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Third-person POV Matthew Genovese is the CEO of Knight companies. But he is having a dark side. He is the Head of the mafia family. That is Genovese. Jayden Genovese and kayden Genovese are the sons of Matthew Genovese. Both are twins. Matthew wife died in a car accident when twins are at the age of six. Robert Williams is the right-hand man for Matthew. In both business and mafia. But due to a heart attack Matthew is dead. Then the age of the twins is 19. Twins took over the CEO position of the company and head position in mafia which belongs to their late father. They are very young to Handel both of the jobs and Robert Williams helped them a lot and still helping them. Till now twins did not kill any innocent people. They killed the people who do cheating, fraud, crime etc. They only do illegal business that is selling weapons to other countries. They save innocent people who are in trouble due to other mafia families. And they fight with people who will try to kill or attack them for their position. Other mafia members try to kill them for their position, so they are having so many enemies. In business, they are in top 5 so obviously they are billionaire's. ====================================================================== Skylar Williams is the daughter of Robert Williams. Robert wife died when their enemies attacked them, so he decided that he will keep her daughter away from this world. Skylar leaves in a two-story building house. In that house she has everything that she needed. She will study in online. She never went to school. She never left her house. In her house total five members Will live. Skylar, Robert, Avinash, Vinay, Neil, these three are her her brothers. She spends most of the time with them. Vinay, Avinash and Neil will be with Skylar like 24/7. They will never leave her side.. Skylar is having everything, and she knows about her father work. She is happy with what she is having. She only knows few people they are her dad, Vinay, Avinash, Neil and Matthew. She also knew about Jayden and kayden. She did not saw or talk to twins, but she knew them because her father said to her about them and showed their picture. She never wants to go out she is happy in home. So we will see how Skylar will meet the twins and how their lives will take turns.
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