Chapter 2

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Typical night at the club. I go out, I see a hottie by the bar, buy him a drink and we chat.

Find out he isn’t out the closet and he isn’t sure he is gay. He had feelings and not sure if he could be bi because he always had girls, so he went to gay club to figure it out.

This is typical anymore for me. At least all it cost me was a couple of drinks last night. I’m not about to sleep with him to help him out if he is truly gay.

Well, maybe if this was a Pretty Woman situation. If this guy was like, Richard Gere, a billionaire trying to figure out his life, I would so be his Julia Roberts, not the hooker thing, I am so not a hooker, but I would do the other stuff for a nice wardrobe like she got.

Despite Mitzi saying I was going to find a man tonight, I went home alone. I just going to focus on my baby girl tomorrow. Keira and her stud muffin are graduating from high school.

Which reminds me, Keira asked me to help her get a hotel room so she and Adam can complete their relationship. I love Keira but I feel like a pimp right now with this hotel thing.

But I love baby girl and I’m probably the only adult that will help her. She can’t ask her mother because her mother is mommy Dearest, Joan Crawford, without the wire hangers. She definitely can’t ask Laura to go this, since it is Laura’s son that Keira wants to lose her virginity too.

I will just check in and give her the room key at the graduation dinner. That way she can have her perfect night with her stud muffin. At least one of us has gotten lucky.



I don’t know what I was thinking. I came home a day early from college. I didn’t go to my parents house, I just wanted a night to myself.

A friend of mine suggested this bar to me to try. Im attracted to guys but I have dated women. In all honesty, when I slept with a woman, I imagine it is actually Chris Hemsworth I’m with. It is the only way I can maintain my erection with a woman.

I have never been with a guy. So to say I’m gay, even though all the signs are there, would not be fair since I have never been intimate with another man before.

I thought I could just go into this bar, find a nice man and maybe we could just fool around. Of course the first guy I am interested in doesn’t like that I have not come out of the closet yet.

He was such a handsome man. I loved his perfect stubble he had on his face. He had these lips that looked kissable. I would have loved to just gotten the chance to just make out with this cute guy.

I get it, he said he has been hurt so much with ones like me, afraid to come out to their families. He is the dirty secret that no one can know about.

My family dynamic is tight, I feel my brothers would accept me, my mom most likely would. It is my dad, he is a powerful CEO and the dream is for me to be like him.

So to learn his oldest son, the one he wants to groom to be like him is gay, not sure how my dad would take that.

Since tonight was a bust for me, I’m back in my hotel room for the night alone. Tomorrow my brother graduates from high school. That’s more important then me trying to confirm my sexuality.

Besides, I plan to go to Florida for graduate school. I choose Florida because of the gay culture there. I will just wait until then and confirm in Florida.

I watched my little brother graduate from high school. This is a proud moment for my family and I don’t want to ruin it by being disappointed that is in my personal life.

My family is on their way to this steakhouse restaurant to celebrate the graduation of my brother Adam with his friend Kevin and his twin sister Keira, who happens to be Adam’s girlfriend. Plus Kevin’s girlfriend but is also best friends with Keira.

Basically sounded like a couple siblings swapped best friends so they could date. That is my baby brother’s life.

As we were sitting down at the table in the private room my dad got for this dinner. A familiar face walked in. My jaw dropped, it was the guy from the bar last night I talked to.

He ran over to Keira giving her a huge hug, then I saw him slap Adam on the back. That wasn’t what surprised me the most. He sat down next to my mom and dad. He was hugging them and talking with them. How does he know my family?

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