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The Fairy’s Forbidden Mate              His hand trails up her stomach. Tracing over her delicate skin. She leans her head back into him extending her neck as an invitation. An invitation that he didn’t need repeated twice. With tantalizing slow movements, his head lowers to her neck. Letting his tongue flick over her skin. He begins to nip and tug on her sensitive skin, creating little love bites on her neckline. She gasps at his touch, rolling her body into his. Her need increasing with his pleasurable touches. He couldn’t deny her what she wanted even if he wanted to. He traced his hand lower, gripping the small fabric hugging her hips. The tiny piece of silk that covered her treasure. She rolled into him again, begging for him to continue. She needed him and his need was rising with hers. She was a temptress. The way she breathed as he kissed her was enough for him to lose himself. Her soft moans were made just for him. He craved her smell. It was his own erotic drug that he couldn’t get enough of.             He backed her up and toppled down on top of her the moment they reached the bed. Their eyes both were burning with passion and need. He wanted her… no… he needed her. This was as far as it would go though. This was as far as his mind would travel.             These were the thoughts he played in his mind of the girl that wasn’t his. She might not be his, but that didn’t stop him from thinking about her. It didn’t stop him from wanting her.             He walked over and splashed cold water over his face. He was not sure how much longer he could control himself. It was getting harder and harder. He wanted to feel her body against his. He wanted to embrace her at night. He wanted to be the one she wanted. The one to satisfy her needs. The possessiveness was getting worse too. She wasn’t his… but his mind claimed her as his.               The way she laughed… her simple smile… her kind nature… her strong will. He loved it all. He loved her. Damn… did he love her. It was against the rules. He didn’t care. He wanted her. She captivated him. The moment he saw her he knew. Knew she belonged to him. Oh, how he wanted her. He wanted to just take her for himself. He couldn’t do that to her though. Before he knew it, he had fallen in love with her. She deserved better than that. He would wait. Wait for her to see him too. He would wait for her heart to want him. He would allow his heart to break if she didn’t choose him. Her happiness was more important.               He knew he was losing his self-control. Damn. Did she have any feelings for him? Maybe he needed to tell her. Maybe he should let her know that she had captivated him, and his life was hers if she wanted it. Would she be receptive to him? Could she possibly love him too?               “What the hell is wrong with me?!” He shouted into the silence of his mind. He pounded his fist into the wall. Since when did he deny himself of what he wanted? Since when was he afraid to claim what he wanted? He never worried about women… they all wanted him. Yet, he was terrified of asking her if she did.               She was young. He wanted to give her some time to figure things out about herself. Time for her to know what she wanted.  He wanted her to choose him because she wanted him. He wanted it to be her choice. She was so beautiful. Other men noticed her as well. This is what made it even harder to wait. He wanted to kill any man whose eyes lingered longer than they should have.               He paced about the room as he fought with himself. His self-control was fading fast. He was a man after all. He had needs. These needs could only be satisfied by her. He rested his head in his hands and chuckled to himself. Look at me. Look at the mess I have become. I’m an embarrassment. I am crumbling over a woman. But damn… what a woman to crumble over.             If she only knew the effect, she had on him… If she knew that with a word from her, he would give her everything.  If her sapphire eyes would only look his way, he would be the happiest male to ever exist. Her existence had ruined him and gave him a purpose for living all at the same time.                         Those lips… her pink luscious plump lips. They played on his mind. What he would give to capture them with his own. To sear them with his heat. To lick them and taste them with his tongue.               He was so frustrated. Mentally. Physically. Damn it. Please want me. He internally begged. He couldn’t take it anymore. He could see that she was in distress. She never wanted his help. She wanted to take care of problems on her own. She wanted to prove her strength. This didn’t matter to him though. She didn’t know it, but she was his to protect. He wouldn’t let anyone hurt her. He knew she wouldn’t like it, but he was going to make sure she was safe. Always.               I love her. I can’t keep waiting. I need to know. I need to know if there is any part of her that thinks of me that way. His chest was hurting. How could he love her so much? How much can he endure?               Today he will be damned. Today he breaks the rules. Today he will embrace her. He will tell her how he feels and pray that she reciprocates his feelings. And even if it is only once. Today he will capture her lips with his own. He will pour everything in his kiss leaving her breathless…and hopefully wanting more. - -
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