Chapter 2

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Katya looks out the window. "When will Tia and Tamara return?" "Next month. Do you want me to tell Dom to tell them to return tonight?" Sofia is already walking to the door. "No, I was only asking. Besides, their kids need to learn about their Faerie culture." She inhales and looks at Nico. "We're about to have company. Vampires." "Why would vampires come here?" Sofia looks at her and Nico. "Was Kirk's mate a vampire?" Nico takes Katya's hand. "Hell, if we know. Let's greet their asses and ask." "Sofia, stay with the kids. Zahn and Kendell, come with us," Katya manages to say while Nico is speed-walking them out of the office. In the dining room Gio, Myrina, Amyra, and Ciraco are communicating with each other. Gio tells them what he heard about the uninvited guests arriving soon through his parents' link. They're planning to join their parents in battle as Nico and Katya head out the door. She pats Nico's arm and looks at their kids. "Oh, hell no. Those are your kids. So, handle that" Nico points to the little ones that are running toward them. Sofia and Vera are running behind the children. "My kids when they're being stubborn." She takes her hand from him and puts them on her hips. Nico nods." Yep, handle that." Katya takes a deep breath and looks at her kids. "Not this time. Mommy and Daddy got this. We have told you before that you're too young. When you're ten, then you may fight. I don't want to hear a sound out of either of you. Now go with Aunt Sofia and Mrs. Vera." She gives them a stern look. "Don't make me repeat myself. It will not be good. Not today." She watches her kids walking slowly in front of Sofia. Then she turns to look at Nico. "Why do I always have to be the bad parent? " He kisses her, "Because you're better at it than I am. Now let's go kill some bold-ass vampires that feel the need to come into our kingdom." "I can't believe this. You would rather go up against vampires than your kids" She laughs. "Princess, I can kill vampires. I can't kill our kids." Nico looks at their warriors. "I'm not a man for too many words today. All I will say is kill the bastard if they came for a fight." ****** Brigham, Akash, Marlon, and three hundred vampires are about five miles from the palace. Brigham stops to give orders to his men and notices that Pete and Marlon are shaking their heads. "Speak your mind" Brigham walks closer to the two men. "Your brother isn't going to be thrilled about us attacking the royal court. He already has a plan" Marlon looks toward the palace. "I'm a grown-ass man. I don't need my brother's permission to do a damn thing. Besides, I have my own agenda. I can't follow in his footsteps all the damn time." Brigham yells, looking around his men. "If you're are cowards and want to turn around, now is the f*****g time. " All the men look around at each other. They are torn between following him and dredging to facing Randolph without his younger brother. They decided to fight because they would rather fight and die quickly instead of Randolph toying with them before he killed them. Brigham smirks. "That's what the hell I thought" He starts running toward the palace. Pete looks at Marlon. "It was nice knowing you" He runs behind Brigham. "f**k I would love to have lived at least another hundred or two hundred more years," Marlon mumbles. At the territory line, Nico, Katya, Angelo, Dom, Zahn, and Kendall are on the front line when the vampire arrives. Katya and Nico looked at the three men walking toward them to see if they recognized them and shook their heads. "The one in the middle is Brigham, from the Akash coven. We have fought their coven before. His brother is the king, but I do not see him. Brigham is known to be impulsive and always wants to beat his brothers in every damn thing" Zahn cut his eyes at Nico and Katya. Nico narrows his eyes, looking at Brigham. "Damon has informed me about his brother. Let's see what this asshole is here for." Katya looks at Nico. "After we have killed these fools, you and my grandfather have some explaining to do." "Sure, Princess," he's still looking at Brigham. "Ah, there they are. King Nico and Queen Katya. It's a pleasure to meet you both. I must say I have heard wonderful things about you both. I came to see for myself if it was true. King Nico, I agree you are handsome, but your wife is breathtaking. So that part of the story is true." Brigham looks at Katya and puckers his lips. "Mmm, delicious," he looks at Nico and smirks. "Oh, hell no, this mutherfucker is dead and doesn't know it. Pucker those damn crack ass lips again at my wife, and I'll rip the bastards off and feed them to your ass. You'll be the first fucker to die from choking on their own damn lips." Nico growls, "That son of a b***h is mine." Diesel is cussing in Nico's head and wants to rip the man's head off. Nico doesn't try to calm him down and tells him not to worry. They will get their hands on the nasty vampire soon. "This is taking too long, the kids' food is getting cold," Katya mumbles. "Listen up, Bingo, why are you in our kingdom?" Dom and Angelo laugh. "Bingo." Brigham looks at her weirdly. "Bingo," he looks at Pete and Marlon. "Did she call me Bingo?" The two men nod, "yep." "It's Brigham. Not Bingo," Brigham yells and clenches his fists. "That's what I said, Bingo. Now why are you here?" Katya points at him. "Hurry up," she snaps her fingers. Brigham shakes his head and starts to correct her, "f**k it, I give up. To be the King, of course. I had thought about making Vynette my mate and queen. Now since I have met your gorgeous queen, I'll take her instead. " He gives Nico a cheesy smile. "Mutherfucker," Nico forms a small white ball and throws it at Brigham's shoulder.' "That was a sample of what's waiting for your empty-headed ass. You must not have heard that I kill all arrogant bastards who want my wife. " Brigham screams, looking at the hole in his shoulder. He had no idea Nico had powers and thought Nico was only a werewolf. Katya chuckles. "My husband is full of surprises. You'll never be the king of our kingdom. I sure as hell won't be your queen. If you're here to fight, bring it. If not, leave our kingdom and return when you find your balls." Marlon looks at Brigham. "This isn't a good idea. Stop pissing that man off talking about his wife like that. s**t, don't you see him over there talking to himself?" "That pussy." Brigham blows a kiss in Katya's direction. Nico is still talking to Diesel but out loud this time. Diesel can't wait any longer and surfaces and growls at Brigham. He nudges Katya's thigh. Angelo shifts into Yukon, and Dom shifts into Sarge. "Well, Bingo, since you and your little chips are still here. I take it you want to die." Katya wiggles her fingers and moves her head from side to side. "I'm ready now. Are you?"
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