Chapter 1

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SKYLAR POINT OF VIEW "Ring Ring….” Oh My God, who is calling me at this time? I groaned and placed my hand on the side table to search my phone. Without looking at the caller ID, I answered the call because it is 2.00 pm, and I am in a deep sleep. “H…. Hello,” I said. “Princess, I am at home” my dad said from another line. By listening to that, my sleep is gone, and I stood up from my bed and grabbed my coat to wear and ran downstairs to open the door. But my dad is already in the living room. “DAD” I shouted his name and ran towards him. By seeing me, he opened his arms for me. Without thinking anything, I jumped into his arms. “Hey princess, how are you dear” my dad asked me. “I am a fine dad. How you are, and I missed you a lot” I said to him by bringing myself away from his embrace. “I am good, my dear,” he said to me. I am seeing my dad while Avinash came to me and wiped the tears on my cheek. Till then, I did not realize I am crying. “Ooo all of you look here THE SKYLAR WILLIAMS is crying,” Avinash said playfully. “Hey, she saw dad after a long time and that to safe. So, she has every right to get emotional. So, don’t make fun of her” Neil said by supporting me. “Yes, brother is saying right” I said to Avinash by pouting. “Ok, sky, I am sorry but don’t pout. Because…” he stopped his sentence in the middle and heading to the stairs. “Because… What do you mean by that, complete the sentence small brother” I asked him? He turned to me and said “ you look horrible when you pout” with that he ran up to the stairs and all are laughing. “You guys stop laughing and Avi I will not leave you now. Once I got my hands on you, I will beat the s**t out of you,” I shouted and ran behind Avinash to beat him. When I reached up, I searched the whole floor, but I did not find him, and I lost my energy, but I want to beat him then a thought came to me. I went to the living area on that floor and dropped a flower vase and shouted “Aahhhh…”. Then Avinash came from somewhere and stood in front of me. “What happened did you injured. Where you got a hit” he asked me with so much concern. I made a crying face and said on my feet. He approached me to look at my feet, then I took the opportunity. By catching his neck, I bend him down and slapped his back and lightly punched him in his stomach. He is just saying “oo” “ahh” and trying to remove my grip on his neck. “What happened? What is the sound? Why are you shouting,” Asked my dad and two brothers while coming up. By seeing the scene in front of me, they understood what happened. I released Avinash. He turned to them and said, “she fooled me and beating me”. All are started laughing and dad said, “you guys know that she will do a trick like that but again you guys will fall for her tricks”. “Ya we know that but if any chance it is real then we will be thought that it is a trick and not approach her, she can injure seriously. We don’t want to take that risk” Avinash said to dad and Vinay, Neil supported him. “Oh, my dear sweet brothers,” I said by pulling Avinash cheeks. Then we did a group hug. We all chatted with dad for some time and headed to our rooms to sleep. So, hi guys, my name is Skylar Williams. I am the daughter of Robert Williams. My dad is in the mafia. He went to Italy to deal with some business for a month. And he returned today. My dad is Matthew Genovese PA in business and Right hand in the underground. But Matthew died due to cardiovascular disease, five years ago, and his twin sons took his position both in business and underground. I am 19 years old now and my mom died when I am six. My dad enemies attacked us when we went to the resort for holidays. Then my dad decided that he will not send me to school because his enemies can attack me easily outside. So, I started online schooling. It is very difficult for my dad when my mom died. I thought that he will go into depression because they are epic lovers. But because of me, my dad is good now because he can’t live me alone, so he made him strong for me after my mom died. I do not want to go outside because it will bring back the memories of mom. So, I did not leave my house. But my dad seemed to worry about me. He will take me outside for weekends, but I denied it and we both had an argument, and we decided that once a month I will come out of the house. He does not have any choice to convince me, so he said ok. When I am seven years old. Like every Month we went outside. And when we are returning we saw a drunk man is beating three children. My dad saved the kids from him and took them to home with us. When we asked who they are then Vinay said by crying “I am Vinay, he is Neil we both are orphans. I think by birth because after we were born our parents left us in an orphanage. He is Avinash, his parents died in an accident and his relatives left him in an orphanage. So, he is also an orphan like us”. “The man who is beating us was our orphanage warden. He always beat us when he was angry. He wants to sell us to earn money” Avinash said to us. “Yesterday some people came to our orphanage, and they said to the warden that they want a child who is having x blood group. Because they want his organs and blood. We know tomorrow they will come and take Avinash. So, we escaped from the orphanage today” Neil said. “But he finds us and tried to take away Avinash with him, but we stopped him then he started beating us, and you save us” Vinay said. They came to my dad and hugged him tightly by saying thanks to him for saving them. My dad makes sure that he sent the organ trafficking gang and warden to jail. They stayed with us for two days and I enjoyed their company a lot. I do not want them to go and when I said about this to my dad, he said it is their wish, and we cannot force them to live here. When my dad asked them “so if you guys want to go to the orphanage I will send you to a good orphanage, or I can send you guys to the hostel for studies and I will be your guardian”. My dad also liked them a lot like me. “We don’t want to go to an orphanage or any hostel. We want to stay with you guys” Avinash said and Vinay continued “let us stay with you guys we will do all house chores and don’t need to pay for that but let us stay with you guys”. “Uncle till now we did not feel the love which you guys show on us in these two days, and we don’t want to lose that. Please let us stay with you. We will do any work,” Neil said in his cute voice. Then my dad shouted “NO”. Immediately there three faces become sad including me. By seeing our reaction my dad chuckled and said “first I want to be your guardian but now listening to you guys I decide that…” he stopped it in the middle and we four are on the edge of crying. Then he continued, “ Tomorrow I will adopt you three legally and I will become your father”. First I am shocked by listening to dad words. By listening to their shouting I came out of my shock and hugged them. So, we became siblings from then. When they went to school they got bullied by others. So, my dad decided to change the school, but they said they do not like the outside world, it is cruel and selfish. So, they also prefer to take online classes like me. So, from twelve years, we four are 24/7 together. Our bond is too strong. When they came to know our dad’s underground work, they felt uncomfortable but knowing the whole truth about dad mafia work they supported dad like me.
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