Chapter 3

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Adaline Pov I passed my first classes easily. While others had their first lunch, I had a free period so I was available to run all the errands I needed to run, but for me to get the lunch to Gamma Kurt, I had to leave earlier. Thank goodness the teacher before the free period was a wolf and understood status levels, plus it didn’t hurt that I was getting A’s in all my classes. I arrived at school right when the bell rang, making me happy that I wouldn’t get punished. Looking through my notes, I passed a locker that requested dry cleaning to be picked up and placed the hanger into the locker vent. I slipped in the finished homework assignment for a class I wasn’t even in into another locker and made my way to the special conference room reserved for the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. Two other Omegas were standing in front of the doors holding lunch boxes as well. They gave me strange looks. “Why are you here? You’re not Kurt's special Omega? Each of them had an Omega assigned to them and Kurt's Omega was Megan.” They frowned at each other. “I wonder if she did something to piss him off and select a new one.” I shrugged as the doors opened, allowing us to step into the room. Tate and Kurt ignored us but Alarick looked up at me. He looked around me and frowned, then looked at Kurt. “What happened to your Omega girl with the greasy hair?” He asked his brother. I frowned. Of course, he wasn’t looking for Lyell. I was thinking too much about it. He was not gay and even if he was, he would be looking at the elite children of the Gamma or Beta in the pack we had an alliance with if they were males. Status mattered more than mates in this pack. The Alpha made it a known law of the pack when the rogues had killed the last Luna, Tate’s mother. “Megan? I found her asleep on my bed when she was supposed to be cleaning it. On top of that, there was lice on my pillow. I had to have everything burned and a new bedroom set up for me. Disgusting creatures these Omegas are. I hope this one knows how to bathe at least.” He glared at me with a growl. I shrank back, muttering a yes Gamma as I slowly unpacked his food for him. Alarick leaned forward and his foot brushed mine, making me jump and drop Kurt’s drink. I let out a tiny shriek, feeling the beating I was going to get. Kurt jumped up in fury, glaring at me. “Are you all incompetent? What is wrong with you Omegas? You’re worse than your parents, I swear!” I bowed my head, feeling the tears building up and threatening to spill over. I never made a mistake like this before. “Trade with me. Mine isn’t incompetent and I’m tired of looking at her. Give me some new thing to boss around.” Alarick said with a shrug as he leaned back again and drank his drink. Kurt paused and looked at his brother. Then he looked at Tate, who just shrugged. Finally, Kurt nodded. Quickly, I switched places with the other Omega where I was by Alarick’s side instead. We bowed our heads, showing we were finished. Kurt sent his new Omega off to get him another drink and me and the other one were sent away. Alarick gave me his phone number so he could contact me if he needed me. “I let the principal know you’re my Omega now. So if I need something during classes, none of the teachers are to say anything to you.” I nodded as I backed out of the room. The moment I closed the door I breathed in relief. “Why did he protect you? There’s no way he could like a lowly Omega like us.” I looked over at Tate’s Omega. She was glaring at me in jealousy. I shrugged, not wanting to fight, as I walked to the library. I had no answer for her, because I didn’t know why myself. There was no way he could like me, that would be impossible, and Lyell would kill me. I finished out the free period in the library catching up on my homework and the homework papers others requested of me. Once the bell rang, I left my things there. No one came into the library, not even the librarian most of the time, and I went to lunch. I gathered mine in a to-go bag and returned to the library only to gasp at what I saw. Tate was standing over my table and looking at my papers with interest on his face. He looked up at me and I bowed my head in respect. “Alpha Tate, can I help you with anything?” I asked politely. He frowned at me. Quickly, he pulled a handful of paper out of his bag and slapped it onto my pile. “Do this first and return it to me by tomorrow. Top priority. I’ve gotten behind and I haven’t found anyone to do my work the way I like. But I can see you’re smart, so make sure I get good grades.” He said with a growl. I bowed my head again, slightly annoyed. How could someone with such a sweet voice say such mean things? I take back what I thought earlier about him being a nice guy because he wouldn’t care if his Beta was gay. He’s just as rude as the others. He nodded and walked to the shelf in the back, looking at the new books the librarian must have added this morning. I sighed, realizing he wasn’t leaving, and took out my food. I’ll work and eat at the same time so he doesn’t yell at me. After about ten minutes, the door slammed open, and an older wolf ran in sweating. He bowed deeply to Tate, ignoring me completely. “You’re one of my father's Elite. What is wrong?” Tate asked, curiosity evident in his voice. “Alpha Tate, your father is requesting you immediately. He’s already contacted the school. Our neighboring pack that we have an alliance with, the Dark Wood pack that your first mother came from. They were attacked by rogues and taken a heavy blow. The alpha line was killed and very few members of the pack are left. Only what could escape made it here. They are requesting to join our pack and we need to delegate them into their new roles. One of them is Beta and Gamma but we already have those and we have to make them Elites instead. They’re not happy about it and your father needs extra Alpha blood to talk them down, or come up with a different solution,” the man replied. Tate nodded, following the Elite outside. He paused, turning around to look at me. “If I find out you leaked any of this information before my father wants the pack to know, I’ll personally find you and kill you myself.” I nodded, fear building inside of me making me shake. His eyes turned black as night, and I could feel his Alpha wolf shining through. He was going to make a very strong leader indeed, when his time came.
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