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Waylon     "Wylard, run! She is coming!" I yelled at my brother as we were trying to escape through the thick forest.     "Dude, wait for me! Don't leave me behind!" he yelled, afraid. We tried to run as fast as we could, but the beast was flying even faster. It wouldn't be too long before she caught up to us.     "This is not fair, we are humans. It is a big disadvantage!" he kept screaming like a girl. I just laughed at him, I have never seen him so scared in my life.     "Stop being such a baby and keep running!"     We reached the cliff and for a moment, there was nowhere to run. Our breathing became erratic, and we could hear her growls and her wings flapping from the distance. She would approach us soon, and we were going to be surrounded.      We were looking everywhere, trying to see where she was when suddenly, she appeared behind us and hovered around.     We tried to escape from her, but we both fell from the cliff. She grabbed us, and we floated in the air. Wylard was crapping his pants, not literally, while I was trying to keep him calm.     "Let us down, you beast!" he yelled while I just rolled my eyes and tried to hold another laugh. After giving Wylard the scare of his life, she flew back to the cliff and dropped us on the ground. Wylard squeezed my arm, and I couldn't deny, it hurt like hell.     "Dude, are you serious right now?" I asked, trying to get loose from his grip and push him away, but to no avail. She landed in front of us with grace while stalking us like a predator to its prey.     "Please, don't kill us. I am too young to die!" Wylard screamed, making her laugh.     "This is just hilarious. Is this how you plan to be my warrior, Wylard?" she asked and the laugh I held earlier, escaped without control. Dawn was preparing us for the day she became Queen and we were named her Royal Warriors as our fate had predicted, but Wylard was too much of a coward for that.     "Don't worry about him, Dawn. He will learn to be brave and I will make sure to help him with it. Let's just go home,” I said, picking the weapons we accidentally dropped before Dawn grabbed us.     "Why don't we just take a walk? Cicely is tired from all that flying" she mentioned and we agreed. A slow-paced walk was what we needed at the moment.     On our way there, Dawn stopped on her tracks and smelled the air, and we could hear Cicely growling from within.     "What's wrong, Dawn?" I asked, and she shook her head.     "Nothing, I thought I heard something" she replied, "let's go back to the castle" she was still looking towards the deepest part of the woods.We arrived at the castle and mom and dad were waiting for us at the entrance.     "Where were you?" she asked us, with her arms across her chest.     "Uh oh" we all said in unison.     "What were you doing in the woods by yourselves without any warriors escorting you?" she asked and all three of us looked down in shame. Dawn approached her.     "We are sorry, mom. I was just training the boys. I want them to be ready to be my warriors when I become queen" she said, hoping to appeal to our mother's better nature.     "I understand sweetheart, but you all know that it is prohibited to go further into the woods without any of us, or the warriors with you. Where did you go?" she asked. We didn't dare say a word. If we told them where we were, it was going to cause more trouble for us.     "Answer to your mother" dad ordered. Mom's eyes were glowing, and we already knew she wanted to let Alina out.     "We were by the cliffs!" Wylard blurted out.     "Wylard!" Dawn and I said at the same time. He looked away from us, he was never one to get in trouble with mom and dad, or even our grandparents.     "You are in big trouble, kids" mom growled "now, go inside"     "But, mom! We weren't doing anything wrong!" Dawn wanted to argue with her, but I held her arm as a sign that she should just be quiet and follow her orders.     "Let's just go inside," I said and she looked at me upset. I could see her eyes and Cicely was not happy either. She finally nodded and we walked in. As we were heading to our rooms, I pulled Dawn to the side.     "What the hell do you think you are doing, challenging mom like that? You know how powerful she is, don't make her mad"     "I don't care Waylon. If it wasn't for Wylard, we wouldn't have gotten in trouble. I am almost twenty one, and soon to rule" she replied.     "Not with that attitude, you won't. Mom and dad are trying to teach you better ways. And if we keep being the rebels we have been, you won't be queen and we sure as hell won't be the warriors" I tried to make her see. She definitely has mom's genes. They both clash and it's like a wave of stubbornness hits.     "I didn't even discover my powers when I turned eighteen. It is not fair. I only have that shadow sidekick-"     "And you haven't even named her" I interrupted her "you should be grateful for her. You might not have powers now, but you discovered your gargoyle when you were a baby, maybe your powers are just delayed"     "Waylon is right, Dawn" Wylard pitched in.     "Wylard, you are not helping" I said and he scoffed as he walked away. I walked closer to Dawn and took her in an embrace.     "They just want what's best for us" I said and she nodded.     "Waylon?" she spoke and I just looked down at her "I have a bad feeling. I feel like something bad is going to happen soon"
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