Chapter 2

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Adaline pov I sighed, leaning over and turning off my alarm before Brandos, my little brother, comes and beats me for the alarm going off for too long and waking him up. I carefully and slowly get out of my old creaky bed, trying hard not to make any extra noise. I was given a bedroom in the attic, and sure it was spacious, but it was directly over my mother and stepfather’s room and part of Brandos’s room. I needed to reinforce the floorboards, but I haven’t had enough time recently and any loud noise would disturb those sleeping under me. It was only five in the morning. They would be very cross if I woke them up. Quickly, I brushed my long wavy light brown hair, pulling it up into a messy bun, and quickly changed. I gathered my supplies for school so I wouldn’t have to come back up here and left, locking the attic door behind me. Brandos complains about it a lot, but I know the doorknob has always been tricky and I pretend it locks itself and eventually he believed me. I went to the bathroom first, splashing water on my face and staring at my pale face and icy light blue eyes. I sighed, looking down and feeling invisible. Quickly, I cleaned up the mess from last night. I always cleaned before I went to bed, but most of the time my stepfather and mother came back late from training with the other warriors and made a mess again. Brandos is an apprentice warrior, a title inherited by his father as it usually goes, but because he still has school, he trains on the weekends. He won’t be considered a full warrior until he’s eighteen. Thankfully, he’s popular, so he’s rarely home to eat with me, but I still have to make dinner for everyone and place it on plates in the fridge or I risk getting woken up and beaten when someone comes home. Once the kitchen is clean, I make breakfast. I quickly eat mine before I’m finished with the others. It’s a risk. Technically, Omegas eat last and whatever is leftover, but I try to be out of the house as soon as I’m finished, so I don’t have to see anyone as much as possible. My mother wakes up early to wake up Brandos for school and if I eat before the others when she comes down I will be whipped. Not by her, but I’d have to wait while she wakes up my stepfather to do it, and he hurts much more than when Brandos beats me. I could see my mother going into the bathroom when I was walking towards the door, and I quickly ran out of the house so I could avoid her. I never knew my mother to be nice to me. I was born the night my father died. The night the previous Luna was killed. My father was one of the Omegas working in the kitchen when the rogues came through there and killed those within. My mother had been in the town a few hours away when the attack happened. She had been shopping, and at the same time as the attack, my mother felt the contractions. A human midwife noticed my mother in pain and took her to her home, moments before all of the power went out. The Rogues cut off the power in the whole area, casting darkness over everything as the sun set, and no moon to shine the way. In darkness, I was born, my mother aided simply by the midwife, and only moments later she felt the despair of the bond breaking. The midwife was confused by my mother's heart-wrenching sorrow, especially since she shoved me into her arms and told her to watch me until she could get herself situated. I stayed with that woman until I was seven and she died, forcing me to go back to my mother and her new husband and son, who was only a year younger than I. I was deemed an Omega as well, since my father had been an Omega, and treated as such from then on. I walked down the block to my best friend’s house, my only friend actually, Lyell. He was also an apprentice warrior like my brother, but my brother hated him. First off because he was gay, but mostly because he was friends with me and refused to listen to him talk bad about me. I went to his house every morning and trained with him. His father and my father were best friends when they were younger, despite his father being a warrior, and his father had died in the attack with the rogues as well, but we quickly sought each other out and became fast friends. His mother, Sophia, was the only other person who was nice to me, saying I reminded her so much of my father, and that she had been good friends with him as well. It was against the rules to train when you were an Omega, but I hated feeling so weak. At least with the training, I knew how to dodge properly, so I didn’t get hit so badly when Brandos hurt me. “Hey, girlfriend, what’s up?” Lyell yelled towards me with a grin. I grinned back at him, studying him. He grew out his black straight hair again, letting it fall into his chocolate brown eyes. He was smaller than my brother but he was stronger and he had a very defined six-pack that he showed off currently without his shirt on and sweat gleaming everywhere. Not that it mattered what I thought because he was gay, but it didn’t hurt to think your best friend was gorgeous. Plus, it wouldn’t matter anyway, because he had the biggest crush on the future Beta, Alarick, which was why he kept growing his hair out into the same hairstyle but got annoyed when it was in his face and cut it constantly. I shook my head, clearing my thoughts. It was all stupid. I didn’t like anyone, I wouldn’t like anyone, and I’ll never find a mate. My mother told me I was too stupid to have a mate, that if I sought one out then they’d just reject me. I guess my mother forgot she was mated to a lowly Omega as well once upon a time. I dropped my things and went into the stance Lyell was standing in, finishing up his warm-ups with him. He was very dedicated to training, he was at the top of his apprentice class and it was rare to become an Elite, but there were rumors he would be given the status once he became of age. Not too long now, my birthday was in a few days and Lyell's was next month. We were only a month apart and the same age, turning eighteen. After the warm-up, we spared, and I could tell Lyell went easy on me but I could see the surprise in his eyes that I’ve gotten stronger. After an hour, his mother came outside with a tray of drinks and snacks and we sat down and cooled off. Once we had finished, we changed and Lyell’s mother drove us to school. It has been our routine for the last few years. The first thing we did when we got out of the car was notice the banners announcing the Twentieth birthday of Tate, the future Alpha. Of course, they were going to make it a big event, and I’m sure since I’m an Omega I’ll have to cater it and clean up afterward with the others. I coughed, wiping my nose and looking at Lyell who was backing away from me with disgust. “What?” I asked innocently. “Girl, you better not get me sick, I am going to this party and I’m going to look amazing and I’m going to stand next to Alarick all night long and make him feel his deep longing for me.” I couldn’t stop the bubble of laughter that escaped my mouth, making me cover my mouth with my hand and grin at him sheepishly. “I’m sorry Lyell. I’m sure you’ll look amazing as you always do, but Alarick just broke up with his now ex-girlfriend. A girl. Not a boy. I don’t think he swings for your team honey.” Lyell frowned at me, and before I could feel bad for pointing out the obvious, he gripped his hand and took a stance, not noticing he almost elbowed some freshman walking behind him, or that she smacked his arm in defiance only to blush when she felt how firm it was. She opened her mouth to talk to him but he interrupted her. “I don’t care if he dated girls in the past, he is my future husband, and just standing in my presence will make him notice that.” He yelled as he put both hands on his hips and laughed out loud. The girl walked away quickly, embarrassed that she was about to ask out a gay guy. I snickered. “What?” He asked me. “You didn’t even notice the girl about to ask you out before your love confession?” I asked him. “Uhhh, no? Ewww, that’s gross.” He said with a shudder. I laughed out loud at the look on his face, only to have my laugh cut off quickly by a sharp jab to the back of my head. I fell to my knees, stars flooded my vision. “Shut the f**k up, Omegas are quiet and invisible and they don’t deserve to laugh. They’re nothing.” My brother Brandos’s voice came from behind me. I could tell by the way his feet went into a stance, Lyell was going to punch him, so I quickly grabbed his ankle and squeezed him. I didn’t have the power the other Omegas had, to create a calming, peaceful environment and help diffuse situations, but Lyell knew whatever he did would make Brandos beat me up worse when we were home alone later on. Quickly enough, Brandos left us alone and Lyell helped me up, taking the corner of my elbow until I felt like my head was clear enough to walk on my own. I had a large bump on the back of my head, but being a wolf, I healed quickly. Lyell continued following me to my locker. I ended up getting a little crate to use as a shelf and Lyell mostly shares with me now, since his crush Alarick has a locker a few down from me. I opened my locker and coughed again, ignoring the disgusted look Lyell gave me before he noticed Alarick and tried to stare at him out of the corner of his eye. He was walking with his best friend and future Alpha Tate, and also the other one of their group, Kurt, Alarick’s twin older brother and also our future Gamma. I couldn’t help but look at them from the corner of my eye as well. Alarick and Kurt were very much alike, both sporting the same hairstyle Lyell was trying to do where their hair reached to the bottoms of their ears, long and unkept. Alarick has bright silver hair and it’s straight like Lyell’s, so it hung in his eyes, while Kurt had more wavy hair like mine and his was dark gray so it was more up and sticking out everywhere. They both had dark blue eyes and lean muscular bodies like Lyell. As for Tate, he was gorgeous, short black hair messy like he had just woken up hanging the length of his ears and falling into his right eye, his eyes hazel colored. He was fairly more built than the others, probably with extensive training since he was young, because he’s the future Alpha. Tate leaned up against the locker and pulled out a book, ignoring the others as they bickered. Alarick had just broken up with his girlfriend and Kurt was making fun of him for it. “Why do you leave all your girlfriends after only a week? They all come to me complaining and begging me to satisfy them so they feel better. They say you won’t even go all the way with them. What’s wrong with you, are you gay?” Kurt jokes, smacking Alarick’s back. I felt Lyell stiffen beside me and watched him slowly lean closer to their conversation. Alarick wretched open his locker, causing Tate to give a little chuckle. He closed his book with a clap and patted him on the back. “Even if you were gay you would still be my best friend and my Beta.” He said seriously, sending tingles to my heart. It was looked down on to have the same couple relationships, since there was no way to produce heirs unless you adopt a pup from dead parents. “Screw you guys, I’m not f*****g gay.” Alarick muttered, backing away and slamming his locker, making Lyell jump. I watched him bite his lip, looking down at the floor. The group walked past us, stopping for a moment. I turned around and looked at them from under my lashes. Assuming they were going to tell me to do something. Omegas served all wolves after all. Lyell continued to look down at the floor but I noticed Alarick looked over at him, a second glance as well. Quickly, Kurt handed me a piece of paper and I opened it, reading a list of what he wanted for lunch and where I could find him. I nodded. “Yes, Gamma Kurt.” I whispered. They walked away before I finished my sentence. He had lunch with the Alpha and Beta in the special conference room that is reserved for the top group. Even though humans go to this school as well, they don’t know about us being wolves and we do our best to not let them find out. While they have lunch, the warrior apprentices and those who are the rare Elite children eat first lunch and us Omegas eat lunch with the humans in the second lunch. If they had their way, we would eat in a third lunch, but that would look too strange to have ten or fifteen students alone in a lunchroom. It meant I was split up from Lyell, but I went to eat in the library, so it didn’t bother me. Slowly, I made my way to my first class, since Lyell went to a different class, and I sat down, picking up the other two pieces of papers from wolves requesting me to do things for them. I sighed, the sigh turning into a cough. Today was going to be an awful day; I already knew it.
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