Chapter Two:

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Mitch’s POV: “Damn, if I am going to survive in this realm, I am going to need to figure out how to make money.” I whisper to myself, while counting out the last few notes of cash given to me by Xavier. I have been here for a couple weeks now and things have been going pretty well. I have learnt that the beach is pretty awesome and that people go there to relax in the sun. The humans even stand up on these weird, long things that carry you around on the water waves. I got so excited the one day that this really kind human offered to let me try and I gladly accepted. I thought it was going to be easy, but the wave completely plummeted over me. I also learnt that humans don’t operate in packs. Turns out they have their own families and friends and are pretty oblivious to everyone else around them, which is pretty different to how werewolves operate. I mean, in the Werewolf Realm, everyone sort of looks after each other in a sense. I think the biggest adjustment is that apparently there are loads of different lands that the humans live in and each of these lands are run differently, they speak their own unique languages and even look different. This is a weird thought, as the Werewolf Realm operates in one piece of land and everyone may look different due to ancestral lineage, but we all speak the same language and share the same beliefs. It’s pretty fascinating to be here and I managed to learn all of this from just reading the newspapers, magazines and travel journals in the library, which is what I have been doing this whole time. “Being lazy, you mean?” Blade chimes and snickers in my head. I roll my eyes. Yes, I have been a lot lazier than usual, but really, what else am I supposed to do here when I know absolutely nothing about my new place of residence? “Maybe try find money to feed us and pay rent next month?” Blade replies before retiring to the back of my mind. I think about what he says and I know he is right. It’s been a fun bit of time off, but Goddess knows I have a huge appetite and that red-haired female is going to have me for breakfast if I don’t pay her rent, but how do I make money? Life in the Werewolf Realm seems so simple, to be honest. Everyone knows they need to do a job and if they register with the working council there, they get paid a monthly salary based on their job and expertise. The kingdom runs this and makes sure that everyone is looked after and earning money. Only the super powerful or the illegal trades, like the one that happened with the Werewolf trafficking actually have access to bank accounts and funds. Do the humans have some sort of money paying council? I frown as I think about how complicated that must be considering all their different and separated lands. At least King Xavier only needs to worry about people in one area. Running a frustrated hand through my hair, I decide to stand up and face the person I least want to. That red-haired female. I head out my door to the end of the passage and take a deep breath in before knocking on her door. I can smell her strong vanilla perfume wafting in the air inside and I can hear her laughing at something on the television, so I know she is here. Why isn’t she opening her door for me then? I knock again, feeling terrible that I am clearly disturbing her leisure time, but what else am I supposed to do? I don’t know anybody here and I need to know how to get by on my own. I give a third knock on the door, this time slightly harder and with more determination. I will be damned if I have to go back home with my tail between my legs! “WHO’S IT?” I hear her shouting from inside. She still hasn’t switched the television off and I can sense she is still on the couch. I want to feel annoyed, but I also feel guilty. “Um, Mitch from down the hallway.” I reply in my loudest speaking voice. I hope she heard me. I wait a couple seconds before I hear the television go off and an enormous huff escape her mouth. What is with this female? She opens the door, this time taking me aback with her bright pink her. It was only red a couple weeks ago. “UGH, what yo ass doing here? Its only month end in a few.” She asks, still with bubble-gum in her mouth and twirling one of her long girls in her manicured hand. I want to wheeze from her perfume, but decide to smile rather. She looks irritated and I can sense I disturbed her during her favorite part of the show. Despite this, I can feel her hazel eyes burning through my flesh as she takes in my whole frame, from my toes and up. She is checking me out, but not in the comfortable and flattering sort of way. “I am really sorry to be bugging you like this, but I was wondering if you know how I can access more of this?” I ask, pulling out the last few notes of money from my pocket. Hopefully she understand what I am saying and can offer advise. I watch and take in her expression as she looks down at my wad of money, but her expression changes as soon as her eyes meet mine. She almost looks amused. “This a joke? Am I punked right now?” The pink-haired female asks, her eyes dancing with humor and her body slumping against the frame of the door. Punked? “Um, no I am not joking. I am not sure what you mean, but I am just wondering how I can get more of this? I need to find some more before I run out of food and also to pay my rent for next month.” I respond, trying to relay the gravity of my situation. I watch her whole face morph into laughter as she listens to me speak. It would seem something is very funny about what I said, which is only making me feel annoyed. “Look, I am sorry that you find me so funny. I am new around here and I…” I begin, but she interrupts me mid sentence, finally easing her high-pitched laughter and sucking in a breath. “Soz, just yo ass seriously weird. Wake up and find yoself a job freak!” she replies, before flicking her pink hair over her shoulder and slamming the door in my face. I want to knock again and ask her what she means, but the blasting sound of the television tells me to do otherwise. I slowly walk back to my unit, entering in and looking around at the simple space called my home. I can’t lose this as well. I really need to try make this work, but what am I going to do? Find yoself a job freak! This line rings through in my head multiple times. A job. I pick up the newspaper and look through the many pages, my eyes glancing over every word until they eventually see a page dedicated to available jobs. BINGO! I begin reading through all the jobs available, searching for something worthy of all my knowledge to date. I was a doctor in the Werewolf Realm and I would love to make a difference here. I scan over each title. Bartender for club on the city east side. Clubbing is not my scene, so no. Assistant filing clerk in central city. Not really my scene, but maybe. Male model for styling company on the east side of the city. Hell no! Dog walker for wealthy city dwellers all around the city. What the actual? Blade moans in my mind. Painter for construction company on the west city side. Hard work, low pay, but maybe. Teaching assistant at school on the North city side. I enjoy kids, so sure. Doctor needed in city central. Hell yes! I stop looking through the rest, my eyes immediately glued to the medical position available. The post says they are interviewing today, so it looks like I better put on my best clothes and get going. I live in the city central, so this would be so perfect. Finally, something is looking up! I make my way out my apartment, dressed in my one and only smart outfit and my best shoes. I am clean cut, shaven and ready to find a job. It’s now or never. My black suit and tie blend into the general look of the people walking along side me on the streets. I feel my every step becoming entrained to those around me, as I rush with my own backpack across the city. I look up to try and see the faces of these people around me, but each human is too busy with their own lives and existence to take notice of me. I look at the newspaper article and try see where I need to go, but my stopped figure seems to cause somewhat of a traffic jam around me. “Move outta the way!” A male human shouts to me. “Hey! You’re blocking the way. Move to the side will ya?” Another voice shouts out. I quickly jump out to an open space and allow the people to pass. I watch as they all carry on walking, barely acknowledging me or the fact that I was blocking their space. I frown. What is with everyone here? The humans seem so robotic, as they walk about on their missions. I look down at the newspaper again. “Central Hospital. 153 on Main Street.” I whisper out, pointing at the paper in front of me. Great, now I just need to find out where that is. “It’s just two roads down and to the right if you go thatta way. If you go through that little alley there, you will see it right in front of ya. It’s a short cut, but a bit of a dodgy one.” A voice says from behind me. I turn to see a friendly face behind me of a male human. He looks around my age and is dressed in a red apron covered in dusted flour and he smells like freshly baked goods. The male is pointing his finger in the direction where I should go and his eyes seem genuine and warm. I can tell by his aura that he is a good person. A kind person even. I look up at the shop sign above me. Frank’s Bakery. Home to your best home recipe goods. “The name’s Frank! This right here is my lil shop. Not much, but it’ll do.” The male smiles while he speaks and extends his hand. This human wants to shake my hand. I smile, finally feeling like someone here is a bit more alike. I extend my hand and grab his, allowing my strong grip to meet his. “Mitch. I live in that apartment block over there.” I greet back, shaking Frank’s hand with one of my own and using the other to point to the large, white and shabby looking building just up ahead. I see Frank looking at my apartment, nodding and smiling. He seems unfazed by the fact that I live in the ugliest building of the entire street. “Ya sound a bit different than the general city slickers from here.” Frank comments, smiling and looking back at me with curiosity. I nod and return the smile. Seems he is rather smart too then. “I am new to this city. I have no idea how things work around here!” I gasp out and chuckle at my own words. Frank also laughs and pats my back. “Ah, small town boy, eh? I was also from the farms out on them city edges. The city takes some getting used to, but let me tell ya, when ya finally find that one reason to love it, ya will never wanna leave! My gem is this shop.” Frank replies. I can see by how he looks at his small bakery, that he loves it and is so proud of it. This is how I feel about being a doctor, so I understand this emotion so well. “I guess you could call it a small town, yes. You have a wonderful bakery, by the way.” I reply, smiling and looking past him into his shop. I notice it is very busy, as people queue for their daily breads and baked delights. In the small window by the counter, there is every type of muffin and donut you could ever imagine. The smells lingering in the air are enough to make my mouth water and the delightful aroma of chocolate is enough to set me over the edge. I hear laughing from around me and immediately gain back my senses. “Smell that good, eh? Just wait a second.” Frank says, pointing down to the drool on my chin and rushing off. When he returns. He has a small parcel of bread and a chocolate croissant wrapped up in bright yellow paper. I look at him confused, as he holds out the items in front of me. I think he can sense my confusion, as he laughs again. “Come on, take the goods. I can tell ya need them, otherwise ya wouldn’t be looking for a job now would ya? I can tell ya a good guy.” Frank says, pushing the baked goods parcel further into my hand. I look down and then back up at him, not understanding. Nobody has been this kind to me since I was back at home. “Thank you, Frank. Really, from the bottom of my heart.” I whisper, pulling the bread into my backpack. He only smiles and nods. “So why ya on ya way to hospital dressed in a suit?” Frank asks, raising an eyebrow at me. “I am actually on my way to find a job. I am a doctor, so it seems I need to go for an interview if I want to work.” I reply, rubbing a hand through my hair and looking back out the door. I really need this job if I want to survive here. “Well, good luck. Ya gonna do great, I can tell!” Frank replies, smiling and offering me another hand shake. I guess this is him saying goodbye. I nod and begin to walk back out onto the busy walkway, ready to join the robots again in their journey to wherever. I look back at Frank one last time and he nods. “My digits are on the package if you need anything. Swing by any time will ya.” Frank says finally, before he disappears into his small bakery, buzzing with greedy customers. I think I just made my first friend.
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