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02⠆Lucifer's POV It's been five years, five damn years since I last held my baby. Five long years since I last seen her beautiful hazel eyes. Tonight, she will be mine again and she will never leave me, even through death. I sent my cousin, Rachel to watch over her for the moment I decided to leave her alone. I made sure to tell Rachel to keep her away from men, but knowing my cousin she probably pressured her into being with one. I needed time to grasp the mafia after putting in so much time to build one up, and I knew she needed time to herself, to get the education she wants. To live a little before she is in my hands again. I stayed away from her these past years because I know as soon as I see her, I change into someone completely different. She makes so aggressive, and possessive — I just can't be myself when I'm around her. "Lucifer," Fernando called out pulling me away from my thoughts. I turn my gaze toward him and watch as he takes a seat in the black leather chair directly in front of me. He sets his feet on the surface of my sleek desk resulting in me to give him a hard glare. Fernando immediately placed his feet down while smiling as if he won the lottery. "So, this girl you want me to kidnap-" He trailed off not evening knowing that from him just saying those words, made me want to choke the hell out of him. "-è mio," I finish for him my voice callous and brutal just waiting for him to say something stupid so I can murder him. ( translation : is mine ) Fernando has never seen her a day in his life, but I know him, he will try and seduce someone's grandma as long as, he says and I quote 'gets hoes'. Fernando put his hands up in surrender, letting out a small chuckle. "I'm just trying to gain a little more information about the girl before we go take her. I would hate to kidnap someone without at least knowing their name," he stated with a smirk playing out on his lips. I slam my fist on my desk as I give him the hardest scowl I've probably ever given.  "Don't test me, Fernando, you're not touching her, I am. So do me a favor and shut the f**k up about it, and if you can't do that, I wouldn't mind shutting you up," I tell him with gritted teeth and a clenched jaw, moving my gaze out the window which is lit up by the full moon. "Alright, alright I'll be in the car when you're ready to go," he says and walks out of the room. I grab my phone that was sitting on the desk and decided to call Rachel to inform her. "Hello," she says. "It's time, piccola" I state in my monotone voice that I use for business purposes which is nothing other than empty. ( Translation: little one ) She sighed on the other end. "Okay." I can hear the sadness in her voice. She'll probably see her again just depending on how Vanessa. Truthfully, I'm not too sure she will accept Rachel coming to visit her with opened arms after learning she's my cousin. I hang the phone up and walk out of the door. After fixing my pants, I continue to stroll past many maids who either bow or look the other way. There is also a couple employees who continue minding their own business. My walk is fast paced as I am in a hurry to just see the girl of my dreams. At the exit door, I open it up to see Fernando seated in my black BMW smoking his cigarette on the passenger's side door. I approach the car and opened it up to get in. "Let's go get our girl," Fernando says throwing his cigarette out of the window as I enter the car. My jaw clenches as I look over at the dumba**. "How many more times do I have to tell you? She is mine," I angrily mutter to him. He sends a smirk my way. This f**ker must really want to be dead right now, second-hand man or not. I glance over at the clock to see it is 9:45pm, I don't have time for this s**t. I pull out of the driveway and within minutes we were outside, "Zina's diner". I got out of the front seat and watched as Fernando shifted sides and got into the driver's seat, as planned. That way whenever I grab Vanessa we could hurry up and leave. Rachel gave me a spare key which I used to open the door, but what Rachel didn't tell me was the sound the bell made when you opened the door, my cover is now blown. I walked over to the back to see her backside hurrying to grab her purse, and not waiting another minute I grab the chloroform I brought and a cloth. I reach over, and place it over her mouth and nose. "night, night" I whisper in her ear. Her body fell limp in mine as I picked her up bridal style and put her into the backseat of the car, me jumping in right after. "That's her?" Fernando asked while looking at me through the rear-view mirror. "Shut up," I said as he took a glance toward her. It was difficult to see her due to the lack of sunlight because of it being night time, but I could make out her every feature. She lost a ton of weight, replacing my thick princess was a curvaceous woman. The things I could just do to her. Her big plump lips are just so pink I want to suck the s**t out of them until they are red, and her tan skin looks so damn soft, and beautiful — just like her. I lean back in the seat watching my baby in her deep sleep. She's just so damn perfect. Ever since I met her, I've always wanted to hold her and claim her as mine. Only things that were stopping me were three reasons — she was too young, her family, and my world is dangerous. I was only a child, I wasn't much of a protector. Things are different now, my life is still dangerous, but for my babygirl — I will do anything for her, even die for her own protection. "We're here boss," Fernando says sarcastically as he hops out of the car, waiting for me. I pick up my baby girl and pull her out of the car with her in my arms. "Damn she is f*cking ho-" He was cut off by pulling out my gun and placing it right between his eyes. "Finish that sentence, I dare you," I threaten glaring at him. My other hand still had a grip on my baby so I wouldn't drop her. "I messed up man, I swear I'll lay off," he says. I pull the gun away and place it back on safety before putting it back in my pants. I carry my girl all the way upstairs and set her down on my bed. I noticed that she really did change a lot. She's all mine, finally. I look down disapprovingly of her attire which consisted of a dirty apron and a blue collar shirt tucked into black pants, why the hell would they make someone like her wear this stupid s**t. I walk out of the room in search for Isabel. "Isabel!" I shout and soon she comes running to me with her head down following protocol. "Go change the girl, she's in my room," I demand her in a voice that doesn't hint any type of emotion, before walking away. I saw her head nod her head with a bow and walk off in the direction of my baby. I walk down the stairs and into my office, once again. I have a problem with a person who seems to not like paying what he owes— Dante, he has been giving me less money than I am supplying and the fucker should be glad I had given it to him in the first place, without raising so much as a brow. He is a quarter million in debt to me, and if he doesn't pay up I will not hesitate to kill his family then his ass just to watch him cry. No one steals from me and thinks they could get away with it.
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