Chapter Two:

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Viola’s POV: I stand up from the loveseat and walk towards the open window, reaching towards the lever to pull it closed. The chilly air is becoming a little much for me, even with the warm fire. My wolf is even shivering in my mind. “I don’t see what the fuss about winter is.” I mumble to myself and pull at the ornate metal. I swing the glass towards me and lock it in, my eyes gazing over the bush of Lavender in front of me, noticing the way the purple blosoms are shrinking into themselves, as if they too feel cold.I then continue my gaze up along the whitened cobble stones, along the edges of the trimmed roses and sideways towards a man. Wait, a man? “I wonder what someone is doing in the gardens so late in the hour.” I mumble again, c*****g my head to the side to get a closer view. The man is tall, so tall in fact, that he could be two of me! My eyes wonder along the details of his edges, taking in the way his arms flex and his thighs press against the blue shorts he is wearing. “Shorts in this weather?” I huff out and roll my eyes. I continue my stares, lingering a bit too long on the way his backside forms a tight, luscious edge across his shorts, up towards the muscles of his spine and to the thick, shaggy mop of not so brown, but not so blonde hair that sits in curls. This man is the walking definition of health, with his lean physique, toned muscles and fit stance. I wonder who he is? The stranger’s sudden movements break me out of my gaze and I watch as he continues his jog along the cobbled pathway to the clinic. Maybe he is a family member visiting? Never the less, he provided enough entertainment to get me out of my depressive haze and I think I am ready for bed, besides, tomorrow I am performing a rather complicated surgery on a pup and I am supposed to meet my new, assistant doctor bright and early. Quickly pulling at the curtains, I reach my bed and climb under the plush covers, pulling them close to my neck to block out the cold. I can’t believe that man was in short pants… Was the last thought in my mind before diving into darkness. Mitch’s POV: I can hear the birds begin their morning song in the tree outside my bedroom and a smile creeps on my face. Time for a new day. I open my eyes and pull the sheets off my legs. I have never been one to make a fuss of mornings, but I can feel the cracks and pulls of my muscles, as I make my way out of bed. “Told you that the run last night was a bad idea.” My wolf, Blade chuckles in my mind, making me roll my eyes in jest. I haven’t missed an evening jog in a very long and just because I am new here, doesn’t mean I plan on missing them now. Mainland is only just getting cooler and offers the most stunning, fresh, evening breeze, compared to the icy wind of the North. The North, is where I was born and where I was living happily, until it became riddled with the Royal Guard. The aftermath of the Were-Trafficking, was the beginning of the end for any decent wolf on that side of the Kingdom and the continuous raids, unending politics and general environment was enough to have me looking for work elsewhere. I love home, but I think I could get used to the warmer air on this side. I catch a warm shower and pull on my blue scrubs and white coat, whilst entertaining myself in my own thoughts. I better get moving and get there before my boss. “They say she is strict.” Blade mentions in my mind. I quickly grab the last of my essentials and rush out the door, pacing in long strides towards the Long-Term Stay Clinic. I have never met the she-wolf who runs this clinic. I know her name is Viola and that she comes with a very long list of skills in the medical profession. Other than her skills, her clinic was a gift from the King and Queen, so I am sure it must be really renowned. I reach the Palace and stare at the ornate, bright walls, that spread far beyond the eyes reach. I ran past these bushes yesterday evening, but the darkness didn’t offer me a proper view of the grounds. I notice the Royal Guard standing in front of the entrance and make my way to them. “Good morning, sir and my lady. I am expected in the long term clinic.” I say, looking between both wolves. They are wearing red armor that is embellished with the Royal symbols and crests. “Name?” the female guard asks. I quickly reach into my pocket for the piece of paper. “It says here that I should ask for Viola. My name is Mitch and I am one of the new doctors.” I reply, rattling off any information to get myself in. I am not sure why I feel a bit nervous in front of them. I guess, just knowing I am on Royal territory has me and my wolf feeling on edge. The Royal Guard appear satisfied with my answer and open the large doors, letting me go through. “Continue left. When you see the blue door, go through it and you will see the entrance to the clinic.” The male guard rattles and then closes the door, before I can reply. “Friendly bunch.” My wolf huffs, making me laugh at his sarcastic comment. I make my way through the long hallways of the Palace and finally find the blue door, after what felt like minutes of awkward wandering. I enter through the door, letting them swing behind me and eventually find my way into the clinic. I am not sure what I was expecting when I got a job at the Palace Clinic, but nothing prepared me for what I see when I enter. The floors and walls are a soft, egg-shell white and hanging on each vertical surface are framed newspaper clippings, framed children’s artwork and photographs of wolves. I notice one of King Xavier and Queen Flora with a group of what looks like their friends. Anyone who see’s this picture would notice how carefree and normal the royals look, compared to their usual, regal composure on visits across the Kingdom. My eyes scan over the rest of the frames where pictures of pups, mothers, fathers, elderly and families are sharing in family moments. All these pictures adding such a loving and warm atmosphere to the entrance of what can be a daunting place. I look through a couple more pictures and my eyes zone in on one face, who features in many of them. Her hair is cut into a straight, strawberry-blonde bob, but her green eyes are enough to have any male wolf panting. She is in a lot of pictures, I wonder who she is? “Mr. Mitch?” a gruff voice comes from behind me and I turn around to see a chubby looking man. “Yes. Just Mitch, it’s really great to meet you, Mr.?” I respond, shaking the man’s hand. “Jeff. I am a nurse here. We have been expecting you. Come grab a cup of coffee with us in the staff kitchen before boss arrives.” Jeff remarks and I smile and nod. We make our way through the clinic and I notice the pristine cleanliness and state of the art equipment. With this amount of resources and space, it’s going to be a breeze working here. I enter into the kitchen and everyone begins their assault on my hand. I am bombarded with questions about who I am, what I do and why I decided to come to Mainland. “Yeah, it was pretty bad when King Xavier took the Royal Guard to the Northern Territory to save Queen Flora. They say that she…” A pretty, red-haired she-wolf remarks, before the room goes still. I frown and notice everyone is facing the doorway. I turn and feel the air knocked out of my lungs. It is the girl from the photographs, only she is even more magnificent in person. Her frame is petit, almost as if I could fit her under my shoulder and her face has a girl-next-door look to it. She is sporting a shoulder-length bob and her lips are blushed and pointy. The scrubs pull at all the right places of her body and she looks lean. All of her is great, but nothing compared to her green eyes. She almost looks like that Human Realm actress, Amanda Seyfriend. I hear a lot of rattling and mumbling around me, but I don’t hear a word that is said. All I see next, is this beauty coming nearer to me. “I thought you said no distractions at this job.” Blade, my wolf chips in and knocks me out of my haze, just in time to realize the she-wolf is speaking to me. “Mitch, it is such a delight to have you here. Welcome to the team!” the she-wolf says and I smile. I can see her cheeks are a bit pink, making her look utterly adorable. I wonder why she is blushing? “Thank you so much. I really look forward to working in this clinic.” I reply, grabbing her soft hand and giving it a shake. I want to ask her for her name, but a large, powerful looking male comes in and interrupts us. I see him look at me, his eyes moving up and down with a stoned expression before looking at the she-wolf. “Viola, where have you been? Melody says you aren’t returning any of her text messages and we are worried about you.” The man booms at her and I can see the girl, Viola, flinch and avoid his eye contact. “Sam, I…” she begins to reply to the man. “No, Viola. I know you are busy running the clinic, but that isn’t an excuse to avoid your friends. What about me? I am your brother!” he booms again at her and I almost want to interject. I can see the sadness pulsating off of the she-wolf and I just want to grab her into a hug and protect her. The name Viola, really rings a bell in my head and it takes me a couple seconds to realize that this beautiful she-wolf in front of me, who I have been ogling and lusting over, is my boss! My eyes go wide at this realization and I decide to not sit and eaves-drop on a clearly, very intimate conversation. I wish that guy could have pulled her aside instead of speaking to her like that in front of others! I decide to walk out the kitchen and get settled in my new office. It’s not the biggest space, but most my work is in the surgery room, so it will do. I’m busy unpacking my boxes of files when I hear the door open. I turn and see Viola standing in the archway, her eyes still doing things to my member. “I am sorry about that, Mitch. I am Viola and you and I will be partners here.” Viola says, her voice determined, but her eyes showing flashes of emptiness. The glints of sadness swirl in hypnotic green swirls and all I want is to pull her into my embrace. “Beautiful…” I mumble out loud, looking at her in her eyes. She is just so stunning and smart too, apparently. “E-excuse me?” she tilts her head and blushes. I snap out of my haze and chuckle. “I’m sorry. The clinic is beautiful. I have never seen such modern, medical equipment before and the wall at the entrance gives the place a really homely vibe.” I reply, trying to cover up my actual thoughts. I can see my response have made Viola happy and my heart thunders in my chest. “Yes, I place a lot of value on family and friends. In fact, family and friends are at the heart of this clinic. This is why we need you. You are expert at family health, rare diseases and delivering multiple births. This is an uncommon skill to have and we are thrilled to have someone who can add to our team.” Viola responds and I smile. We continue our conversation, her explaining my work hours, lunch-breaks, how my leave days work and she gives me a full tour of the spaces I will be working in. I still can’t believe I managed to get this job. “And lastly, we take work very seriously in this clinic. Really, no bringing private lives into this clinic and absolutely no distractions. In this clinic, the patients come first, always.” Viola says, before leaving me back at my office door. I watch the way her round mounds jiggle in her pants and I can’t help but groan and chuckle. That she-wolf is just something out of a fantasy. Brains and Body. I wonder if her personality matches? “Didn’t you hear her? No distractions!” My wolf, Blade, pipes up in my head. There is a moment of silence before we both laugh out loud. Oh, Viola, you’re most definitely going to be a distraction for me.
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