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“Uhhh...” Slowly and steadily Emily Shain opened her eyes while uttering something. She was unwell and quite gloomy. She slowly pulled herself up and sat upright. Till now she hadn’t given any attention to her surroundings but the moment she started giving attention, she was completely baffled. “Eh! What? Where?” She looked here and there to only find many men in black standing and crying. Others were looking at her pitifully while some bowed to her. Over all it looked as if they cared for her. Regardless of that, she was indeed shocked as it was the princess’s soul inside! Everywhere she looked had instruments and things which she had never seen in her life! Apart from that she was shocked on seeing herself alive. “What is happening here? Is this a bad dream?” She murmured and thought of sleeping again and immedtely lies down in the bed and covered herself with the thin blanket present there. She immediately hid her face and tried to fall asleep but for some reason she wasn’t able to do so. No matter what she did she would see herself dying so she couldn’t fall asleep. It was like a nightmare to her during the daytime. The doctors came towards her and started to check her health. She pretended to be fast asleep as being awake wouldn’t help her anyway. On top of that she wasn’t aware of what was going on. ‘Was I given a second chance to live? But where am I exactly?’ was her only thought. She kept on thinking that again and again. She thought that she could finally rest in peace but it seemed that the God didn’t have such plans for her so he sent her to another place for some unknown reason. She opened her eyes exactly When the doctors brought the injections to inject some medicine inside her, she immedtely jumped from the bed. “No!!!” She thought that they were planning to kill her so she was trying to save herself at all cost. After all a princess from old ages won’t know what the modern science and its instrument is! The nurses held her tightly after catching her and the doctor then gave the injection peacefully. It pained her at first but then the pain vanished. Then she finally asked the question which she should have asked earlier, “Wh-who am I?” The doctors were suddenly shocked when they saw her asking this. Ok too of that the men in black suit who were standing were also shocked on baring this from her mouth. Of course she did know that she was a princess but when she saw her face in the reflection that happened on the specs of the doctor, she immediately realised that she indeed was sent to some other place to live again! Thus she asked that, “Who am I? Where am I?” All the men hesitated for some brief moment and then looked at her. Then they calmly answered, “You are our young Mistress!” She didn’t fully understand what that meant but for certain she knew that it was related to hierarchy and power so she just nodded her head. Then the doctor left the room and asked others to do the same. The butler who before had bid farewell to the boss had arrived and was now revealed that Tia had forgotten her memory and for that you need to take good care of her. The butler nodded and went to the room to take a look at her. ‘Alas, looks like I have reincarnated... that’s what this body’s memory says’ is what she said since she had inherited the memory of the previous Tia! TO BE CONTINUED...
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