Chapter 1

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Katya is now the Queen of the sss women. Since she and Nico became Queen and King of werewolves and the Dominguez coven there haven't been any major battles since they fought Rome. They know peace and quiet aren’t going to last forever. But they're hoping it doesn’t come anytime soon. The couple stays busy with all their duties, four children, and making time for each other. Somehow Nico and Katya make it work and won’t allow anyone to interfere with the love they have for each other. Over the years Heloisa and Damon have been traveling more. Some of their friends and family have moved away. Ricardo, Eses, and their sons Benedetto, Etton, and Alonzo live in Venice, Italy. Thanks to Zahn and Kendall, he visits Sofia, Angelo, Emilio, and Rosabella twice a month. Ricardo and Eses go to Brazil twice a week for her to train with the sss warriors. Ricardo spends time with Giovanni, Ciraco, Myrina, and Amyra while his mate handles her sss business. Sofia travels to Brazil several times a week to train with her sisters in the sss pack. She and Angelo handle half of Nico's pack business. That is when Amyra doesn't try to take over. When she learned that her father's pack would be hers one day, she told Nico she wanted to train and learn everything. Because she wants to be a great Alpha like him. Nico agreed only because she wouldn't stop talking about it. He was in the middle of planning Katya's surprise twenty-fifth birthday party. Nico had forgotten about it until one day, he and Katya were getting ready to leave to take care of some royal pack business. Amyra was waiting for them so she could train with the pack. Nico looked at Katya for help. She shook her head and told him he should listen more closely when their kids talk to him. That was the first day she trained with the pack, and she hadn't stopped yet. That has been almost a year now. Giovanni has been training to be King of the Werewolves for two years. Katya, Nico, and Damon can't believe how many powers he has at his age. Katya believes he will be more powerful than she is. That concerns her a little because she doesn't want their enemies to discover her son's abilities while he's at a young age. Ciraco spends most of the time with his mother and learning about the coven that he will be King. He has also grown attached to Zahn that is when his grandfather isn't around. Nico, Katya, and Damon know that a fool will come after the coven one day. Because most of the members are descendants of Dracula, other than that, Ciraco is a grandfather's boy. He's also Nico's mini-me. Zell teases Kat about him not having any of her genes. Myrina wants to learn everything, and Katya and Zell are already training her on the sss ways. Myrina can already fight three sss warriors at once and wins most of the time. When she gets knocked down, her mother motions for her to get up and attack harder. The young girl does as her mother tells her, winning the next round every time. Sofia said that Katya is always being hard on her. Katya and Helosia don't think it is hard enough. She wants her to be able to defend the warriors because someone is always trying to gain control of the women, as Kirk and Brad tried to do in the past. Zell and Felix still live in Brazil full-time and are in charge when Nico and Katya are away. She's also training Danielle and McKenzie the sss's ways. Felix has his hands full with Mason. Mason is stubborn and wants to do things his way, which doesn't sit well with his father. Dom has learned to manage his Delta duties with his two mates and father duties. He, Tamara, and Tia have their hands full with eleven sons, Dario, Arturo, Cassio, Fedele, Gaspare, Pascal, Romare, Savino, Toti, Donatello, and Vicenza. Thirteen daughters Martina, Ginevra, Alessia, Nicole, Mattea, Bettina, Avena, Ilaria, Carina, Donatella, Aldina, Cinizia, and Enrica. The twins' powers have increased, but they're nowhere close to Katya. Nico said Tia and Tamara's powers are not even close to his, Katya's, and their children's. But they are getting stronger. Damon, Helosia, and Richardo agree with him. Aiden has been the Alpha of the Silvery Moon pack for over a year. He and Natasha have one son Memphis. There have been several rogue attacks. The rogues thought since Aiden was young, he would be easy prey. Boy, they found out they were wrong the hard way. Now rogues avoid his territory like the plague. Andrew and Mrs. Betty are so proud of their son. Andrew and Mrs. Betty have retired, enjoying spending time with their five grandchildren. **** Nico and Katya are in the yard watching the royal and Razgriz's warriors train. All four of their children are training with the warriors. He plans to tire the kids out so he and Princess can have much-needed quality time. Nico's arms are wrapped around his Princess, and he's nibbling on her ear. She giggles because he's whispering sweet things he wants to do to her tonight. Angelo walks beside them. "Some things never changed. A carrier delivered a letter for you two. I put it on your desk." "Tonight, Princess and I will stay here. I can't shake this feeling I had for a few days." Nico looks toward the woods. "Princess, what do you think?" "If someone is out there, they are ten miles out." Katya looks in the direction Nico is still looking in. "Whoever it is must have a death wish." "We haven't had any attacks in years. Maybe someone wants to take you and Nico's position as king and queen. I'm going to beef security up." Angelo waves Dom over. Nico tightens his hold on Katya. "Mutherfuckers interfering with Princess and my night. Damn it. They need to bring their bogus asses on. So, we can get this s**t over with." Katya looks at their children's training. "Babe, you and I did great. Those four will make great rulers. But not until they finish college and have mastered their gifts." She smiles, looking at Gio, looking at her. Katya laughs and shakes her head. Angelo glances at Gio, and he's also laughing. "Don't tell me Gio can hear and communicate with you through a link." "Yes, he can, since he was one. The others have just started. I'm going to see who sent us a letter that seems to be so important that it had to be sent certified." Katya kisses Nico's cheek. Nico is looking at her walking away. "Man, I have an amazing and beautiful wife. The other day, Damon mentioned something about an old enemy he had centuries ago. Something about he heard the asshole had surfaced and may be seeking revenge. Princess and I need to be there. s**t, man, we can't be in two places at once." ***** Katya read the letter and slammed it on the desk. Sofia walks into the office to tell her the kids are washing up and preparing for dinner. She stops and looks at Katya, concerned. "What's wrong?" "I didn't know Kirk had a mate. The fool had the nerve to send Nico and me a letter to warn us that she was coming at us. How dumb can this dizzy b***h be?" Katya frowns, looking at Nico running into the office. "What is wrong with you?" "Who is this delusional Hila b***h with the f*****g audacity to threaten us?" Nico picks the letter up, reads it, and balls it up. "She should have clamped Kirk's damn d**k down. Hell, his crazy ass came after you. No f*****g body lives that come after you."
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