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Adam's POV I smiled as a watched my beautiful mate sleep. She is perfect. I love her with every beat of my heart. She has become the heart of my pack. Our pack. I sighed. Just one thing is missing. A child of our own. Last night, we had found out that my mate is barren. She was heartbroken and had cried herself to sleep. I didn't know for how long I had lied awake with thoughts of my own until slumber overtook me. I too am devastated, but I wouldn't show it to her. I wouldn't show it to anyone. I will stay strong. I don't care if we don't have a child of our own, I want my mate beside me. I'm sure someone will be there for us and the pack when we are too old to run it. We had always done good to our people and those people in need, so I'm sure nothing bad will befall us. I have faith. Alpha, let's go for a run. My beta Zane mind link me. Yeah. I'll be downstairs in a while. And Zane? how many times do I have to tell you, just call me Adam? You are my best friend. I replied rolling my eyes. Ever since he was appointed as beta he wouldn't stop calling me that. I freshen up and write a little note for my mate in case she wakes up before I can get back. As I climbed down the stairs I saw Zane waiting for me already. " Dude, don't call me alpha. At least not when we are alone." He chuckled and then smirked. "So let's go. Race you." He didn't even wait for my reply and took off towards the woods. I ran after him, but not at my full speed. I just didn't have the energy. When I finally reached him, he was waiting for me near the old oak tree, where we keep our clothes before shifting and going for a run in the woods. "Dude, are you slacking? I never win except this time." I managed to give him a small smile. He frowned. "What's wrong?" He would notice even the slightest change in me. I took a deep breath. I never keep secrets from him, and this time I need his support. "We found out that we cannot have a child last night." That's it, and the tears which I didn't know that I was holding back came running down my cheeks. I am not ashamed to be vulnerable in Infront of him. " Man, I didn't know. So do you want to go for a run?" "Yes, maybe a run is what need" I replied. I was about to shift when that smell hit my nose. I became alert at once. How can they come so near to the packhouse? This is not good. I looked at Zane. He too seemed alert. Our eyes met for a moment and he muttered just one word. "Rogues" We shifted to our wolves and followed our noses. I mind linked a team of warriors to join us. Soon we were a group of ten ferocious wolves rushing towards the intruders. narrator They slowed down when they couldn't sense anyone. What happened? Adam shifted back. Zane followed. "I can't smell them anymore," Zane said silently. "Come on. this way." Adam shouted. He was sure the rouges went this way. He and his team of warriors rushed through the thick forest until they came to a clearing. "There is no one here alpha." Zane, his beta whispered. Adam shook his head. No. His senses cannot lie. Then they saw him. A little boy staring back at them with the most mysterious silver eyes. He must be around 7 or 8 years old. He looked weak and tired and looked at them as if he was asking for help. He didn't speak, just kept staring at them blankly with his piercing eyes. Adam approached him. "Hey, little guy, what are you doing here deep in the woods?" The boy didn't reply. Perhaps he couldn't. instead, he looked down as tears started to roll down his cheeks. Adam pov. It was just a little boy. He smelled like a human. But I was positive I smelled rouges. Right now I couldn't care less. This little boy has captured my heart. When he couldn't control his tears at my simple question, I knew he must've gone through a lot. I didn't care if he was human, I just couldn't let him be on his own. "Let's take him back to the packhouse." Zane looked at me surprised. "But he is human." " I know. But he is just a kid. We can't leave him here alone can we?" I reasoned. "You have a point there. Let's see how the pack reacts to having a human in the pack." Yeah. Let's see. Deep down I was hoping my mate would see him the way I did. They brought the child to the pack. Of course, the pack members wondered who this boy was. However, they trusted their alpha enough not to question him and they didn't feel threatened since he was just a little child. Adam saw that his mate was helping to set up breakfast. He smiled. She is just perfect. She was so broken last night, but still, she is here right now, lending a helping hand. "Babe?" Adam heard his mate's voice. " Come and have breakfast.....oh who is this?" Adam scratched the back of his neck and replied. "Jess, this is a boy we found in the woods. He was alone and I......well, I couldn't just leave him there." Jess's gaze slowly went to the boy. She crouched down to his level and smiled at him. "Hi, I am Jessica, everyone calls me Jess. What is your name dear?" The boy looked from Adam to Jessica. He could sense that these people will not hurt him. "Luke. I'm Luke" Jessica smiled. "let's have breakfast first and then we will show you a room to freshen up. I am sure you must be starving". As everyone sat down to have to breakfast Luke looked around. He knew that they werewolves. He knew that they were physically stronger than him. But still, he felt safe with them. At least safer than where he came from. He happily ate with them. He may be just seven years old but the experiences in his life have made him wiser beyond his age. He just hoped that he could find a safe place to call home. He didn't care if it was among wolves. "So Luke, where are your parents?" Zane asked, trying to make a conversation. Luke looked at Zane, and then at Adam and Jess. Finally, he looked down and whispered "I don't know. I think they are dead." Everyone froze. That was not the answer they were expecting. Adam and Jess looked at his little face as tears streamed down uncontrollably.
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