Chapter 2: Brief Encounter

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AMANDA'S POV: I'm not leaving this café until I meet the sexiest man alive. Melissa had to leave since her lunch break was ending. My eyes will not leave his handsome face, the muscles from his arms protrude from his shirt. If he notices me staring at him, he will probably think I'm a nutcase. While walking to the magazine stand, passing him on his side, where he is sitting, my heart flutters. I grabbed a magazine, while I walked back to my table, passing him, the magazine that was in my hand fell to the ground. While bending down to get the magazine, he said, “Wait, I'll get that for you." In an instant, he grabbed the magazine for me. He handed me the magazine and I said, “Thank You! With a big smile on my face. Sitting back at my table, pretending to read the magazine, just to stay at the cafe longer. His coffee arrived, and my eyes followed every move he made. It's like I'm mesmerized by this man and meeting him would make my day even better! Thinking back to all of the times that I have been coming here, I've never seen him here before or anywhere in this town. My mind ponders, “Did he just move here? My eyes start to gaze in a different direction. I'm holding my coffee, my head looking down at the magazine and suddenly, he's standing right next to me. My head quickly rose and he said, “Hi." And gave me a slight smile. My body started to shake with nervousness, my eyes were gleaming, looking at him, I became silent, there was nothing that would come out of my mouth, his handsomeness took me by surprise. Then he asked me if I'm from around this area, my heart was sinking, my cheeks were getting rosy, and I mumbled, “Yes, I'm from here." Then he asked me where the nearest condos are? Expressing to him that I'm not sure where there are condos. Still sitting nervously, he thanked me and left. Talking to the counter lady, asking if he had ever been in here, she shook her head back and forth and said, “nope." I paid my bill and left. There's something about him that caught my attention. I'm going to call Melissa and give her a mouthful about this guy at the cafe. Her advice about what I need to do next will help me meet him, personally. While we were talking on the phone, expressing to her the rest of my time at the cafe, after she had left, telling her about Mr. Eye Candy. Mel said, “Are you serious Amanda? Did he notice that you were staring at him?" “Ahhh.. No." Sighing.. He walked over to me while sitting at my table, and asked me if I knew where any condos were around the area. “And what did you say?" She replied. “ No. Then he smiled at me." Melissa chuckles. We hung up the phones, Mel had company, so we had to make our conversation quick. While laying in bed, staring up at the ceiling, a thought came through my mind, “I'm going back to the café tomorrow at the same time as today." This time there's no asking Mel to come with me, I'm going to do this on my own. The next morning, waking up early, earlier than ever before, hoping that my cupid returns to the cafe. After finishing my shower and putting on my sexiest, tight V-neck shirt with a tight pair of jeans. Hoping to catch his eyes looking at me. After finishing curling my long wavy blonde hair, I left. The café opens at 11:00, arriving there at 11:15. Sitting at the same table, ordering my usual coffee and a ham sandwich. Sitting here waiting for him feels like an eternity, “Where is he at? Will he even be here today?" I pondered. Starting to feel like I'm a fool for even thinking he would be here again. Thinking to myself, “I am going crazy, crazy over this guy that I have no idea of who he even is." I'm starting to get upset. My food finally arrived, I took a bite of my sandwich and the juice from the tomato ran down my lip then onto my cheek, cleaning off my face, he still isn't here. “Am I seriously going nuts over this guy?" Asking to myself., while my hand rests on my cheek. With a sudden look toward the front counter then back, in an instant, my head turned toward the front counter again. With excitement on my face, he's here! As I was just about to leave, he came in. My jaw dropped, and my eyes lit up with sparkles. He saw me looking at him, he gave me a wink and a smile. I'm in heaven! He sat at the same table as he did yesterday. Waiting until he gets comfortable at his booth, I'm going to make another move. When a few of the patrons got up to walk, that's when I made my move. As I was walking past him, I bumped into him, slightly. Turning around toward him, “I'm so sorry for bumping into you." my lips quivered. “No worries." He replied. That's when I started talking to him. “Hi. Didn't I see you here yesterday? I stuttered when I asked him. “Ahh. Yes. I thought you looked familiar." He said. “My name is Amanda," I said. “My name is Antonio." He replied. “It's nice to meet you," I said. “It's nice to meet you as well." He said. Walking quickly to my table because my nerves are through the roof. His voice is deep and sexy. While taking a sip of my coffee, he stands right next to me at my table. He asks, “Do you mind if I have a seat here?" Shockingly, my lips said, “Please do!" Underneath the table, my legs start to shake, put my hands on my knees to try to get them to stop is now happening.
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