Their Mafia Kitten

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"Their Mafia Kitten" is the sequel book to "My best friend and his brother"

If you have not read "My best friend and his brother," please read it before you start this book!

This is the contunied love triangle of Cassidy, and her five boys.

Cassidy is now the official Mafia queen of theirs, and they'll do anything and everything to protect their queen.

Nobody dares to disrespect their queen. Or nobody lives to be able to do it anyway.

-Book two-

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Preparation to fight.
Please make sure you read "My best friend and his brother" before you read this book, as this is the sequel. I woke up the next morning feeling cramping between my legs. Those boys literally destroyed me alright. I got up slowly, and I went to go shower. I took a hot shower, and once I was done, I put leggings on, with a shirt and a hoodie. Alex and Max were out sleeping. I smiled, watching them sleep peacefully. I walked downstairs feeling like my cervix was actually ripped out of me last night. Before I reached the bottom floor, I heard a lot of voices, and well was I correct. There was men all over the place, probably waiting to be spoken to. They all looked at me and I felt a drop in my stomach when their speaking came to a halt. None of the boys were downstairs, I'm guessing they were sleeping, oh my. "Everyone, this is Cassidy, she is our boss's girlfriend" Kai said and I smiled awkwardly. Kai had a slight blush on his cheek, and something told me that it was from last night. "I think I'm going to go wake them up" I turn around and quickly walk up the stairs. I started off with Enzos room. He was freshly out the shower, with a towel wrapped around his waist, and his room smelt of soap. "Good morning princessa" He smiled at me and I blushed, looking at his toned body. "Morning Enzo, there's a whole bunch of men downstairs, I think they're waiting for you all" "Thank you" He walks to me, and he pulls me into a hug. I hug him back, and he kisses my forehead. "You're probably feeling quite sore after last night" He chuckled and I nodded. "Something like that, but it was worth it" I smile. "Good girl" He smiles, caressing my face. "Go wake the others up, and meet us downstairs" I nod my head, and I walk to Francescos room. He was still very much fast asleep. "Wake up sleepy head" I walk to him and he still stays fast asleep. "I said, wake the hell up" I say louder, and I sigh. I pull off his blankets, and he grabs them back, pulling it over him. "Francesco, I mean it!" I huff and I was about to push him off the bed, but Enzo walked into the room fully dressed, and he splashed water on his face, making him groan. "That's ought to do it, he will sleep the whole afternoon if you don't wake him" He says, and I giggle, watching Francesco sit up. He glares at the both of us with his messy hair, and I giggle. "Morning sleepy head, get up and go downstairs, dressed" I kiss his cheek, and Enzo threatens to pour more water over him. "Listen to the lady, and do what she says" Francesco gets up, and he walks to the bathroom, turning the shower on, and Enzo and I both walk out the room. I walk to Cassians room, and he was already dressed, his hair damp, and he was sitting on the edge of the bed, tying his shoes. "Good morning my little princess" He looks up at me and smiles. "Good morning handsome" I walk to him, and he hugs me tightly. "Did you sleep well?" He asks me, and I nod. "Did you?" I put my fingers through his hair because he was still sitting down on the edge of the bed. "Probably slept better than I have in months, thanks to you" He takes my hand, kissing it. "Anytime to help you" I wink at him, and he chuckles. "Anyway, there's men downstairs wanting to see all of you, I see you're already ready, so that's good. I'm going to wake up Max and Alex so long" "Okay princess" He blows me a kiss as I walk out. I walk to Max and Alex's room, and they were both already ready. "Goodmorning angel, we thought you just left up hmm, used us and then left" He said, and Max began to laugh. "Yes yes, you're so funny" I roll my eyes playfully. "How are you feeling?" Max asks, and I shrug. "Kind of feels like you tore my cervix and bruised everything else down there, but I feel so good otherwise" I smile. "Take some pain tablets, it will help with the pain" He walks to his nightstand, and pulls out a bottle of tablets, and he throws it to me. I catch it. "Take two right now with water" I take two out, and put the red capsules in my mouth, and I swallow it down with water. "Good girl" Max smirks and I blush. "Let me see your wrists" Alex walks to me and I shake my head. "It's nothing serious" I say, and he holds out his hands. I sigh, and I put my hands in his, my bruised wrists showing. "Angel. Why did you not tell us that it hurt?" He sighed, and he gently picked up both hands. I winced slightly as his finger grazed along the bruised line around my wrist. "It didn't start hurting for a long time.. and when it did start hurting, you guys noticed anyway and took it off" I shrug. "Those handcuffs bruised you badly, and it could of done serious damage to you" He touches the bruise gently, flipping my hand over, seeing the bruise it left on my inner wrist too. "Ouch kitten" Max looked over at me and I shook my head. "It's nothing" I smile at him. "I'm guessing you pulled a lot at them, and you fought against them, isn't it?" Max asks and I nod. "Each time you pulled, it pinched you, that's why you're not to pull at handcuffs kitten, unless they're leather. Metal handcuffs is a no no for pulling" Max kissed my cheek. "I'm sorry" I say softly, and Alex kisses my lips slowly. "Don't be sorry, just tell us next time as soon as you experience discomfort" I nod my head. "Good" He kisses my wrists and I smile at his loving affection. He was really adorable. "Let's get something on here" He walks to his nightstand, pulling out a plastic tube of cream. "This will help to soothe it" He squirts some on the palm of his huge hand, and rubs his hand together, spreading it on both hands. He rubs it gently on both sides of my wrists, and I moan softly at the cold, soothing sensation. "Feel better?" He asks me, and I nod. "Good" He puts the tube away. "By the way, we're all supposed to go downstairs. There's a whole bunch of men here that are expecting you all" I say, and they nod. We all walk downstairs. "Good morning everyone, I'm sorry I wasn't aware of the time you were arriving, I hope everyone had a good journey" He started off with saying. "As you know, these are your bosses" He pointed at all of us standing in the corner of the room. "You've never met them, but they are working alongside me" He said, and he winked at me, making me smile. "What about the girl? Is she our boss too?" The one man asked. I'm sure being a female in this business was very different. Females were simply looked at as toys here, nothing more, so gaining the men's respect was going to take time and effort, because they just saw me as a women, or should I say, a cocksleeve. "Yes she is. She is still currently undergoing training, but she's still your boss, the same amount of respect you give to me, you give to her, just because she's a women doesn't change that she's the boss of you" He says, and I smile. So respectful outside the bedroom, but inside the bedroom he was nothing respectful. "Kai should of told you that we did try to negotiate with these men, but there was no luck. They want Cassidy. We don't know why they want her but they do. They also threatened to come and kill us, so everybody must be on call, and alert at all times. We think a piece of our security has already been breached, but we're not sure yet, we're still trying to figure out which piece exactly. Kai, Gabriel and Lucas will be staying alongside Cassidy, and they will be her bodyguards. The rest of you are to perimeter everything. Nobody, and I mean nobody goes in and out of this property without speaking to me first. If you notice anything suspicious, you report it back to one of the three men being Kai, Lucas or Gabriel. I want you to have weapons on you twenty four seven, I want you all to be prepared if s**t has to go down. I need men everywhere on this property, the yard, the roof, everywhere. Understand me?" He looks at them. "Yes boss" They all say in unison. "Excellent. There's rooms for all of you, get yourself comfortable. If you have any questions, or complaints you go speak to the three men I mentioned already. Get to work" He tells them, and they all scatter They were such big men with such huge machinery. It was intimidating alright. Kai, Gabriel and Lucas were talking to Enzo about some more men that were coming later, and I almost hid when I saw Cameron walk down the stairs. "Oh s**t!" I mumble and hide behind Alex. "What?" Alex chuckled and I quickly moved his head to the stairs. "Oh lovely" He chuckles and I gulped. "Cassidy, seriously? I can see you" He scoffed and I quickly went out of 'hiding' "Morning Cameron, how did you sleep?" Max smirked. What a cocky bastard. "I could of slept better. I kept on having nightmares about my sister getting f****d by five men in an orgy, on the kitchen table, but then I remembered that it actually wasn't a nightmare, and it was a reality" He gagged, and his face went pale. "I hate to tell you this Cameron, but grown, mature adults that are together have s*x" Max chuckles. Kai, Lucas and Gabriel were just standing in our company awkwardly. "That's disgusting Cassidy, ew" He shakes his head and I roll my eyes. "Cameron, payback is a b***h. How many times did I catch you having s*x on the couches at home with different women, and how many times have I seen your p***s because of it? Way too many for my liking, so yes, payback is a b***h" I cross my arms, and I smirk. "That's different" He says and I scoff. "Maybe in a sense that you were suppose to be my example, because you are my older brother, but I guess I'm following your example, I'm just doing it better than you" I wink. "I didn't know that you were together with all of them" He crosses his arms. "Well, I am" I shrug. "Good god, how on earth do you manage? I can hardly manage two women at one, never mind five" He says, and Enzo begins to laugh. Cameron was definitely the comedian over here. That's what his job was to say the least. "Your sisters body is sure full of wonders, that's why" Max smirks, and Cameron glares at him, making him laugh. "Enough of that, Cameron, you're going to have to learn how to handle a gun. You're just about as good as dead if you can't handle one. Damien will help you" Francesco calls for Damien, and a gun in his early twenties walks into the room. "Sir? You called for me" He had a large gun around his shoulders. "Yes Damien, I want you to teach this guy how to use a gun, please. He knows absolutely nothing about it" Damien first looks tired, but nods. "Come" He gestures for Cameron to follow him, and that's what he does. "Lucas, Gabriel and Kai, you're responsible for Cassidy when we're not around. Your only duty here is to ensure her safety at all times. You're also responsible in training her for us" Enzo says, and all three of them nod. "You know she's very special to us, so if you f**k up, consider yourself dead meat" Max threatens. "Yes sir, we understand" Kai says, and Max nods. He was a bully sometimes, and he loved it. "Cass, remember that you do not go anywhere alone. If we're not around, they come with you everywhere, we're serious" Francesco says and I nod. "Yes yes, I know" I sigh. "Good girl" He winks at me and I roll my eyes playfully. "Ouch Cass, was that the cuffs that did that to you?" Enzo points at my wrists, and they all look. "Yes, but it's nothing serious, just a little bit of bruising is all" I shrug. "Safeword exist sweetheart, not just there for fun, if something like that happens next time, you'll scream the word 'yellow' to us, so we know there's a problem" Cassian says, and I nod. "I know, next time, I promise" "Excuse me, sir?" A man with a full black suit looked at us. "Yes, Connor?" Enzo asked, and the man huld out a piece of wiring with what seemed like a camera lens stuck to it. "I think the breach of security was actually them putting cameras in the house. I found this in your picture frame" He huld it out, and Alex took it, examining it. "What the f**k?" He sounded aggravated. "Must be so. The stupid f***s have been watching us all along. This is not good" Francesco said, and I mentally cringed. They've seen everything we've done?! "There must be more sir, I suggest we begin to look" Connor says, and I nod. "I agree. Let's split up and begin scouring the house. Look everywhere. Behind TVs, on walls, in every nook and cranny, let's get going" Enzo walks down the passage, and Francesco walks the other direction. Alex and Max both walk upstairs, and Cassian rubs my back. "Go with the three to the other parts of the house like the TV room, and kitchen, okay?" He asks me, and I nod. He walks to the garage area, and I look at the three men who were looking at me, ready to follow me just like puppies. I walked to the TV room, and we all began to look all around the room. I checked by the CD cases on the shelf, and I also felt around, making sure to feel anything if need be. I felt by the TV cabinet, and I began touching wires. I pulled it out, and of course, a camera. I felt the rest, and I felt by the TV, but there was nothing there. Once we were done looking and feeling around the room, we moved to the kitchen. Luckily the boys did clean the kitchen last night because I can imagine it was a mess. I felt around the cupboard, and I was unable to get to the top parts of the cupboards, but Lucas did for me. In the corner of the room, Kai retrieved a camera, and I felt myself want to throw up. They saw every single thing of last night. They saw us like that.. "Oh god" I sigh and Kai looks at me sympathetically. "I'm sorry Cassidy" "Gross, they saw us like that last night.." I felt myself grow nauseous. Once we were all done, we returned back to the place where we were, and all the boys returned with one or two cameras in their hands. "You find anything?" Enzo asked us, and Kai nodded, handing the cameras. "In the TV room, and kitchen" He says, and Enzo pulls his face. "In the goddamn kitchen? f*****g lovely" Alex spits. "I'm going to kill them. They must of been having such a lovely time last night watching us" Max snaps. "I know it's disgusting, but we've got to keep our heads cleared. Once we kill them, it doesn't matter what they watched, or what they saw, we'll make them suffer" "This means war" Enzo said, and the rest of us could agree. I mean, ew. "They really did invade our privacy, those sick f***s" Francesco muttered and I nodded. "They'll pay, don't you worry, I'll make sure of it" Alex said, and I believed him. Once Alex was angry, or upset, he became a different person. "Now what do we do? burn the cameras?" Francesco asks, and Enzo nods. "Actually sir, I have a better idea. May I?" He asks, and Connor takes all the cameras into his hand. "Every electronic device has a serial number. The serial number could possibly give us hints about them if I track it back on my laptop" He walks to the lounge, and we follow him. "What exactly does Connor do?" Max asks. "Connor is a hacker. He can hack into anything, from bank accounts, to banks, to security cameras, to phones, to locations" "That's pretty impressive" Cassian says, and I nod my head. Connor begins to type something into his keyboard, and I look at the screen. It read 'searching..' After a little while the laptop traced us back to a map of a Area, and on the map was red dots in certain places. "The red dots are the owners of the cameras. A few hundred of people own these cameras in the country, so tracing the cameras down individually would be difficult. I thought it'd be easier, and would narrow us down to maybe a few people, but I was wrong" He sighed. "What if we narrow down the provinces to strictly our province only? And maybe our area?" I ask Connor, and he types coordinate down onto his laptop. The laptop read 'searching..' again, and it came up with four red dots only. "Four people in this area have bought these cameras. I'm thinking if we maybe go undercover to the houses, and see how it looks, I'm sure we'll be able to figure which house is the most mafia looking one out of the four" He suggests, and Enzo nods. "Great plan. We'll send some men tomorrow to see for themselves" Francesco says, and I nod. Hopefully the plan would go well.

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