Chapter 1 Rhea

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The hot sun warmed Rhea’s face as she laid down near the lake. The bright light flickered over her eyelids. She slowly sat up and looked out in the distance. This was her home now… here in Elysium, but she was missing Wyatt and Jason. Rhea was twenty years old… so was her twin brother Wyatt. Wyatt had transitioned into the Alpha position a year ago. Then just six months ago she moved to the fairy kingdom with her brother Cody (who was also her guardian) and with her parents Tyler and Lilly Locke (The king and queen of Elysium). Leaving Wyatt and Jason (Cody’s twin brother and Wyatt’s guardian) in the Diamond pack. It was where she grew up. Her Uncle Tristan came to Elysium too (he was her mother Lilly’s guardian). A guardian is a werebear who was given special powers by the fairy queen. They are in charge of protecting the royal fairy family and Elysium. Cody was her own special guardian. His main responsibility was to protect her. She was always being protected. Imagine growing up with three overprotective brothers, an overprotective uncle, overprotective friends, and an overprotective father. It was safe to say it… her love life was non-existent. How was Cody and Jason her brothers if they were werebears? They were her adoptive brothers. Her parents took them in when they were toddlers. They knew they were their children’s guardians. They were raised as her brothers though. From the day she was born they were always her brothers. Though Jason and Wyatt always paired up and Cody paired up with her. Guardians were very protective of their charges. She felt sad thinking about the Diamond pack and her loved ones there. Kade (who was her father’s Beta) and his mate Rosa were planning to move to Elysium too. They wanted to wait until their children were a bit older before they made the move. They had two children a boy and a girl. Sam and Susan. Sam was Wyatt’s Beta. She missed them terribly they were very close friends of hers. Same with Cedric and his mate Merida. They were also staying behind for their child, they had a daughter, Renee. She missed her too. Renee was such a sweet and quiet friend. Kade, Cedric and their mates were close friends of her parents and were practically family so that meant their kids were the same way. Thinking about them made her home sick… which she probably shouldn’t be getting since this is her home now. Her father's cousin Avery (her cousin too) and her mate Caleb were back home too. They would be staying in the Diamond pack along with their two boys, Adam and Winston. Winston and Adam were the Gamma and Delta in charge. They were a couple of goof balls and she loved them dearly. She missed her family. She sighed and stood up. Her long hair swayed in the breeze as she looked out over the lake. Her hair was a very unique color. It was like a light silver, but not like an old lady grey. It shined in the sun. Her eyes were a deep blue and her body… well she knew she was put together nicely. She wasn’t the tallest girl around, but she wasn’t a midget either. She could thank her mother and father for her good looks. Though it didn’t do her any good. No one could even look at her without risking instant death from her family. Her father Tyler was the best daddy a girl could ask for. Sure, he was overprotective, but she was his little princess, and she knew she had him wrapped around her finger. He was hopelessly devoted to her mother though. Her mother only had to barely frown, and he was there taking care of her. They had a special bond. They were soul mates and could feel each other’s pain and hear their thoughts. It was special. She hoped she had a love that was even half of what they have together. If any man would ever risk approaching her. Her mother… well she was amazing… she was not only a fairy queen but she was a doctor. She was also the previous Luna of the Diamond pack. She was strong, beautiful and brilliant… her wolf was amazing too. She was a black enormous wolf! As far as she could tell, her mother was perfect. Wyatt got his wolf at 15. His was a large gray wolf… so magnificent. His wolf was even larger than her fathers! Then there was Rhea. She was twenty years old… the daughter of the previous Luna and Alpha of the Diamond pack and she still didn’t have her wolf. She knew she was there, but it was like she couldn’t break through. She could not connect to her. She didn’t have any of her werewolf senses. Yep, that’s right. No werewolf senses so no way to find her mate. If she had a mate out there… “Rhea!” Cody called running up to her. “I told you not to leave without me.” Rhea looked back over her shoulder. Cody was resting his hands on his knees while catching his breath. He was tall and muscular. He was like a muscle builder large… most werebears were. He had dark hair and dark brown eyes. He was a very attractive guy only four years older than her. He was her very overprotective brother. He was always following her around never letting her out of his sight for very long. If he had his way, he would be sleeping with her… not in that sense though. There were no romantic feelings between them… they were siblings, remember? “You were taking too long Cody. Besides… I waited for you. I didn’t go for a walk without you.” Rhea winked at him as she heard him snort in protest. “Cody… do you miss our pack?” The truth was… Rhea was a bit bitter over leaving the Diamond pack. She wasn’t ready to move to Elysium, but she knew why they did. Her parents tried to keep things secretive, but she knew they brought her here to keep her safe from a couple demons named Abaddon and Leoric. It wasn’t fair. She wasn’t ready to be closed off from everyone. She didn’t want to leave her family. Now she was in a cage… a cage called Elysium. “Like you give me time to miss it.” Cody grinned widely then frowned a bit seeing her serious face. “I miss Wyatt and Jason. It is tough not seeing them all the time. I also miss Kade, Caleb and Cedric… I miss my friends. Just a bit though. It isn’t unbearable. I have you Rhea. You’re my home.” “You’ll never leave me? Like…ever ever?” Rhea raised an eye and smiled at him. “Sorry sis, you are stuck with me forever. I’m just like Tristan with momma. Stuck to you forever.” Cody grinned widely. “Great so she has to put up with your overprotective ass for eternity.” A voice hissed out by the lake. “Kelsie, I was waiting for you.” Rhea giggled as she watched her friend walk out of the water. Kelsie was a kelpie she shifted from a water horse to a person. Her father was Rowan a kelpie who was good friends with her parents. Naturally the two girls became fast friends too. She often visited her in the Diamond pack since she can teleport to any body of water she chose. Kelsie was beautiful. She had long black hair with light green eyes. She had a large chest and a tiny waist with a big butt. She was sort of the ideal temptress. “Man, Kelsie is coming too.” Cody whined shooting daggers at the girl. Rhea giggled. Those two were always bickering. Though secretly she thought they had a thing for each other though neither would admit it. They were both jealous and possessive over her. Neither liked to share her with… well anyone. It was the way both werebears and kelpies were… selfish…possessive and with hot tempers. There Cody and Kelsie were. Inches from each other’s faces. Yelling and arguing about who knows what now. First it was who could protect Rhea better. Then it was about how dark fairies can’t be trusted. Last thing Rhea made out was how werebears tempers were too dangerous. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black there. At this rate they might as well pitch a tent because they would never leave this spot. Rhea grinned evilly and whipped her wrist over towards the two of them drenching them in water. “Rhea!” They both whined looking at her annoyed. “Enough already!” Rhea tapped her foot towards them. Rhea was a water elemental. She also had the coolest summon ever and he often visited her. Honestly… he was a constant in her life too. He was also incredibly attractive. He had rich dark brown hair, light blue eyes and his body…ugh… it was sculpted like a god… well he was a deity. He was a class one deity. He was a water dragon… Leviathan. Though she just called him Lee or Levi. He always managed to cheer her up and she was glad he chose her to be his summoner. Rhea? Where are you at? You are supposed to join us for training… remember? Shit… Rhea heard her mother’s voice mind link in her head. She forgot that she had plans today. Rhea could only mind link with a few people… well it was more of a fairy mind link since she couldn't use her wolf …yet. I’m coming mom. Be there soon. “I have to go. I forgot I have training with mom and dad today.” Rhea sighed. “I guess that mean Uncle Tristan and I have practice today too.” Cody grinned getting excited to fight with his uncle. They always got their practice in too during her training sessions. “Sorry Kelsie… I guess we will catch up tomorrow… don’t forget our plans.” Rhea gave her a quick wink. “I remember. I’ll see you there Rhea.” Rhea and Cody raced up to the large field where her parents and Tristan were waiting. Even though Rhea never got her wolf their parents insisted on her training just like any werewolf warrior would. They knew there was still a lot of dangers out there and a large battle that they were still destined to face. “Rhea…” Tyler looked down at her in irritation his massive arms were folded across his chest with a small frown on his lips. “Sorry daddy. I forgot.” Rhea gave her daddy her deep blue puppy dog eyes. She knew he couldn’t stay mad at her. She walked up to him and smiled as he wrapped an arm around her. Daddy was the easy one. “It is important not to miss training Rhea. This will help keep you sharp and hopefully help you gain your wolf.” Her mother scolded. “I’m sorry.” Rhea pouted in her daddy’s arms. She felt his comforting arm on her as she heard her mother sigh. There was nothing she could do against her mother. No puppy dog eyes… nothing. Her mother never fell for the sympathy card. “Come on Cody. Let’s leave these pups alone and see what you’ve got.” Tristan walked over to the far side of the field with Cody where they both shifted in their werebear forms. “Alright, let’s not waste any more time.” Lilly shook her head smiling. Tyler was asking her to let it go and to be easy on Rhea. Honestly, what was she going to do with the both of them. Rhea would be lying if she said she didn’t feel a bit jealous. She wanted to be able to shift into her animal as well. How was it that she still hadn’t gotten her wolf? The constant training was to help her draw her wolf out but it never helped. Her mother could probably release her wolf for her and offered to try but Rhea refused. She wanted to do it herself. So instead, she had landed herself into vigorous training sessions…yippee. “Alright Rhea, today we are going to fine tune those elemental skills. Remember you go all out against me. I can heal and I can heal you if you get hurt.” Lilly’s healing powers had come a long way over the years. She could now heal others which was a good thing since Rhea couldn’t heal without her wolf and she hadn’t learned to with her fairy powers. - -
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