Chapter 46: Take Of The Past

1953 Words

Chapter forty-six: Tale Of The Past Alpha Axel "Alpha Kiba and I are just rivals, nothing more than that." I said to reassure her. I didn't want to use the word enemy since we had formed a truce but still I considered us enemies until he handed Dolphin over to me. Would Alpha Kiba even agree to that? Dolphin no matter how foolish he was, he hid in the best place and he became Alpha Kiba's brother-in-law. The cowardice of Dolphin never ceases to amaze me. It seems as if Dolphin comes up with new ways every day to show how much of a coward he was. He starts fight and runs away from it leaving the people caught up in it to fight his battle. That was what he did to me and yet he has the guts to act as if I was being too harsh by waiting to kill him. Killing Dolphin would be giving him a f

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