Chapter 1

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Jay “Mrs Cruz, when I am done with you you will look and feel like a brand new woman!” I tell my 75 year old customer sitting in my hair dresser chair. “Ha! Unless those scissors can magically take all this arthritis away and make me 23 again, I’m probably just going to be same old Faye.” She says to me. I love to joke and make my customers feel good. I know what it is like to not feel good about yourself. I went through that period in my life when I was a teenage. Now I’m 25, I have a successful salon, and I have a clientele base that wants me to make them beautiful. My professional life couldn’t be any better. My personal life on the other hand it’s so so. I own a nice three bedroom condo, I have a drag queen for a roommate, who is also my best friend, and my last boyfriend was well over a year ago, that ended in disaster. Why did it end in disaster? It’s because I tend to fall for men who look straight, act straight, but are afraid to come out of the closet. In the end them not wanting to be who they really are ends our relationship because I get tired of being the dirty little secret. Tonight, I’m supposed to go to a club with my roommate, Mitzi. I think she’s just tired of me moping because I haven’t really gotten with anybody in awhile. Plus I think Mitzi is in a fairytale mood because of my little friend we just helped. My cousin Jamie, who I love like a little sister because her mother basically raised me after I came out to my parents. My parents abandoned me and kicked me out of the family. Jamie‘s mother was the only one who fully accepted me and treated me like her own son. Jamie’s best friend Keira, reminds me so much of me when I was a teenager. She hasn’t had the easiest life and she was bullied and hurt by her classmates and her own brother. Is it no wonder that me and her ended up becoming very good friends. She was in desperate need of a makeover but it wasn’t so much a makeover she just needed confidence and guided into the right direction. I am glad to see her coming into that even if it has to be by the guy that bullied her. It’s ironic watching her and him fall in love with each other and now they’re going to prom. But Keira also has another bully, her mother. Her mother actually bought her this hideous prom dress dress. Wasn’t even a real prom dress it was a fancy maternity dress for a formal occasion. She has convinced Keira that she is extremely overweight and should be hide it. And that dress her mother got her for the prom was proof of that. Mitzi redid her dress and made it into a stunning prom dress. And I think watching the two teenage lovebirds, Mitzi now thinks she created a fairytale for them. The downside of living with a drag queen they think everything is a fairytale with just a quick flick of some fabric and make up. I think it’s just euphoria of the fairytale is why Mitzi is insisting we’re going to a club tonight to find a man as she told me. The only reason I agreed to go is I really could use a distraction from my love life tonight. And a gay club is the perfect place to go if you want that. You never know what you will find there. ——- Miss Mitzi “Jay darling, your attire is not worthy of the club. Change your shirt, we need to find us men, not old folks at the nursing home!” I tell my roommate. “What’s wrong with this? It is black and it is sexy.” Jay says flashing me his winning smile. “Boy, that won’t work on me and you know it, you are simply not my type. That black shirt screams NetFlix and chill not sexy. Go put on that white dress shirt you have. That screams sexy darling.” I tell him. Jay shakes his head and goes up to his room to change. I swear sometimes getting that boy to go to the club it’s like giving a cat a bath. He’s been in a funk for a very long time and I need to pull him out. The best way to do that is to go to the club and find us men. I work the shows at the club, you would think on my night off the last thing I wanna do is go to where I work. But sometimes being a spectator is a lot more fun than working it. Jay has always been a knight in shining armor. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and I for one would love to see that boy in a relationship. Jay comes back down and says “this better your highness?” “Much better, now that is I’m getting a man shirt. Come let’s get to our carriage, the club awaits.” I tell him. Tonight the club is a little light, but that is to be expected since this is only Wednesday. Plus I’m not performing tonight either. Not to toot my own horn but I am a pretty big draw for a crowd at the club. Than I see him and by him I mean trouble. He is 6’2 with dark hair, all American looks, chisel jaw with just right amount of scruff. He looks nervous like this is his first time in a gay bar. And he’s Jay’s type, oh boy. Looks like my Jay has seen him too. I look to see him sauntering over to the all American stud. Yep, looks like the next heartbreak is going to happen when I see Jay waving for bartender to get them a drink. It is no wonder Ben and Jerry’s came out with the flavor NetFlix and Chill, because lordy, that is the perfect flavor to eat while you watch sappy movies during a breakup. I know I better stock up because we are gonna be needing it in about two months when Mr. All-American breaks Jay‘s heart.
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