Heart Of A Lycan King

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Natasha Maina Gladys is a two colored wolf from the Malakari pack in the kingdom of Zambele. Rumored to be cursed and unwanted by her mate, the Alpha, Natasha's life took an entirely different turn from how she had always dreamt of it.

At least, that was until the arrival of the Lycan king...


I was abruptly pulled and I found it was the King. His eyes were bloodshot, getting darker than I had seen them the first time. He pulled me outside into the now hot sun and straight towards the black BMW parked alongside other cars.


              "Wait," I called as I halted and refused to move. I wasn't about to suffer another wave of pain from rejection. Or abuse. No, this time, I would be doing the rejection. "We can do this here. You don't have to take me with you," I said.


              He puckered his brows, a disturbing look crossing his face. I pulled my hand from his hold, and his gaze dropped to the action.




              "The rejection," I instantly cut him off.


              "What rejection?" he asked, covering the little distance between us.


              "I, Natasha Gladys, reject you, King..." I paused, realizing that I didn't know his name. I knew the name of the former king, but not this one. "Uh-huh, can you please tell me your full name?" I mumbled shyly, glancing up at him.


Follow Natasha along as she embarks on a journey of healing and discovers just what it means to open herself up and slowly become the Heart of A Lycan King.

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Trigger warning; The first three chapters of this book may be triggering to some people. Readers discretion is advised.’ ****** “You will stay there and watch. Watch what you will never get,” Alpha Matteo growled, hate dripping from every word that left his mouth as he watched me with burning hatred before walking to Camila. He had ordered me into the office, where I had found Camila who was his girlfriend as he calls her, already waiting in a very seductive short gown that did nothing to cover her butt. As soon as he had closed the door, however, he had ordered me to sit down and had picked up a rope. I had managed to notice that he was wearing gloves when he picked up the rope. Before my brain could process why he did that, I felt the stinging tell-tale sign of silver. The ropes had been infused with silver threads. I screamed in pain! Fvcking bastard! He only stopped his task to hit me in my face - hard - and yelled at me to shut up or the beating would be worse. He had tied my hands behind the chair and my ankles to each front leg of the chair. Tightly. The rope was already digging into my wrists and ankles and would leave marks even without the silver. With the silver, I would get bad wounds and most likely lifelong scars. Scars. More scars to add to the many that already litter my body. He then took a silver infused neck chain and put it on me to keep me from looking away. The pain was unbearable. I tried my best to keep from screaming, but I couldn’t keep the whimpers away. Tears were running down my face from the pain and I was shaking with the effort of not screaming. This was the first time he was using silver ever since this routine started a month ago. He usually just ties me up and forces me to look, but never used silver. And never a chain on the neck. “She’s so easy to break in such a short period of time,” Camila commented. “Oww, look. She’s already so obedient,” she continued to say lazily from where she was leaning towards the office table with her legs crossed. "She sure is. That is the only thing she's good at," Matteo said. "Well, she's your mate," she said icily. "I want no weak omega as a mate!" he thundered, as he walked towards her. "Then reject her!" she snapped angrily. "Soon," Matteo hissed, as he grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him with force and crashed his lips on hers. "She’s nothing but a weak lowlife. And that is what she’ll always be!" he said loudly. “But you. You are the Luna that I deserve and the one the pack needs.” He lifted Camila up on the table, ripped the flimsy gown she wore, and started a hot makeout session with her. My chest squeezed so hard, making me choke on my breath. The familiar pain I had felt the past month started again. I’m not sure when I’ll ever stop feeling it, but ever since I found out the Alpha was my mate, the pain had been constant. Sometimes I was looking at him doing it, other times, I just felt the pain. "Look up!" Alpha Matteo screamed, and before I could, the pain in my chest intensified. It told me he had started. I watched on, without being able to do anything as my mate took another woman before my very eyes. Her loud dramatic cries made me close my eyes, but a quick resounding hit on the head made me open them again and look up. "Don't you dare take your eyes off this. Watch me give her what you can never have," he said with the Alpha command while ripping Camila’s panties off and taking her on the spot. “How many have you torn so far, baby?” Camila purred. “Does it matter?” Matteo panted. “I’ll get you a thousand more if you like. There’s just something thrilling about tearing them off your body. So hot.” “I know,” she licked her lips. “Not as hot as you though,” she added and suddenly gasped so loud as they started at it again. The pain came back, harder than ever before. With the command I was unable to look away, but the pain made it feel like my insides were ripped out and twisted with rusty knives. The pain from the silver felt like feathers brushing on my skin compared to this. My throat felt like it had been permanently welded shut. I couldn’t breathe and my vision got blurry, but I knew if I passed out, the punishment would be severe. It would be worse than this. 'Erin?' I tried communicating with my wolf so I could get my mind off what was happening, but she didn't reply. I remember that she had been silent ever since we have found our mate to be the Alpha, who does not like us and who tortures us daily with different pains. I was all alone with the pain. My name is Natasha. I turned twenty a month ago. I'm a lowly omega whose parents died when I was fourteen in a car accident while traveling from Sambe pack back home. Being a lowly omega in a pack like ours means being a slave. But mostly, I was the outcast. The lone one because no one likes me. I had no friends. I never got the chance to go to school like the other ranked wolves. I was always working, and somehow, I was the hated one. Simply because my wolf was so little. As little as a baby goat. Or maybe I was exaggerating. But my wolf was so small when I shifted that I quickly became a mocking topic. That wasn't all. To top it off, my wolf had two colors. Brown and white. From her head to the middle of her, she was white, and the rest of her was brown. According to a myth, any wolf with two colors is a curse, and would bring bad luck to her pack. I was never happy since I shifted at sixteen. Gone were the days I was once happy. Now, I am a loner. "You feel so f.ucking good, Baby," Matteo hissed, bringing me out of my little memory trip. "Take me all you want..." Camila panted. After what seems to be hours, they were done with their shenanigans. The pain finally subsided. The papers from the table were scattered everywhere. So were their clothes, and Camila’s torn gown and panties. "I'll be leaving now," she dropped her feet down from the table and stood up, at the same time Matteo threw the damp towel he had used in cleaning her up onto my face. "Can't you stay longer?" "I skipped class for you, Baby. If Daddy finds out he'll deal with me. I'll be going back to school before he finds out I didn't stay," she replied as he helped her into her tight blue jeans and a white top that had been laying on the couch beside them. Matteo was still naked. "I'll miss you," Matteo said as he hugged her tightly against him. "Be sure to call me when you arrive at school." "Of course, Baby." The sound of them kissing filled my ears, and I shut my eyes tightly. The pain in my chest intensified with each passing second, but far from as bad as before. I closed my eyes in relief, that the worse was hopefully over. I soon felt someone behind me taking the ropes and neck chain off. As soon as they were off, I fell to the floor, exhausted. Camila had already left the office. I was left alone with Matteo, who was leaning against the table where they had just done their deed. His face grim and his chest bare with only shorts on. "Come here, Natasha," he gestured with his hands towards me. With as much strength as I could muster, I got up and walked slowly towards him, being careful that my legs wouldn't drop under me. "Do you think you deserve to be my mate?" he suddenly asked. "No...no, of course not, Alpha," I replied in a weak voice. "Good. The Moon Goddess must have made a mistake. You and I cannot be together. I will never take a lowlife like you as a mate when I can have every woman of any rank as mine. You are a worthless piece of s.hit!" I choked on another wave of tears that hit me. I wish he would stop. I wish he would stop all this. "You do not deserve me, for I am no match for you. And so, I am going to reject you right now because I am tired of seeing your disgusting face around me!" My eyes widened, and I was sure more tears were rolling down my cheeks as I took in what he said. ‘No,' Erin whimpered in my head. 'Please. The pain.’ "I, Alpha Matteo Gabriel, reject you, Natasha Glayds, as my Luna and mate." That was it. Everything stopped at that moment. Everything died, and I couldn't, for the life of me, move or do anything. My entire strength was in keeping me standing. I was in a complete daze, but I couldn't help but ask the one question that had been nagging me. "Why...why did you...have to wait...this...long? Why did...you have...to...do all this... first?" "You have to see what I am capable of. What I won't ever give you. Now, you and I are not mates anymore. I'm sure you will heed to my advice and never tell anyone about being my mate, right?" I could only nod. "Good. No one has to ever know about a lowly person like you being my mate once. Next full moon, I'm going to take Camila as my Luna, and I'm going to make you her personal cook." I can't take anymore of his insults. Anymore of his harsh words. So, I simply turned around and fled. But instead of going back to my little room in the attic, I ran into the forest. 'Don't look back, Natasha. Run. We have to leave this place. Run, please.' She didn't have to say it twice. But I didn't plan on running away. I am going to die. That would end all of this heartache...

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