Chapter 2 Leviathan

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            “Rhea, pay attention.” Lilly scolded her daughter. “You barely dodged that last attack.”               “I was paying attention. I wasn’t expecting you to shoot that many flames at once.” Rhea spat back. She steadied herself and launched a swirling pool of water back towards her mother who effortlessly blocked it.               The two began a powerful dance between their elemental powers. Each colliding with the other both managing to dodge or block the other attack. Her mother launched a large flame towards her at the same moment she lost her footing and slipped. She braced herself, closing her eyes and raising her hands to block the burning flames that would soon envelope her.  Rhea sat there for a moment, but the flames never reached her. She peaked above her arms to see why. There standing in front of her was Lee, her summon. He had appeared blocking the flames and was now looking back at her.               “Are you okay?” Lee asked as he reached down and helped her up.               “Yeah, I just slipped.” Rhea admitted feeling a bit embarrassed. He smiled at her warmly and then pulled her into his arms. She blushed. She knew she shouldn’t find him so attractive, but she couldn’t help it. He was the only man who wasn’t family that was allowed to embrace her. He wasn’t someone she could have though… even though she wanted him. He was a deity and was there to protect her and help fight with her. Who knows how old he really is…even though he had the body of a twenty year old. Well, however old he was he invaded her mind with impure thoughts. She was practically drooling as she felt his hard muscles under her hands. Then all too quickly his warmth was gone as he gently pulled back away from her.               “Try to be more careful Rhea.” Lee smiled at her and then turned to face her parents who had walked over.               “Thank you for showing up when you did. I would have been so upset to have burned her.” Lilly sighed thankfully towards the deity.               “Just doing my job. You could have healed her anyways, but I thought it would be best to avoid the injury all together.” Lee grinned and looked back towards Rhea. She was biting her bottom lip looking a bit embarrassed over the whole situation.               “I think that is enough training for today.” Tyler said as he ran his hand through his hair. His baby girl was almost hurt. That was all his heart could take for one day.               “Well, my job is done here. I’ll be around.” Lee said and flashed Rhea a dazzling smile and a wink before he vanished.               Damn he was hot. What deity wasn’t attractive though? She needed to find her mate soon before Lee becomes a victim of her loneliness. Her thoughts were already taking advantage of him… Rhea took her hands and rubbed her face. Out of the gutter Rhea.               “Come on Rhea, let’s go meet your grandparents for dinner they should be home from their trip now.” Tyler said pulling her into his side. He held Rhea on one side and Lilly on the other. “Tristan! Cody! We are going to back for grub, let’s go!”                         The two bears shifted and threw a pair of shorts on that they had brought.               “Coming dad!” Cody yelled. “Come on Uncle Tristan I will race you. Let’s see if those old legs of yours can still move.”               “Pfft. Whose legs are you calling old?” Tristan smirked and fully sprinted. He laughed as he passed Cody up and stopped just ahead of Tyler. “Awe the young cub just isn’t fast enough.”               “You got a head start. Such a cheater.” Cody pouted following in step next to Lilly.               “You should know better. Tristan and your daddy always find a way to try to get the upper hand.” Lilly smiled with a shrug.               “My dear… it sounds like you are insinuating that we are cheaters?” Tyler raised his eyes and looked down towards his wife.               Lilly smiled and looked up to him. “Well look who isn’t all brawns today?” Lilly then swirled out of his arms and took off running.               “You better run faster then that if you want to escape me.” Tyler yelled and took off after her.               “What are we going to do with them…such kids.” Tristan smirked looking at Cody and Rhea. They watched Tyler catch up to Lilly and swirl her body in the air. He held her bridal style as he took off running with her back to the castle. Lilly was squealing with happiness the whole way. They always acted like this. Like they were newly in love. The truth is that was how strong their love was. It was always like new love. They burned brightly together. The two of them were a very powerful couple who were strongly bonded together.               I want that too… Someday… I really hope I have something like that. Hell… I’d be happy if it was even half of what they have together. Rhea smiled as she watched her parents disappear from her sight.               “Ray Ray you want to come fishing with me and Uncle Tristan tomorrow?” Cody asked as they approached the castle.               “I have plans with Kelsie tomorrow remember?” Rhea watched him roll his eyes and grumble under his breath.               “She always ends up getting you in trouble… maybe I should go with you. I don’t like it when you two are left alone together. Yeah, I am coming with you. I feel uneasy all of the sudden.” Cody frowned and shook his head. He didn’t like the idea of leaving Rhea alone with Kelsie.               “Cody will you relax. Go and fish with Uncle Tristan. We can be apart for a couple hours. I promise you’ll live through it.” Rhea teased and heard Tristan chuckle.               “You are so much like your mother, Rhea.” Tristan smiled at her. She was so much like Lilly. Which was a good and a bad thing. Lilly always managed to get herself in trouble at Rhea’s age.               As they walked into the dining hall they saw her parents standing next to Ethan and Alice who were standing there waving excitedly towards Cody and Rhea. “Come here kiddos.” Alice called out.               “Uh oh Pap and Grandma are up to something.” Cody smiled down at Rhea before the two quickly skipped over to them like little kids about to get a prize.               Ethan grabbed Cody in a head lock and playfully jabbed at his side, while Alice put a gentle arm around Rhea. They both watched the rough affectionate exchange.               “We got you something special. For both of you. Rhea you can’t use yours yet, but I am sure it will come into use soon.” Alice held out two small black pearl looking things. “Swallow them.”               “Say what? Umm Pap… I think Grams is losing it.” Cody leaned into Ethan and got a hard pat on the back.               “Do as she says. We were only able to get a small amount of these. We already gave some to Wyatt and Jason too.” Ethan said smiling widely.               “We gave some to your parents and have one for Tristan too.” Alice beamed proudly.               “What are they?” Rhea held the black thing up that she was supposed to just swallow.               “Here Tristan, take yours and do as you are told. Swallow it.” Alice placed one in Tristan’s hand. He examined it for a second, looked up to Tyler and then shrugged. He tossed the black pearl in his mouth and swallowed it. Rhea and Cody did the same after that.               “What was that?” Cody grimaced and shook his head.               “They were a gift we received from the cave troll. They were his fingernail clippings.” Ethan smirked looking at the green faces on Rhea and Cody.               “You both are senile… making us swallow troll fingernails…” Cody was starting to feel sick thinking about it.               “Why did I swallow a troll’s fingernail?” Tristan asked looking at Alice and Ethan.               “Because now when you shift back into your human form you will do so with clothes on.” Alice clapped excitedly.               “No s**t, really?” Cody asked excitedly.               “Cody!” Alice hissed.               “I mean… no way.” Cody gave her a wide cheesy grin. Grandma was the only one who really protested about language. It was common knowledge to watch your tongue around her.               Rhea was smiling though inwardly she was sad. It wasn’t something she could use right now and was another bitter reminder that she couldn’t shift into her wolf. She tried not to do that to herself. She wasn’t this overly jealous type of person. Really… she beat up on herself. There was something wrong with her. Why couldn’t she do what every other normal shifter could?             “So, is there anything else to eat besides troll fingernails?” Cody grinned hoping there was more for dinner. He was a growing boy after all.
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