Chapter 3: Getting Close

1045 Words
AMANDA AND ANTONIO'S POV: I'm sitting here in complete shock because the sexiest man is sitting right across from me at the same table. This is going better than expected. At first, it seemed like he was not going to show up, but thankfully he did. While we sit here Antonio starts talking first. My body is still shaking, I'm trying to calm down, but he is just so hot that my body keeps fluttering. “So, Amanda. Tell me a little about yourself." Antonio asked. “Well, I have a degree in teaching the Italian language. I am an outgoing person, but a little shy. I chuckled. I plan to get a teaching job soon since I graduated college about six months ago. I am just your average person." I said. “That's great that you teach the Italian language? He said. “I'm waiting to hear back from one of the schools that I applied to," I replied. “I'm sure you will, soon!" He said. “What do you do for a living?" Asking him in a nervous voice. “I'm a business owner. “Would you like to go to dinner sometime?" Antonio said. “I would love to!" I replied. Not expecting him to ask me that, my heart fluttered. Antonio stands up from the table, and looks at his watch, he's running behind for his conference meeting. He says, “I'm sorry, I have to get back to my condo to grab my papers for the meeting soon. Then he quickly asks me if I would like to meet him for breakfast! Replying quickly, “I would love to." Antonio writes his phone number on paper and leaves it at my table. “Call or text me." He said. Then he headed out, I couldn't even say by, he was rushing. Watching him leave the cafe, his walk is even sexy. I just cannot believe what had just happened here. Never would have expected a man as hot as he is to even talk to me. After finishing my food, realizing what just happened, I had to give Mel a call. I'm too excited to not tell her what just happened with Antonio. It was too much to explain over the phone, so I asked her to meet me at the park, In about a half-hour. We said goodbye, and the phone hit hard on the table. I walked to the park and sat on the park bench and waited for Melissa to get there. Melissa arrived here about five minutes later. She sat down next to me and said, “What is so important that you could not tell me over the phone?" “Melissa, I met that guy! He was at the café when I was there earlier." I said. “Really," Melissa asked. “Yes, and can you believe he sat with me, and we talked for a bit. He told me a little about himself and I told him a bit about myself." I replied. “That's great Amanda," Melissa said. Here is the best part, “He asked me to meet him for breakfast tomorrow morning!" I said. “Oh Yeah, are you going?" Mel asked. “Of course, I'm going!" I said. We sat at the park talking about what I should wear tomorrow morning. Mel just told me to be myself, wear anything, like a nice top and a pair of jeans. I just looked at her like, are you serious? Then she said, “Amanda, I told you to just be yourself, he will like you for you and not because of what you wear!" I smirked and said, “Yeah, I guess you're right! After talking for about an hour, we decided to leave. I'm going to get a good night's sleep, so I'm not so nervous. I'm hoping these nerves end soon. The next morning, I decided that there is no way that I can put on jeans and a shirt, so I decided to put on a pants suit, figuring since he dressed so nicely, I would too. Then I thought, even if he wanted to do something after breakfast I would be ready. Arriving at the café early, hoping to be there before Antonio. Antonio arrived about ten minutes later than me. I already had picked our booth, he walks over to me, wearing a black suit again, he sits down with me. “What do you want to drink?" He asked. “I'll have a coffee," I replied. He called over the waiter and ordered our drinks. We started talking and getting to know each other more. He told me that he thinks I'm a beautiful woman and he is attracted to me! Then he winked at me and smiled. Smiling back at him, “Thank you!" I replied. He can see how shy my face got when he said that to me. Then he flicked his fingers to call the waiter over and he ordered our food. While eating our food, my phone rang, forgetting to put it on silent mode, I had to answer it, it was a call from the school that I had put my application in. Apologizing to Antonio, “I must take this call." He said, “no prob." Leaving the table to a more private area, I answered the call. It was from the school in Italy, my heart instantly sunk. They wanted to interview me over the phone, all I could do was point at Antonio to let him know I'll be back and hope that he will not leave. The phone interview took about fifteen minutes. They offered me a teaching job! My life is finally falling into place. Walking back over to our booth quickly, so Antonio would not leave yet. We finished our food, it was weird because we both looked at our watch and realized the time. We had to get to work! Antonio paid the bill, his and mine, begging him to let me pay for mine, he just paid. While leaving the cafe, we stood by his brand new Lincoln, thanking him for breakfast, and then I said, “I'll text you later." He smiled at me and said, “Please do!"
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