2.Not a threat.

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Zane pov. Oh s**t. I made him cry. Just great. So much for trying to make a conversation. “Hey, I’m so sorry. I never thought.......” “You know I think we should just eat and rest first. Then we will talk.” Jess said. The rest of the time was uneventful during breakfast. Jess took him upstairs so that he could get some rest. But something was funny. How can a human boy of such a tender age be left alone in the woods? Everyone knows that all kinds of dangerous animals and beings exist there. Even the humans knew it. Could it be that this little boy was lost? Or maybe was he sent as a spy? This thought did not sit right with me. I really should speak with Adam. “Hey dude, we need to talk.” “Sure, let’s go to my office” It is a good thing that we can have privacy. His office is located on the top floor where no one except the alpha, beta and the Luna can have excess to. Maybe if I find my mate she too will have excess to it. We finished our breakfast and went upstairs. “What is it?” Adam inquired as we entered through the door. “ I just don’t feel too good about this lad. I mean, think about it. Why was a human boy left alone in the woods? He could have been lost or something but what if he was deliberately left there so that we would take him in. We did smell rouges. What if he is a spy?” Adam raised his eyebrows. “ But he is just a boy, a human boy. How can he be a spy? But you do have a point. We did smell rouges and we better find out more about his past.......maybe he fled from his home? Maybe his place was attacked and he fled. He did mention that his parents might have died.” I sighed at that. I felt so guilty when Luke started to cry. I was not expecting his parents to be dead. I nodded. “you are right. But we should be careful.” “Of course.” Adam nodded. Just then the door opened and our Luna entered. I looked at Adam who was staring at his mate with that look I have come to dread. Lust. “Oh great,” I mumbled as Jess came up to him and Adam just couldn’t stop himself from kissing her. “I’m right here. Enough of your PDA.” They looked at me amused. “I can’t wait for you to find your mate. We'll see how much PDA we would have to tolerate.” Jess replied with a smirk. Adam roared with laughter as I groaned. Jess would know how to shut me up. “fine. I’ll make sure I get back at both of you for all those times you both made me feel awkward.” I smirked at that. I hope I find my mate soon. “We have something serious to talk about with you, babe. It’s about Luke. We need to find out about his past, I mean, yeah he seems to be human but still, we should be careful. We cannot deny that we smelt rouges just before we found him.” Adam spoke. Jess nodded. “Maybe I should talk to him. But right now he is sleeping. The poor boy was so tired he fell asleep in the bath. I dried and clothed him and placed him in bed.” “Why don’t we go for a run. Maybe we can look around and find something. I wonder why we smelt rouges and then suddenly we didn’t. “ I suggested. “Yeah. Let’s go.” “Jess......try to talk to him,” Adam said to her pecking her lips. Does finding your mate means kissing all the time? I wondered rolling my eyes. Adam noticed and just smirked. “You will find your mate soon dude. And then like she said, maybe you won’t mind about PDA.” I chuckled. Who knows...right? LUKE pov I ran. Ran for my life. I looked back to see if they were still following me. They were not in sight. But still, I couldn’t slow down. I shouldn’t. They might catch me. They might kill me, just how they did to my parents. Just then I saw a red light coming from behind. Oh no! They were coming. Just then I felt cold hands seize my arms. “Let me go. Let me go.” I screamed. “Oh I’ll let you go. I'll leave you in the woods. They say you are the chosen one. I'll see how you save yourself from the dangers lurking in the forest” My eyes widened. How can I do anything? I don’t have any powers yet. I am practically human right now. Our people get our powers when we turn 15. He is trying to kill me slowly, an agonising death. He covered my face with a cloth then everything went black. “Luke! Luke!” I woke up. It was a nightmare. I was drenched in sweat and was breathing fast. Jess was looking at me with worried eyes. “ Are you ok? You were crying in your sleep” I wiped my face with my hand and took a deep breath. I tried to calm down. But I am too scared. What if he finds out that I am here? “Hey, hey it’s ok. Look at me my dear” Jess spoke so kindly. I don’t remember anyone being so kind to me. I couldn’t help it. I buried my face in her lap and cried. JESS pov Something is wrong. This boy seems traumatized. What happened? He was crying and sweating in his sleep I was positive that his sleep was not peaceful. I caressed his hair as he wept on my lap. “Tell me, Luke. What is it? I want to help you.” I watched as he took deep breaths trying to calm himself. His eyes were puffy and red from crying. I felt so sorry for him. “ You know, I think ice cream will cheer you up. I went to the kitchen to fetch a tub of chocolate ice cream. When I got back to Luke he seemed to have calmed down. “come, have some. “ we started to dig in. He looked so sweet and innocent. I kept watching him enjoy every spoonful. How I wished to have a little child of my own. Why can’t Luke be ours? Maybe we can adopt him. I sighed. First, we have to find out about his past. “Luke. Can you tell me about yourself....anything. “ Luke looked at me with his mysterious silver eyes and sighed. “ok. But I am scared. Please don’t hurt me” “Of course. We won’t......why were you alone in the woods?” “My uncle left me there alone. He didn’t want me to be with him.” He whispered. More tears started to flow down his cheeks. “ I miss my mommy and daddy, and my sister.” He looked up at me with swollen eyes. “please don’t send me back to him. He hurt me. He hurt me a lot.” He was pleading. I managed to smile at him. I couldn’t ask anymore right now. Maybe he will share when he is ready. One thing I can be sure of right now. Luke is not a threat to us.
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