Chapter 1: A Run In With Fate

1058 Words
Victor P.O.V: The colours and sounds of the forest were mesmerising. The crunch of my paws crushing the fallen autumn leaves beneath me, the whistle of the wind whipping past my ears, the smell of a storm on the horizon. Even the chill of the evening air gave me a sense of peace. I was happy to be here. My world was peaceful, quiet, but not fulfilled. I soon came to a clearing with a large lake. I had come to this lake so many times while I was growing up. Ash and I would play here for hours. I smiled to myself remembering the number of happy memories I had created here as a pup. When Ash finally found his mate Samantha, we stopped coming here together. He was infatuated by her, and never wanted to leave her side. I couldn’t understand how someone could be that wrapped up with another person, but then again, I wouldn't be able to understand; I was still alone. I sat close to the lakeside. My paws stretched out in front of me as I lay in the sandy dirt. I placed my head over them and stared at the water. What I would give to bring my own mate and pups here during the summer days. Teach them to hunt and swim. Show my mate the beauty of the moon skimming the water. Imagining this made me smile inwardly, but at the same time, I felt sorrow. I didn't know when this daydream might come true. I had waited so long already. Most wolves are lucky and find their mates within the first few years after their 18th birthday, but some were unlucky, and never found one at all. I guess after a while, most wolves gave in and found a chosen mate, but I was determined to hold out and lose my heart to someone that was meant for me. I’m not sure how long I had been lying there when I heard a rush of leaves behind me within the treeline. I sat up slowly, while sniffing the air. Rogues! Their stench was unforgettable, pungent, almost like the stench of a compost heap degrading or worse, of rotting flesh. I’m never sure whether it is their lack of hygiene, or their banishment that made their scent change from that of a pack wolf. I mind-linked Ash and made him aware of their intrusion on our territory, as well as Nora, our pack's head warrior. I darted up from where I was sitting and headed in the direction of the rogues. I chased their stench, and followed them for a few miles, updating Ash and Nora when I passed certain perimeter markers. Where were they heading? What were they chasing? The smell led me to another clearing. The smell was thinner here, and mixed in with the most beautiful smell I had ever inhaled! It smelt of freshly cut grass and spring flowers. I looked around me and slowly stalked my way into the middle of the field. As I stood in the centre smelling the air, trying to figure out which direction to take next, I listened carefully for any movement. I heard a twig snap to the left of me and snapped my head around. My eyes settled on a dark corner of the treeline, and I ducked my head down low and squinted, trying to peer through the darkness at the origin of the noise. I soon found myself staring at a white wolf. Nothing could tear my eyes away from her. Her beautiful white fur, her lingering blue eyes that seem to glow in the darkness, staring straight into mine. I could feel the pull; the heat radiating all over my body. I stood there, and as Rex let out a possessive low growl, I said only one word... "Mine". We stalked towards each other. I could tell she was wary of me. I could already feel the mutual emotions from her within myself. When she came out of the treeline, her fur started to sparkle in the moonlight, almost like the glitter of snow on a frosty winter morning. We moved towards each other until we were almost nose to nose. I took an extra step forward, and rubbed my snout on hers. The sparks shocked me but filled my heart and soul with pleasure and desire. I took another step forward, and she relaxed into me. She curled her head around the back of my neck and shoulders and almost purred as she rested her head there. I contemplated shifting into my human form so I could talk to her; ask her name, where she came from, why was she here. Just as I pulled my head away from her, a low growl came from across the clearing. My white wolf snapped her head in the direction of the noise, and then ran back into the dense forest.  The rogues darted out of where they were hiding and followed her direction. My instincts took over as I lunged at them! Rex, my wolf, was large. Taking on these rogues would be almost considered sport, as I managed to remove their heads within a few snaps of my huge jaw.  Ash and Nora soon came into sight and saw the three rogues I had killed, spilled out onto the ground around me. I mind-linked them. “Get this cleared up!” Ash’s wolf, Mane looked at me and huffed. He was dark brown, with a black stripe that travelled from his nose, all the way down his back, and to his tail. I always said he looked like a sports car! They each grabbed a bloodied leg from one of the rogues and dragged them into the woods. I howled. Just to let the white wolf know it was safe. I could feel her heartbeat within me, her anxiety and panic of being caught, and on the run. She must have heard my howl, as I suddenly felt relief. She was ok.   I looked at the treeline and debated going after her. Would I see her again if I didn’t? I didn’t know enough about her to be able to know for sure if she would seek me out, but I knew she felt the pull for me too, and I hoped that would be enough for her to find me again, sooner rather than later!
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