Chapter 2: The Blue Blood Pack

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The hotness of the sun showed us all no mercy as we walked. It burnt our skin without mercy but yet we continued our walk even though we were hungry and dehydrated. I was very weak and tired and my stomach was protesting from the maltreatment it relieved earlier. They didn't give me any medication nor did they allow me to rest a little while. It became unbelievable for me but yet I couldn't say a word. Good thing I can't speak and that has saved me countless times. "I can't continue with the walk!" A woman voiced out and began to cry. The line was stopped from moving because of her and one of the guards reached where she was and whipped her without mercy. She cried and pleaded for mercy but the heartless guard still continued whipping her until she fell unconscious and couldn't move then he kicked her in the gut but yet she was still unable to move. "Set a camp here," the head of the guards shouted as he witnessed all that was happening and yet never uttered a word or did anything about it. He is never concerned about our welfare and also he doesn't care if we die. The woman that was unconscious looks like one of people from the invaded Pack and she is not used to this kind of slavery maltreatment and torture nor is she used to receiving orders from other people. It is always hard for the newest into the slavery world. If you refuse to learn and obey, the whip will help you to do so. They made us sit down under the scorching sun and the guards started sharing one ball of rice per person. That wasn't even enough to satisfy a child not to talk about adults that have been starving for days now but still it is never their concern. When they are in the position to do so then what else do they do other than surfers us. They can only understand our pain if they are in the same position with us or experience what we are going through. When I got my own ball of rice, immediately I took a large bite eating it like an animal because I have been craving for food for a whole day not even minding scorching sun nor my feet that were hurting so badly. I was really happy that I got something to hold my stomach with before I fell unconscious because of hunger. The rice was already rotten but my mouth and stomach didn't even notice that. Who would care about how the food tastes in such circumstances when the stomach hurts because of hunger. We were sitting close to the river, then one of the guards went there and got a bucket of water and dumped it directly on the woman that fell unconscious, immediately she sneezed and got up still crying. She must have been thinking that all that was happening was just a dream but the reality decided to give her a hot slap on the face. "Stop this your foolish crying woman!" One of the guards shouted at the woman but she still continued crying. She cried with the top of her voice that made me wonder where she got so much energy to do so. Even though she is disturbing everyone with her cry, none will dare to utter a word. Her cries irritate the guards that one of them kicked her in the stomach again and she fell unconscious. "Silly woman, don't you know that your cry might attract unwanted guests to us", one of them said. We don't even know where we are and she was crying as if she was in her house. She should have at least considered some of us that have not uttered a word and just accepted our fate. They kicked her again in the gut and finally she woke up from her slumber. "Get up and sit", he commanded as she forced herself to do so while in so much pain and blood was following from her mouth. The guard threw the ball of rice to her and it landed on the dirty floor, she looked at it with disgust. "You don't want to eat?" The guard asked and she nodded her head. One of the guards stepped on the rice ball, smashed it and asked her to eat it but she refused. Then he blend down and packed it but still she refused to eat. Angrily he roughly pulled her by her hair and she screamed, and he shoved it into her mouth and it choked her then he slapped her on the face. I know the experience of rejecting food. No matter what it was, it is still better to eat it than inviting so much trouble upon yourself. He was happy that he forced her to eat the food as she kept crying. We were given water to drink and our journey continued. I wonder how much longer we have to walk before we arrive at the Blue Blood Pack. I was so very tired and my feets kept hurting but I was nobody to complain. When I saw the Pack from afar, I was happy immediately the feeling of tiredness vanished. The Pack looks very beautiful and magnificent to behold. When we finally arrived at the city of Blue Blood Pack, I didn't have that much time to admire it because we all were asked to enter the carriage at the city gate. Finally, they have decided to treat us like humans for once. This place won't be that bad after all. They counted us as we were about to enter the carriage and I was in the second carriage. "They are 34 in number!" The guard that counted us shouted. *The Blue Blood Pack* They rode us to our final destination, which is the slave house. We all came down from the carriage and the sight of the Pack made my stomach twist. Then I saw three muscular men walk up to the head of the guards and they discussed for a little while. I wonder what they were talking about because their faces looked so serious and they discussed for quite a length of time. After the discussion, they separated the woman from the men and the women were twenty in number. They Men were taken away before the women but one man refused to go with them. "Please let me stay there together with my wife", the man pleaded, seeing his wife crying bitterly. It was heartbreaking seeing two lovers enduring all the suffering and now being separated. Their clothes wasn't the same with the slaves and I just knew that they are from the invaded Pack and I wonder how they managed till now because they look like people from high standard. Without uttering a word, one of the muscular men brought out his sword and struck the by his rib side, immediately blood rushed out from the wound and everyone was shivering in fear. But as for me, it was an expected outcome, I guess the new ones would never think of something like that, maybe that's the reason they were all scared. The man's wife cried so much as she ran towards her husband but unfortunately she was also struck with a sword before she could reach out to her husband and she fell down gasping in so much pain, immediately blood flowed from the cut. She stretched out her hands trying to connect with that of her husband but unfortunately that was no use because the man died before she could do so. She slowly slipped into unconscious state and everyone was so terrified. No matter how I heard I tried to be in that situation, I could never be used to it because one day I might be the one laying on the cold floor and maybe blood will be gushing out from my wounds. I forced myself not to look towards the scene. It was making me feel uncomfortable already. Out of fear and anxiousness, one lady threw up and one of the muscular men gave her a deafening slap. "You can stay together with your wife!" Take them away, the muscular men that killed them said as he spat on them. Their bodies carried away and everyone was balling in fear. The men and women were kept separately, waiting for the day we all will be sold. The women were thrown into a smell and dirty cell where other female slaves that looked so tattered and broken were. I sat at the extreme of the cell. There was only one small window in the cell and that was the only place one could see the sunlight. We all were in darkness. I was already used to darkness, so I have nothing to worry about because I have been in a cell that is worse than this one, so it is certainly that I must survive this one as well. We were in the cell for eight days before they brought us out. Those eight days were hell for most of the women because most of the night some women would be dragged out and brought back with a broken soul, bruises all over their bodies and one doesn't need to be told what has happened. I was so great that I have an unappealing body. At least it makes them not pay attention to me. The next morning, we were brought out to be inspected by five women that wore the same uniforms. Their dresses were so beautiful and lovely and it looked like a maids outfit. One of them had a discussion with the people in charge of the slaves before they walked up to where we are. They selected six women but when they reached where I was, they zoomed off without even looking in my direction. Those that weren't selected were immediately taken back to the cell and locked up. The following morning, they took us to the farm for harvesting of maize and cassava. One of the guards struck a woman because she didn't know how to harvest cassava. "Are you blind, can't you see? Your follow slave are doing it right, get back to work!" The guard shouted as he whipped the woman at the back and she screamed in pain. I guess she is not used to this type of torture. Immediately, I concentrate on my work because I don't want to draw his attention towards me. Our work on the farm continued for four weeks before we were again brought out to be examined by the same five women that wore the same outfit. This time, they chose three women but yet I wasn't among them. One of the women was discussing with the guards, as I was busy admiring those women in uniform and my eyes came in contact with one of the guards, immediately I looked away to avoid being noticed. "Why don't you take her along with others," the guard said as he pointed in my direction then the woman turned and looked at me. "She is still a child, I think she is just nineteen years old and she can't be able to do any work perfectly." The woman said as she stared at me. "But she is strong enough and besides she can't speak," the guard said and the woman fully turned to me and walked to meet me where I was. "You can't speak?" She asked and I nodded. "That means you are the perfect candidate for this job," she said with a smile on her face. "What is your age?" She asked but I nodded again. "You don't need to worry about her because she is much stronger than most of the adults." The head of the guards chipped in who was busy observing me all this time. "That is very impressive, I will take her along with me then. She said. We were asked to enter the carriage and we began the journey. The ride to our destination was very stressful but it didn't take long and finally we reached there. To my surprise, I stepped my dirty feet on the beautiful Castle for the first time in my life.
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