Story By T Ascoli

T Ascoli

I\'ve always loved writing stories, and my imagination is always swirling with ideas. I\'m hoping a few of my ideas will be an enjoyable read. Thank you to everyone who has read, commented, and enjoyed my books so far. I have had such a wonderful time writing them and exploring the depth of each character.
My Auburn Witch (18+)
Updated at Oct 4, 2021, 06:59
Book 2 of 2 - SEQUEL TO 'MY WHITE WOLF' COMPLETED. If you have read the previous book, you'll likely be feeling a little broken-hearted. But all worthy hearts deserve a second chance, and this is it. PLEASE NOTE: THIS BOOK DISCUSSES INFERTILITY AND DOMESTIC ABUSE/TRAUMA. __________________________________________________________________________ As she stepped through the door at 3pm, her smile lightened my glum mood. She ran over to me, rucksack in hand and wrapped her short arms around my legs. “Daddy!” She was so excited; she clearly had something interesting to tell me. I knelt down to her level and engaged in conversation with my little pup. “Hello, little mouse. How was your day?” She began to unzip her bag, and rummaged through the contents, pulling a coloured piece of paper from within. As she handed it to me, the rough scribbles were easy to make out. She had drawn both herself and I next to a house with a tree outside. It was sweet, and my insides warmed. “Did you draw this?” she nodded. “Yes. Miss McTavish said we had to draw our families today.” The warm feeling soon fell cold as I looked at the picture again. I imagined a lot of other pups drawing something similar, but they would have drawn a mother and a father, with siblings. With a small smile, I walked to the fridge, and attached it with our coloured letter magnets, displaying it somewhere I could look at it every day. “Do you like it, daddy?” Esme’s tiny voice drifted from below as I looked down, bending low enough to pick her up and throw her upon my hip. “I love it! And now daddy can see it every day.” It was a reminder that this family wasn’t complete, and if Natalie was able to bring some kind of happiness to our lives, maybe it would be ok to let her try.
My Best Friends Guy - (18+)
Updated at Aug 27, 2021, 06:26
<<COMPLETED>> Proof-reading yet to be completed, so I apologise for any mistakes at this time. ___________________________________________________________________________ Claire and Brianna have always been best of friends. They love the same types of music and movies. But what happens when a new guy starts at school, and Brianna cannot help herself. What happens when Claire and Brianna's fondness for the same things reaches that of the same kind of man? No man is without secrets. But what is our leading man hiding? What brought him to this small town? __________________________________________________________________ "You're lucky I already like you." I looked up slowly through my eyelashes, the humour was gone from his face. "What?" The tension between us was growing, and I could feel my body reacting to his penetrating stare. 'Oh Brianna! Please hurry up before I end up jumping your man!' The urge to take him was tormenting! My breathing changed, and I clamped my thighs together, trying to hold in the desire that was slowly starting to mix with the fabric of my pyjama shorts. His eyes drifted down to my chest and he c****d his head slightly, as if imagining taking my breast in his mouth. "You're not wearing any underwear." My eyes closed gently, as his smooth, low voice washed over me. His observations were right, and I knew my n*****s were reacting to him; slightly peaking through my thin top. The whole time we were alone, neither of us moved. He didn't try and approach me, and I didn't take a step towards him. I knew it would be a massive mistake to let myself drift to his embrace, and that is assuming he actually wanted to touch me. I didn't notice his body change like mine did. There was no excitement in his jeans. His breathing remained the same. His hands had not moved from his front jean pockets. I was so relieved, and agitated when Bri skipped into the kitchen. Cade's eyes freed me from my mental constraints, and I headed straight out of the room towards Brianna's bedroom.
My White Wolf - Completed (18+)
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<COMPLETED> Book 1 of 2 - Due to popular demand, a sequel is in the works. My Auburn Witch will be available to read in early spring 2021. Warning - This book has scenes of a sexual nature, swearing, and scenes of violence. A white wolf. A legend within all wolf packs. The white wolf is said to be a decedent of the first Goddess, is said to be beautiful, but no one has seen them in hundreds of years. They are said to be rogues, staying hidden to keep themselves safe. It is also said that once one is born, and turns 18, that the white wolf before, dies. ______________________________________ Nothing could tear my eyes away from her. Her beautiful white fur, her lingering blue eyes, staring straight into mine. I could feel the pull; the heat radiating all over my body. I stood there, and in a low growl, said only one word... "Mine". ______________________________________ Victor Bane has been Alpha to be Ash Moon Pack for a little over 4 years after his parents are killed in a freak accident when he was 19. He has always been content with his life, but never truly fulfilled. What will happen when he meets his mate Elizabeth, the last White Wolf of her bloodline. How will he protect her? How will she cope trying to fit into a world she has spent her whole life avoiding?