Chapter One:

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Mitch’s POV: “Well, this is your place then, dearie.” The old, grey-haired lady comments, turning to hand me a shiny key with her wrinkled fingers. I smile at her and nod. Finally, I have arrived at my first ever home in the Human Realm after travelling from my familiar territory. Thank Goddess that Xavier and Flora were kind enough to get someone to meet me on this side and help me settle. I do know now though, that once I walk through this door I am completely alone and need to fend for myself. “Thanks.” I say, trying to sound confident and ready and accepting the key from the old lady. She smiles, her eyes curious, before turning to leave. I watch as her hunched finger moves further and further down the dull hallway. I frown at the flickering light, the dirt-covered edges of the walls, the chipping paint and the monotonous tones of the building I am in. Things in the Human Realm really are a lot dirtier than I expected. Well, no use delaying the inevitable. I turn and slide the key into the grey door before twisting the handle and entering. At this point I see absolutely nothing in the darkness, but the strong smell of mold and dust lingers in the air. I can’t help but sneeze at this. I feel along the walls, hoping to find a light switch and when I do, I automatically go to turn it on, but no light ever comes. I frown. “Come on!” I seethe, feeling irritated that the lights aren’t working. I pull out my cellphone and manage to put on the flashlight. This device may have no use in this realm as far as I am aware, but at least it can give me some light right now. I sway the light around me, noticing the space is very small and on each of the walls there are closed curtains. Bingo! I walk towards the first window and pull at the material, coughing as the dust wisps into the air and the light comes into the dark corners. I quickly turn off my flashlight and open the window, allowing fresh in, before turning to find the next closed windows and doing the same. Finally, all the windows are open and I can finally get some fresh air in to breathe. I close my eyes and allow the sounds of the buzzing cars out on the roads and the very harsh sounds of the hooters blasting and filling my senses. I allow my gaze to leave the air coming from the window and finally turn to look around at my new home. My eyes take in the simple, dirty, white walls that paint against the tattered brown carpet that spreads all across the floor. To the furthest right end is a single bed, unmade, with blue sheets and linen. Next to the bed is a box with a study lamp on top of it. There isn’t a cupboard for my clothing, but the hanging rack will be more than sufficient for my tiny bag of clothes. I move to take my bag to the rack and notice some stains on the bed sheets. I will need to get this all cleaned before I dare to sleep on it. I begin unpacking my clothes and sliding my shirts and pants onto the hangers, peeping at the rest of the flat between my attempts to become settled in. I notice a double couch again the wall, which faces a small television on the other end of the wall. A coffee table is at the center and pornography magazines lay scattered against the dusted surface. I scrunch my face and look back at the stains on the bed. Maybe I should rather buy some new bed linen. I quickly finish off unpacking my several items of clothing and then walk to the opposite end of the unit, where the small kitchen is. It is tiny, but has all the necessary appliances. I check that the single tap works and it does, so I fill the kettle and allow it to boil once before emptying it again and the refilling it. I turn the knob of the microwave and see that it works as well. I notice there is a small gas stove, which needs some refilling. I will have to go get a new gas bottle when I head out to buy linen. The fridge has been left on this whole time and is working and buzzing in the corner. I see some old, sour milk was left inside, which I take out and throw into the bin, which is a box with a packet inside. I see there is an old-fashioned style clothing washer under the one counter and some washing powder, so I quickly take all the linen off the bed and push it in to get washed. Thank Goddess. I grab one of my old t-shirt’s and wet it, quickly wiping all the surfaces and counters before moving onto the bathroom, which is next to the kitchen and is very simple. It is white tiles and has a toilet, basin and small shower. Other than it being dusty, it is pretty ordinary. I quickly go about cleaning the unit and making sure to get all the dust off of the tables and countertops. It finally looks a bit cleaner, but I will need to seriously get some better cleaning products and general items, hygiene soaps, cloths, sponges and a waste bin. “Hello?” I hear someone calling from the door and gently knocking. I quickly lay down the make-shift, shirt cloth and move to open it. When I open the door, I am immediately met with the poignant smell of vanilla perfume and hazel brown eyes. The female in front of me has unnatural, red hair and is plastered in make-up. She is wearing ripped jeans and a baggy, cropped top and the sound of her mouth pooping bubble-gum is distracting. She is a beautiful female, but why is she not more natural? She-wolves from my realm NEVER dye their hair and only wear make-up to formal events. “This is a different world, Mitch. Try make friends?” Blade, my wolf asks in my mind. I know he is right and things are clearer different here. “Hi, my name is Mitch.” I reply, extending my hand to shake hers. She looks at me with wide eyes and shrugs her shoulders. I can see she is offended by my hand being so close to her. “Jeez, whatevz creep. Listen, Ima boss in these here units here and this hood is kinda my thing. No blastin ya speakers after 10 PM and only one light on atta time, or you will blow the grid and ima kick yo ass out. Your rent moola is due to me AND in an envelope by the last day of a month and that includes use for yo taps and lights. Some guy came over and stuck your rent for the month, but he said you will need to see to it from next month. Heard?” The female says, her eyes peeping into the space behind me. I can see her expression cringing at the magazines on the coffee table not far behind me and I internally groan for leaving them there. Also, what is she even saying? These humans have a different type of language to me, clearly. “Thanks. What is your name? It is really lovely to meet you. I could really do with a friend around here.” I reply, hoping to sound sincere. The truth is, I really need to have a friend. I need someone to help me get around, learn new things and some company would go a long way. “Look, I aint gonna lie, yo ass the hottest guy I have ever seen, but I am not interested in dating no creeps.” She replies looking at me with a frown. Hey long, black lashes are open wide and I can see her lips pouted into a sassy, red smirk. “Just make sure yo have your rent in to ME by the end of every month, otherwise your ass gonna be out. Get my drift?” The red-haired female says again before turning and walking away. I take note that she enters the furthest door and that is clearly where I need to take my rent each month. Wow, she isn’t the friendliest is she? I turn to quickly pick up the magazine, which are riddled with inappropriate pictures of females and allow them to drop into the bin box. I have never and will never understand how female populations are exploited like this and I will never become part of the statistic of men that financially fund such exploitations. I hear the washing machine sing a tune, indicating that the linen is clean and I go to take it out, smiling at how fresh the soap has made the unit smell. There is a rope, hanging line in the bathroom, which I hang all the wet items over. Hopefully they will be dry by tonight, otherwise I will need to sleep with no linen. “I’m pretty hungry too.” Blade mentions in my mind, making me chuckle out. Of course, you are. When is this wolf not hungry? I guess its time for me to find the closest food shop then. And so, I lock up my unit. My new home and venture down to the bottom of the rickety stair case, finally exiting through the doors and out into the bog city. The sun feels somewhat hazy here, the skies a dull color and the air thick with humid dirt. Instead of the sound of silent nature, I can hear an imploring busyness, as cars zoom past me, people walk in haste and honks swim in the air from all directions. I am so used to the sound of nothing, the sound of nature and the sound of howls, that I become increasingly overwhelmed by all this noise. My mind takes me back to my final moments in Mainland and how everything that happened there was a different type of noise. Yes, there wasn't all this fake, dirty lingering, but the air was also thick with tension, betrayal, heartbreak and pain. I love Viola so much. I adore her and everything she offered me, but I know I needed to do this for her. I needed to leave her so that she can be with Kyle, her real mate, her fated. Doesn't make it easier though. I close my eyes and allow the chaotic sounds to take over my senses. With each pulse of energy around me, I feel my veins bubbling with anxiety and my heart pinching in pain. I am officially alone in a realm I know nothign about, with nobody to help me, nobody to guide me and no way of knowing how anybody or anything is at home. Everything from the sounds, the smells, the feeling and even the taste of the air in the Human Realm screams at me. IMPOSTER! IMPOSTER! IMPOSTER! I want to scream back at it, begging it to give me a chance and to allow me to live here in peace, after all, that is why I came here. I feel my breathing becoming quick, frantic and short, just like the cars wisping past me on the road. “Just breathe, Mitch. Everything will be fine.” Blade says, immediately trying to calm me down. I keep my eyes closed and nod. I try take in the warmth and comfort he is offering me. Thank Goddess that I have my wolf in this moment, as he is my truest and most honest companion. Everything will be fine. Everything will be fine. Everything will be fine. I repeat to myself over and over again in my head, allowing each repeated phrase to sink deep into my soul and provide comfort. When I finally feel my body relaxing, I open my eyes and take in the new world around me. I notice how the cars are all brightly coloured and moving around with determination. I notice how the shops are all open and enticing me to enter them. I notice how the people are smiling, laughing, talking and walking about with enthusiasm. Only some look more serious, as they rush through the crowds with their briefcases. This world doesn't look too different to Mainland on a busy day. "Everything will be fine." I breath out, smiling and beginning my quest to find some food. Everything will be fine.
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