at least we can rest our bodies. Sleeping on the grass was the only comfort we got from the guards and I was happy and glad because that was the only thing permanent in my life. The ground was the only thing that didn't abandon me or run away from me in these past 6years. I have been taken from one kingdom to another without any rest. Ever since the day I have been taken away, my everyday food has been suffering from suffering. No sick days off, not to talk about going on vacation. I feel like crying each time I remember that incident, it always gives me nightmares. People always see me as unwanted and unlucky but I couldn't bring myself to believe so. For the past six years, I wish I could open a day chapter of my life and everything that has happened to me will just be a terrible nightmare. Back at the camp, the guards brought out foods and drinks that we thought they were going to feed us but yet they allowed us to watch them eat and all we could do was salivate. We sat on the cold hard grass and watched them as they enjoyed themselves, chatting and laughing, not caring were starving to death. Watching someone eat when your stomach is battling for hunger is the terrible and worst feeling ever. I forced myself not to look because I know that will worsen the situation. I was running a high temperature and had a headache, who wouldn't have such in that condition. My only desire at that moment was to get enough sleep in order to continue with the journey tomorrow. I don't have the ability to tell them that I won't be able to continue with the walk tomorrow because they didn't give me food. If I did, it would be the stupidest thing because I will regret it immediately the word came out of my mouth. I lay down on the hard ground filled with grass and a cold wind blew and I shivered because the weather was really very cold that night. They never gave us clothes or blankets, or even rags to protect our bodies from the cold weather, it was a huge battle between us and the wind. The best thing I could do in that situation was curl myself up into a ball because that is the only way to keep myself warm at that moment. The clothes I am wearing were as good as a rag which I can't remember the last time I washed it in the past six years, not to talk about having a bath. I was given the opportunity to do so. Nobody would instruct me to do it when we are in the middle of nowhere. I never got a clip of the destination they are taking us to but one thing was made very clear to us that the Alpha king is not a man that treats people with compassion and respect. I fell asleep curled up in a ball and was sleeping so deep despite the fact that I am dying of hunger. I was in a dream land where I saw myself wearing a fancy and beautiful dress with a Cinderella shoe and attended a very big party, where maids were serving food in a tray. I was so happy that at least I could eat to my heart's content and then one of the guards decided to wake me up by kicking my stomach. "Get up you i***t!" he shouted at me as I groaned. I held my stomach as I battled in pain, but the guard couldn't care less, all he cared about was causing me more and more pain. It had all been a dream, if not where would I get to wear such fancy and beautiful dresses. "Are you deaf, I said stand up!" The guard shouted and kicked me again, one of his legs hit my ribs although it didn't break at that moment but I knew there would be ugly bruises around there. Bruises were the only permanent thing and features my body possessed. "Please have mercy on her, she is just a child!" A voice from someone yelled at the guard. And that angered him more. Who could even dare to stand up for me in this situation. The best thing one can do in such a moment is to lay low and pretend not to see or hear anything because what I have learnt so far was standing up against them was the biggest thing anyone can do. "Who has the audacity to interrupt me!" He shouted thunderously. The guard was very angry that someone interrupted him, the way his eyes were wide open and the frown on his face could tell anyone that the person that interrupted him would be in so much trouble. None of us replied, we just kept our head low and as well avoided eye contact with him. I was still in a lot of pain that I can't believe I slept so deeply in such a situation. I was hungry and yet was able to sleep soundly. I have really made a very big mistake by doing so He brought out his whip. "I asked again, who dares to interrupt me?" The guard shouted as his eyes scanned all of us. "How does he think he would find the culprit?" He should have known that all of us had the same look of defeat on our faces. No one had a smile on their faces or something that would indicate the culprit. "What is happening here!" the head of the guard walked up to us and asked the man that was kicking me earlier. "Nothing sir, I was just trying to wake her up", he responded. The head of the guard walked up to me. "Do you want to die?" He asked with his hand at the edge of his sword. I was so scared at the moment that I shook my head. "You speak when you have been given the permission to do so", he replied sternly. "She can't speak sir," someone uttered and I turned around only to see a middle aged woman who could barely stand up straight. It was very rare for someone to help another in the same situation. "Was I referring to you?" The head of the guard instructed one of them to stick the middle aged woman on her stomach with the edge of the spear he was holding and the woman fell on the floor holding her stomach in so much pain. That was what she got by trying to help me. No one was allowed to say anything when you were not the one they were talking to. That is the mandatory law for us. "So you can't speak?" He asked me again and I nodded in fear. My thoughts were just to get his attention off me. I don't like being at the center of any conflict, it doesn't end well for me. "That really fantastic, you will be the best candidate for this job, don't you dare to hit her anymore she will be very valuable for us." He told the guard that was hitting me earlier. "Yes sir," he replied. "Move fast!" He yelled as I forced myself to stand up, I turned around to look at the middle aged woman who had helped me earlier but she just smiled at me in return and I couldn't but smile back in return. I have finally remembered who she was, I met her from the Pack we just left that had already been burnt to ashes by now. And once again we are about to start our journey without food or water. We don't have power to go against them nor is there anyone who could stand up for us. Nobody, we didn't need to be told twice as we started walking to unchanging fate. The Pack we were staying was attack by this very guard and the slaves and other surviving people of the kingdom were taken and they turn all of us to slaves. I had that the Alpha of that Pack commit suicide. He was just a foolish and coward king to do so and allowed his subjects to carry their own cross alone. I don't know what he did that made the king to send his guard to attack his kingdom but now his subjects and slaves are the only one paying for it and all he could do is to accept a shameful death. What a stupid ruler. This was not the first time they have attacked the kingdom I was in but somehow I managed to survive and was taken as a captive. I was never killed other than subjected to slave, not that I want to die but sometimes I wish I was dead instead of being in this situation. I was already a slave from the beginning so no need of escaping because that means bring death with your own hands. Master are now slaves, I cried so deeply when I saw my former mistress in chains, she never would have thought of this neither will I did. I just pray and hope that this would be the last Pack I am being dragged to and I heard that it was one of the most terrifying and strongest packs any one can think of.
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