Chapter 3: The Beautiful Castle

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The castle was so beautiful that I couldn't help but stare at the marvelous and extraordinary building of it. It was a good sight to behold. All my life of being a slave I have never entered a castle before, I was either on my mistress kitchen or the farm conducting some harvest. Who would ever be a slave in the castle? Ever since I was born, I have never seen a castle before or how it looks like. I live in a remote village with my parents where I has calm and peaceful life, no guards, no war everything changed in a blink of eye when my lovely parents was murdered during war and I was subjected into slavery. Each time I remembered about that incident, it made me so upset and angry and wished I died with my parents rather than going through all this suffering of being a slave just to survive. "Will my fate ever be changed?" Immediately someone snapped me out of my thoughts as we were led into the castle from the back gate entrance. I was a little bit upset when they asked us to move because this is the first time I have seen something beautiful in my entire life. I refused to take my eyes away from those beautiful buildings, who knows I might not be able to admire them again, although the feeling was amazing. As we were walking, I saw some other maids greeting the woman that asked me to come along with her and most of them were very busy with their daily chores. I guess she must be very valuable and important to the castle, that's why other maids respect her. "Greetings Ma'am Anna," the maids greeted as we walked passed them and she responded to their greetings. The maids looked at us with so much disgust. I wasn't surprised at all, who would want dirty slaves like us in this beautiful Castle. Slave are always considered outcast and nobody likes associating with them. Besides, we are always in chains and our clothes are no different from rags, so it wouldn't be difficult to notice us. Finally, we stopped at a house built separately from the castle. When we entered the house, to my surprise it looked so immaculate that made me wonder if this is actually where we are going to stay. "How can slaves stay in such a clean environment?" We walked through the passage, Ma'am Anna the chief head of the maids and two other maids were following us from behind along with five guards in order to make sure we didn't run away. But how could we run when we are tied with chains? We walked passed almost eight doors till we got where the bathroom was and the guards were asked to stay outside. "As long as you people behave and obey instructions, there will be no need to bring guards inside this place." Ma'am Anna said. She is a middle aged woman and her uniform was different from what the rest of the maids wore, her hair was neatly packed. The maids in this Castle dress so beautifully and very neat. "All of you have to take a bath now and make sure you wash all the dirt off your bodies and hairs, this is soap and apply this lotion when you guys are done." She said as she pointed to the containers on the floor. She also gave us towels and clothes to change after bathing, the comb to comb our rough hairs and all the necessary things that make us look neat. I was so excited that I couldn't wait for her to leave the bathroom because I can't remember the last time I took a bath. "Remove the chains from their had but if you try anything stupid, you shall regret it", she warmed as she ordered one of the guards to remove the chains. Finally, my hands were free for once although there were some bruises but I rubbed it gently. I was so excited that at least I got rid of those chains because they were the heaviest chains they have locked my hands with. The guards left the bathroom immediately. "You can have your bath now and after that, pick a room from one of the rooms along the passage, your food is also ready. I will see you people tomorrow to explain in detail your activities in this Castle, again don't cause any trouble or even dream of running away because of this little liberty you have now." Ma'am Anna warned as she left the maids. I signed in relief, the bathroom was divided with a pain wood and towels are used to cover the door but at least it gives me a sense of privacy. I was happy that the exhausting journey was over but I also wonder the reason why they brought us here. None of them any move to bathe and one us start crying immediately, which I don't know the reason that prompt to that or maybe she wasn't expect them to treat slaves in such a nice way. It looks like we were asked to clean up to become bedmates but she knew I was very young and by the way she talked to us I don't think it was because of that. So why did they bring us to this Castle? I gathered the comb, soap and the pink plain cloth on the floor and held it straight into the bathroom while others were just standing there like lost souls. At a moment I felt pity for them but how can I pity someone that was in the same situation with me. I entered the bathroom and covered the door with a towel. Immediately I took the rag I called clothes, a bucket of water and a bowel to scoop the water. There was a window but it was barricaded with irons so it was not possible to run away. I wouldn't even try running away if I had the opportunity. This is a castle and if I dare to do such a thing, that will result in an automatic death sentence. I picked the bowel and water on my body. I felt so satisfied with the touch of water. Honestly it felt so refreshing and my body felt so relieved. The feeling was fantastic. My hair was tied all along so that it wouldn't get in my way when I worked because if the guards saw it disturbing while working, they would cut it off. My hair was the only thing I took from my mother so I had to keep it safe because she admired it so much when she was alive. My hair was very long and back as well but because I am not taking good care of it, it was tangled and I don't know if I can comb it through. I washed my hair thoroughly and combed my back hair but it was just too tangled that it hurt my scalp each time I tried to untangle it. I was so dirty that the water changed to brown. I tried as best as I could to comb and untangle after I scrubbed my body vigorously in order to wash away all the dirt. I already knew the consequences of not obeying instructions, I wished I could speak with those ladies that refused to obey but I can't because it's been ages since I spoke last. I grew that habit of not speaking because it can only get one into trouble. After I was done with bathing, I tied a towel on my head and stepped out feeling refreshed. The rest of the girls have also gone to take their bath but one lady was left behind and she was crying bitterly. Although I wasn't in the position to comfort her because all of us were in the same condition. Being a slave was the terrible thing that can help to any one in this world. Each and everyone of us have different experiences but as for me, I haven't encountered anything other than whipping, beating and harsh words. Maybe there are others that have it far worse than me. From my deepest heart, I decided to console as I walked close to where she is but she stopped me with her disgusted remark. "Don't even dare to come close to me you filthy slave," she yelled as she looked at me with disgust. That is what I got by trying to be nice and not minding my business. "Is it necessary for you to be so rude and speak to her in such a manner," a woman responded as she walked out from the bathroom. "What you mouth woman, we are not level!" The woman that was crying shouted. I almost wanted to burst out laughing but I don't have my voice, I would have reminded her that we all are in the same class now. She can stay there and cry all day if she wants but she will on her own when doesn't listen to instructions and invites problems upon herself. The guards didn't pay any attention to me as I opened the first door and walked in. The room was small but it has a dressed bed, a table and four chairs as well as a wardrobe. For me as a slave, this was a dream come true to have my room and bed. I have never been treated like this before or seen anyone gave such luxurious and spacious room to slaves. They always packed us in one room or we slept in the cold floor. Back then, I would cry myself to sleep but stopped when I noticed it was a waste of time because it won't be heard by anyone instead I will receive lashes on my back for it. I locked the door properly as I entered the room, immediately I noticed that the window there was also barricaded as well but it doesn't matter because I wasn't planning to run away. Why would I even try to run away now when I have my own room. The food was on the table and I ate to my heart content. Wow it been ages ever since I eat delicious food like this one. I ate every single grains of rice immediately I jumped into the bed. The blanket was so comfortable and cozy. I never dreamt or imagine that I will sleep on the bed ever again because doing so would just remind me of the things I have lost. I signed in content, practically I was the only one in the room. So this is my room now, I smiled happily at the thought of it. No dirty floor, no disturbance and no those heartless guards shouting at the top of their voice. The feeling was fantastic. I never felt this happy and safe for ages now, free to do whatever I wish. The only that keeps ringing in my stomach was a question that my mind kept asking myself, why did they brought us here? What happened to the other slave that left before us. Where are they and what did they do with them. I hope all these treatment they gave wasn't to prepare us for slaughter? But I can't find answers to all my questions, the only thing I could do now is to have a good sleep which I have missed in ages. Perhaps, who knows I might had a dream that will change my fate. I was in deep thoughts that I didn't realize when I dozed off..
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