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Book 1 of 2 - Due to popular demand, a sequel is in the works. My Auburn Witch will be available to read in early spring 2021.

Warning - This book has scenes of a s****l nature, swearing, and scenes of violence.

A white wolf. A legend within all wolf packs.

The white wolf is said to be a decedent of the first Goddess, is said to be beautiful, but no one has seen them in hundreds of years.

They are said to be rogues, staying hidden to keep themselves safe.

It is also said that once one is born, and turns 18, that the white wolf before, dies.


Nothing could tear my eyes away from her. Her beautiful white fur, her lingering blue eyes, staring straight into mine.

I could feel the pull; the heat radiating all over my body. I stood there, and in a low growl, said only one word... "Mine".


Victor Bane has been Alpha to be Ash Moon Pack for a little over 4 years after his parents are killed in a freak accident when he was 19.

He has always been content with his life, but never truly fulfilled.

What will happen when he meets his mate Elizabeth, the last White Wolf of her bloodline. How will he protect her?

How will she cope trying to fit into a world she has spent her whole life avoiding?

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Prologue: My White Wolf
Victor P.O.V: My fist was tangled in my hair. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork! All so bloody boring. Normal pack business. When I was young, I didn’t think growing up that my life as an alpha was going to be so stagnant. I was Alpha to the Ash Moon Pack, one of the strongest in the country. Comprising of over 900 pack members, we were also one of the largest. At the age of 19, my father and mother were killed on a flight back from attending the World Wolf Council, and I automatically took over my father’s post. He was a just and noble Alpha, and took pride in doing the right thing. I aspired to be like him. But I was ruling alone. Despite running such a large pack, I had yet to meet my mate. I was always of the mind that I would not settle for just any shewolf to take up the title of my Luna, even if they were more than willing. I knew one day, that she would find her way to me, and I was willing to wait for that time to come. All this paperwork sat in front of me, was starting to become tedious. Scotch in one hand, hair in the other, I was hunched over my desk staring at yet another border treaty with our nearest neighbours, the Blue Moon Pack. We had always been respectful of the pack. They were an old settlement, and had lived in these woods for hundreds of years. We held peace with them, and worked together to fortify our lands, and keep out rogues and trespassers. It was always our top priority to keep our packs safe from both intruders and the human world. We did intermingle with them, but we needed our space to be, well, wolves! We had always had problems with rogues, and they always seemed to want to stay in the area. No matter how many peace talks we had partaken with them, they refused to move on. Myself and Alpha Marcus from the Blue Moon Pack were at the end of our tether. I pushed myself away from my desk and stretched. It was nearly dusk, and I had been slumped in my chair for hours. I glanced around my office. It was panelled in dark oak, with floor to ceiling bookcases with row upon row of werewolf totems, diaries from past alphas; basically, anything I needed to research historical actions my predecessors had taken. Behind me was a huge window overlooking the driveway into our estate. The forest pushed for miles in front of it, with lightly snow-capped mountains in the distance. I turned my chair to look out onto the landscape. We really were situated in a beautiful area. With the setting sun, all the red and yellow leaves of autumn on the trees glowed a warm hue that relaxed me every evening. My wolf, Rex, loved to run at dusk, and tonight seemed the perfect night. I got up from my chair and piled the paperwork into a heap. I grabbed any documents that needed sending out and walked over to my office door. Before I reached it, my Beta, and brother Ash opened it ahead of me. “Brother, I’m glad you’re here. These documents need posting. Please see that it is done.” He nodded. “I am taking a run this evening. If you need me, please link. I don’t know when I will be back”. I walked past him and out of the study. My residence was on the second floor of our packhouse. My office was situated at one end of a large corridor, with multiple doors leading off to the kitchen, lounge and large master bedroom. My brother Ash and his mate Samantha lived on the first floor, just below me, and the communal areas including the dining hall, pack kitchen, and meeting hall, were on the ground floor. The ceilings were high, and the wood panelling continued throughout the house. It was light, had character, but also used many modern fittings to keep it looking fresh. I walked into my bedroom, the second door down from my office, and quickly changed out of my usual clothes. I grabbed a pair of grey cotton shorts, and a white vest. I pulled on my trainers, and headed for the pack grounds. It was busy on the ground floor. Most of the families in our pack had their own residence, but some of the younger trainee warriors ate in the communal hall. I passed a few, and received nods of acknowledgement from most of them. I stepped outside one of the side doors of the house and headed for the nearest treeline. The air was fresh and revitalising, and a deep breath filled my lungs with a burning desire to hurry forward. It had felt like forever since I had let Rex out to play, and he was scratching at the surface to be set free. Once I arrived, I stripped off my clothes, and hid them in one of the many trunks that we had dotted around. Any wolf that went for a run could store their clothes there before shifting, so that they could change when they returned. I stretched, knelt down and channelled Rex. I felt my bones crack, the pain radiated through my body. My fingers stretched and my groans turned into low whimpers. It didn’t take long for my wolf to take over, and I began to run, deep into our territory, and into the forest.

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