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Claire and Brianna have always been best of friends. They love the same types of music and movies. But what happens when a new guy starts at school, and Brianna cannot help herself. What happens when Claire and Brianna's fondness for the same things reaches that of the same kind of man?

No man is without secrets. But what is our leading man hiding? What brought him to this small town?


"You're lucky I already like you." I looked up slowly through my eyelashes, the humour was gone from his face.

"What?" The tension between us was growing, and I could feel my body reacting to his penetrating stare.

'Oh Brianna! Please hurry up before I end up jumping your man!'

The urge to take him was tormenting! My breathing changed, and I clamped my thighs together, trying to hold in the desire that was slowly starting to mix with the fabric of my pyjama shorts. His eyes drifted down to my chest and he c****d his head slightly, as if imagining taking my breast in his mouth.

"You're not wearing any underwear." My eyes closed gently, as his smooth, low voice washed over me. His observations were right, and I knew my n*****s were reacting to him; slightly peaking through my thin top.

The whole time we were alone, neither of us moved. He didn't try and approach me, and I didn't take a step towards him. I knew it would be a massive mistake to let myself drift to his embrace, and that is assuming he actually wanted to touch me. I didn't notice his body change like mine did. There was no excitement in his jeans. His breathing remained the same. His hands had not moved from his front jean pockets. I was so relieved, and agitated when Bri skipped into the kitchen. Cade's eyes freed me from my mental constraints, and I headed straight out of the room towards Brianna's bedroom.

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Prologue: Claire and Brianna
What can I say about myself? I'm Claire, I'm 17 and I'm from a little town called Oakdale. Yes, I know, I sound like some desperate adolescent on a cheesy dating show, but what can I say, I like cheese! I am your usual teenager and am in my last year of high school. I've lived in Oakdale all my life with my mother and step-father, and have never had a boyfriend. My best friend, Brianna, is my sister from another mister! Friends since kindergarten, and literally inseparable! Well, we used to be. I mean, we still hang out all the time, but, I don’t know, I guess as her popularity grew in school alongside her assets, she's kinda spent less time hanging out with me, and more time going to parties and jumping 'joe's'! She insists that she only has s*x with boys that she 'loves', but to me, it looks like she falls in love, a lot! I myself lost my virginity, not with anyone special, just some cute Greek while on my recent family holiday. We had spent two weeks fooling around, and I got a bit too drunk one night, and took the plunge. I promise it was more the alcohol than his stone rock abs that had me swooning that night, and I was sure we would keep in touch. But, like all holiday romances, he never called or emailed afterwards. Suits me to be honest. I don't really have any interest in dating right now, not with college just around the corner! I just have my fun and enjoy the freedom that comes with single life! My father died when I was very young, and my mum did remarry; Rick is a great guy. He treats both me and my mum well, but has no children of his own. My mum didn't really want any more after my father died. I did tell her it was fine if she did, but it just never happened. Sad really. I would have liked a younger brother or sister. I look so much like my mum, but love the fact I have some of my father's Italian features as well. I'm slender, like my mother, but my hair is jet black and slightly olive skin. Typical dark brown eyes, with long eyelashes, and a metabolism to boot! All the junk food in the world can't seem to add any shape to my hips or bust, and this just had me even more envious of Brianna. Petite and voluptuous with gorgeous mid-length blonde hair and a beautiful smile. If I liked girls, I totally would!  ******   Oakdale high was your typical high school. You have the football grounds and track out the back, your usual small and overcrowded car park, and the obligatory American flag swinging on a pole out front. It is a beautiful school, to be fair. White, with sash windows and a huge front entrance. Our yellow school buses would light up outside the entrance every day, both before and after school, and I would always rather ride a bike. I didn't want to get a car just yet, as I didn't think it would be important once I went to college, and the thought of sitting on a stuffy school bus with the loud, yappy wannabe 'plastics' and jocks seemed nauseating. Yes, we have 'plastics'. It's one of our favourite movies, 'Mean Girls'. I even started calling her one this year. Her style of short skirts and crop tops just never seemed appealing to me, although she would always tell me 'you could totally pull this off, babe'. But, I am and always will be a 'jeans and a white top' kinda girl. Trainers. Hoodies. Almost like 'could you be bothered this morning?' kinda look! It kept me from being noticed too much at school. It was bad enough that everyone one referred to me as 'Brianna's friend!' and, god forbid I showed her up anyhow! As much as she said she wouldn't mind, I knew she would. She's my best friend! I know her better than she knows herself! ******   Anyway, it's just another Monday today! And I had done my usual routine of sleeping in late, rushing my shower, pulling on some jeans and a long sleeve cardigan off the floor and throwing them on, followed with white trainers and a scrunchie around my wrist. I had darted out the front door with a slice of buttered jam toast while listening to my mum yell after me about being home in time for tonight's dinner. I ran down our small drive with my bike and peddled out of sight of my house! I normally had track training on a Monday night, and I think I'm quite good at it! I don't want to seem too big-headed about it, but, holding the record for the 100-metre sprint for three years straight says it all, doesn't it? But with the instructor on leave at the moment, it's been cancelled today. I would have to wait till next week to train. It had just started spitting with rain as I pulled up at the bike grid in front of school. Everyone was quickly rushing through the doors as the bell finished ringing out for first-period.  "Claire!" Brianna's excited shrill squeal rang in my ears as she shuffled over to me with her tiny handbag and low-cut top. I placed my hand over my mouth in a dramatic effect as I looked over her outfit. "Bri! Why aren't you dressed? You can’t go into Mr Ross' class in just your underwear!" She glared at me through squinted eyes and pouted lips. "Ohh, ha ha! Very funny!" My comment earned me a punch in the shoulder and I cupped my hand around it as the pain echoed through my muscle. "Ugh, ouch!" Her light giggle was too infectious to stay mad at her, and as soon as my bike lock was done, she pulled at my arm towards the school. "So, how was your weekend?" She was way too bubbly for a Monday morning. "Ugh, I just watched some boxsets. What about you?" "Ohh which ones?" "Uhh, Vampire Diaries." My voice was nowhere near as enthusiastic as hers. "Ohh love it! Do you wanna know what I did?" I held back my annoyance. "I did just ask you." 'Ok, tone down the sarcasm!' "Well, I met someone!" I looked at her confused as I reached my locker. "What about Brent?" "Who? Oh, we weren't even together." "But, I thought you said you 'loved him'." "I did! Just, for like 5 minutes!" I laughed at her innocent face, knowing full well she was just being a slut! "You are bad, girl. I hope you made him cover-up!" "Ew, yes of course!" I grabbed my books for my first class and shut my locker. "Ok, well I have to run to class before I get bolloxed. Meet for lunch?" Bri lent forward and planted a little kiss on my cheek. "Deffo! In the cafeteria?" "Where else?" She smiled and shuffled off to her class. 'I'm blaming this new guy for my headache this morning'. I marched into class with my puppy eyes on maximum! 

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