Chapter 1: My Name is Aya

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"Cahaya Angkasa! Surrender or die!” the platoon leader yelled.   The soldiers, under their leader’s command, surrounded and aimed various types of weapons at her. Memories flashed by faster than even the speed of light. Cahaya. Aya. Yes. Cahaya loved being called Aya by her uncle, Alexander Angkasa. Aya would never forget how Uncle Alex loved and protected her as the most valuable person in his life. Uncle Alex, no! For Aya, Uncle Alex was the father who raised her. Damn it! Where was Uncle Alex when Aya was in a dangerous situation like this? Aya focused on her, frantically trying to call her uncle through telepathy. [Uncle Alex! Answer it! Uncle Aleeeex!!!] Aya screamed in her mind. There was no response. Damn it! Uncle Alex usually answered her telepathic calls immediately. What’s going on? Aya was getting more anxious. Her body was trembling with fear. She was alone, surrounded by hundreds of strangers who fiercely wanted to kill her. [Uncle Alex! Please stay safe! Please be alive!] Aya screamed in vain. Aya had never felt this much in her life. She was so scared at the moment. Currently, no one stood by her. There was no Uncle Alex. There was no White, her loving prince, her true love. White, where was he? Was he safe? Please… Aya couldn’t take this any longer. [White! Whiteee! Please! Answer me!! Anyone! Answer me!!!) Aya shouted in her mind, calling her lover with frustration and despair. Aya was desperate. No one answered her telepathic in her mind. Oh, no! What should Aya do? She did not want to hurt anyone. She did not want to kill. What's more, she didn't want to be considered a monster. It’s not her fault to born like the way she was. Nobody can choose their birth and origin. Nobody! But why did everybody hunt and despise her just because she was born the way? "Cahaya Angkasa! Surrender or die!” The army leader shouted back through the loudspeaker. Cahaya looked at the group of people who surrounded her with grim heart, filled to the brim with bitterness. Her long shoulder-length green-black hair fluttered in the wind. Even with dust and dirt on her face, Aya's face, who was currently in her teens, looked very beautiful. Her green eyes glow brightly in the dark. Fury over this injustice blazed in her eyes. Her eyes have been exposed in front of many people. Her eyes, which were dreaded by Light Land people, were the hallmark of Mahaa People's descendants, the Night Land dwellers. Both her eyes were colored and glow in the dark, which possessed powerful energy from birth as superhuman. The Cakrawalla Kingdom people, from Light Land, surrounded her with various types of weapons. All of them have black eye colors that cannot glow in the dark. None of them mastered the superpower, none of them were superhuman, all of them were ordinary humans. The people surrounded her with various types of weapons. Some people ferociously threw stones at her while continuing to shout at her with harsh words and ridicule. "Fire at will! Kill her!" "You b***h!" Aya brushed aside the stone that was thrown with her superpower. She stared intently into the crowd with her green eyes glowing in the dark. People frightened. They were increasingly restless and agitated. Aya looked at the instigators with disgusted eyes and ferocious eyes. Aya had never used her strength to hurt others. In fact, all her life, she hid her identity and superpower. At the moment, everything felt in vain. This was what it felt like to be a minority. They did not care even though Aya was kind and never harmed anyone. They, the majority, couldn’t accept differences. "Release my family! Release Alexander Angkasa! Release White! Then, I will surrender!” shouted Aya. "This is not a negotiation, Cahaya Angkasa! Surrender now!” exclaimed the army leader. Behind the scenes, back-up soldiers were being contacted to come immediately. Aya still stood firm, indifferently to the call for her surrender, standing upright, challenging hundreds of people around her. Some rioters provoked others on behalf of Cakrawalla Kingdom people to kill her. They opened fire. Aya easily dodged the bullets. She was very well trained in a combat situation. Hundreds of rioters were staring at Aya with their black eyes, full of fear and hatred. "Monster! You monster!" "Go, die! Return to hell, you evil!” Tears of anger welled in Aya's green eyes that shone beautifully in the darkness of the night. Sadness because of people’s rejection really made her down and depressed. Aya could use her ability to escape from this crowd. She could easily flee unhindered. Aya didn't really care about her own safety. What she wanted at the moment was information about the people she cared about. Aya stood firm against the rioters’ insults. They were people of Cakrawalla Kingdom, at Light Land. This insult could no longer bear by her. "My family and I have never hurt anyone!" Aya shouted in a trembling voice of anger. "Cahaya Angkasa! Surrender now! This is the final warning!" That night, that moment, she really felt lonely. Uncle Alex, her last family, had nothing to protect her. The entire crew of Pullau Villa was scattered. Even her sweetheart, Prince White, was taken hostage somewhere. No one answered her call via telepathy. It's not impossible. They were all dead. Aya gritted her teeth and clenched her fist. She secretly gathered her energy in her index finger. "I'm not a MONSTER!! Stop saying me MONSTER!!!” screamed Aya with angry tears running down her cheeks. Her patience was almost running out. "Cahaya Angkasa. Surrender or die!” came the warning sound from one of the soldiers who surrounded. "My mother is a human. I am also a citizen of the Cakrawalla Kingdom! I am human!! Release my family, Bastard!" "Your family were dead! Your uncle was shot dead. Your prince was also sentenced to death. All the soldiers hunted them with orders to shoot them dead on the spot. There's no point fighting!” shouted one of the army leaders. "It’s a lie! I can't believe it!” screamed Aya angrily. Tears mixed with blood running down her rosy cheeks. "Your uncle has died, b***h! He was killed as a rebel!” exclaimed one of the soldiers. One of the soldiers fired a holographic recording into the air. The hologram featured video footage of documentary battles that took place elsewhere. Aya saw Alex's figure pierced by bullets that fell to the ground covered in blood. A pool of blood formed from blood coming out of holes in Alex's body. Dozens of soldiers surrounded his body. One of the soldiers approached Alex's body, lying on his stomach on the dusty ground. The soldier jabbed the bayonet right through Alex's back and heart. "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! FU*K, ALL OF YOU!!!!" screamed Aya hysterically. Tears flowed down her cheeks. Her cry’s sound was so loud that the people who surrounded her suddenly fell silent. Quiet. Nobody dared to speak. They hold their breath. Everybody could feel her grief and sorrow. It’s terribly bitter. Aya's sobs made others who heard it felt a broken heart as if the heart was torn to shreds. From a distance, the arrival of the back-up troops could be heard shaking the ground. The people who surrounded her were slowly retreating behind the soldiers who surrounded Aya in full armor layers. "Cahaya Angkasa. Last warning! Surrender or die!” Aya smiled sarcastically. Her face hardened. Her eyes stared sharply. The Light Land had been cruel and unfair to her. Her patience was up. This time, she would not hide or back down. This time, Aya stood with her head held high against the world. Aya laughed more and more loudly. She burst out laughing until her body shook. Tears still flowed down her cheeks. Aya grinned with a cruel and scary face. "Ahahahahaha ... what a great recording! Did you kill Uncle Alex? Then, what about my other family? White? Oh, I forgot. You want to kill them too. In that case, GO TO HELL!! DIEE!!!!” In the midst of solitude and despair, Aya raged and released balls of energy that were so powerful. Hundreds of soldiers bounced back, like fallen playing cards. The night sky became bright and blinding. Everyone in that place was suddenly temporarily blind. Aya flashed her energy ball repeatedly. f**k the world! If the world couldn’t accept her, then she would reject the world. Aya laughed out loud with bitterness while crying painfully. Who shall win the battle? The World or Aya? ********************* Many related events began even before Cahaya was born. In fact, this series was one part of many events that began hundreds of years ago. The fate of Cahaya might have even been determined from various events before this girl was born. Alex, his uncle, called her Aya. He was very protective of this brave girl. To understand Aya’s fate, which was full of challenges and difficulties, we needed to go back a few years before.
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