The Prologue

555 Words
“No... please don’t kill me...” ‘STAB’ “Aaahhhh!!!!” *coughs blood* “I... I can’t die like this... it can’t be! I still haven’t found my princess...” *coughs blood again* “The kingdom is in turmoil too... this really can’t be happening...” Wild eyes were looking at her when she died. It was a pitiful death where she was killed by a strange man who she didn’t even know. But for some reason her heart felt warm when she touched him and the next moment she know was he aiming to kill her. The princess Aeria Icir Mitchrow, the eldest princess of the kingdom of Icir, meets her doom on her 20th birthday. While she died everything flashed in front of her eyes. She had never done anything bad to anyone nor did she ever wish for something similar to happen. All she wanted was a peaceful and happy life. She wanted to find the man she loved who would be her prince, bear children with him and age slowly with happiness. However, her dream remained a dream and was never fulfilled. Just before dying she heard some last words and say something which made her heart broken. Her sisters were standing and smirking at her while seeing her die. No one present there cares for her. All they did was enjoy seeing her in pain. “If I ever be born again, I would like to have a peaceful life!”, she wished as she closed her eyes and fell asleep forever. . . . Somewhere in the year 2021... During the same time... At the St. John’s hospital... “Damn! He royals is fluctuating and it’s dropping significantly!!!!” All the doctors were panicked as the patient that they were treating was nearing death. They were rushing here and there since she was a daughter of a billionaire who couldn’t have completely destroyed the hospital and their career if anything were to happen to her. “Come quick! We need to stabilize her pulse first!!!” One of the senior most doctor was taking the lead and commanding all since he was the most experienced out of all the doctors present there. The problem was seen to be very major as he heart beat had slowed significantly. It was similar to cardiac arrest but the heart was still beating. Some of the tissue was damaged in the heart which would require immediately operation but even before they could begin anything the machine stopped responding. There was only one sound heater the from the machine and that was - ‘BEEEEEEEEEEPPPPP’ This meant that her heart had completely stopped. They tried to give her shock but everything failed. Alas, who could defy fate!!? It was inevitable and this she had to die. The doctors came out one by one and the billionaire who was rushing towards the air port in order to reach the destination was called and told about this. His heart was immediately Shattered when he heard this and he too got a bad shock which made him unconscious. Regardless of that, thanks to his butler that they were able to board the plane. The butler stayed behind to look after the unfinished work due to which he left in hurry. Little did anyone know that the billionaire would also die die to the crashing of the plane! Everything ended in just a moment! Now there was no successor and nothing could be done of the huge property! At least that’s what everyone thought until they saw her again! “A... a miracle!!! Definitely a miracle!”, everyone shouted. TO BE CONTINUED...
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