Matters of the Heart: Kyle and Viola

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After being stuck with his ex-mate in a loveless relationship and after all her illegal involvements, Kyle makes the choice to reject the bond, but this leaves him with an emptiness and depression that takes over his happiness. He decides to move with his father to the Western Territory to help with important medical research. On the day he departs for his new, fresh start, Kyle uncovers that the beautiful and caring she-wolf, Viola is his mate, but before she can realise, he makes the choice to leave her behind in order to fix himself and be a better mate, making the promise to come back for her oneday.

Viola, opens the new medical wing and all in her life has exciting prospects, except she can't shake the fact that her mate left her. She knows it has to be someone from the old clinic who left for medical research and waits patiently. What happens when days roll into months and he still doesnt come back for her? Thinking he has forgotten about her, or worse, died, Viola looks to her assistant doctor, Mitch, for comfort. She finds a glimmer of happiness, but at what cost to her wolf?

The royal wedding and annual Winter Ball is soon and everyone is excited to see Kyle. What will happen when Viola comes to realise it was her dearest friend who is her mate and that he left her on her birthday? On top of that, he hasn't replied to a message from her in several months and their friendship isn't what it used to be. How will Kyle react to Mitch and Viola?

Trilogy Order:

1)Matters of the Heart: Xavier and Flora

2)Matters of the Heart:Kyle and Viola

3)Matters of the Heart:Mitch and Gabriella

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Chapter One:
It was evening time in Mainland of the Werewolf Kingdom and the soft breeze from the North was making its way through the pine trees, causing a delicate and chilly breeze to touch every crevise of land. Most wolves basked in the cooler, winter air and couldn’t wait for the first drops of icy snow to glitter the Palace Gardens and reach the tops of the mountains. This was always a time of great adventure in the Kingdom, as lakes would freeze over, making space for the annual Winter Ball, hosted by the Palace. In the times of chill sunlight, the children would spend hours of their day whisking on the skates in laughter, whilst parents cuddled in amusement. Even more exciting than this, was the fact that every wolf in Mainland, became increasingly aware that in just over six months, as the ice melts over, the King and Queen would be having their Royal Wedding and Goddess knows how much the people love a good party. It will be the last winter of warm cups of cocoa, cuddling up at the campfire and snuggling into large coats, before the Kingdom will have an heir. As winter seeps into the land, so warmth embraces most wolves hearts, as most see this season with eyes of comfort and family-time. Viola’s POV: The whole kingdom moved with a warm comfort that tingled of happiness. Sam has bought a new place in Mainland, away from the Palace, so that he and Melody could enjoy their private time together. I thought that maybe they were trying for a pup, but Melody isn't ready to give up her and Sam's honeymoon phase yet. Flora was always traveling about with Xavier, as they had duties to attend to. When they weren't attending meetings, hosting charity events or visiting smaller packs, they were home and locked up in their private courters and nobody would see them for days. Weekly, though, I would get invited to some sort of luncheon, breakfast, movie-night dinner, girls night or champagne hour with the usual group of friends. I appreciated their efforts with me, but they were in couples and I felt like I was continously holding a candle. And Kyle…. I shut the thought. I sit on the purple loveseat in my room, staring at the flames with glistening eyes. My fluffy, pink pajamas look a shade duller than the day of my eighteenth birthday. It feels like it’s been years since then. I think back to that day and get up to go to my vanity. I stretch my hand into the little drawer and pull out the note that was left for me on the mirror. Without even opening it, I walk back to the fire and drop it in, watching the orange embers eat away at the delicate font. Watching the note disappear into the black ash makes my heart squeeze and I let out a silent sob. “Mate…” My wolf, Ely coughs out in quiet sickness. No Ely, no mate. It’s been four months since the day he left the note and he has never come back. Leaving your mate for that long is unheard of amongst wolves, so I am entirely sure, that he has either joined our Moon Goddess, or he has rejected the bond. The sad reality is that I will never know which one it is, as I never got to feel the bond. I use the edge of my sleeve to wipe the fallen tears on my cheeks. I remember the first few weeks after finding out I have a mate. I was overjoyed and even understanding of the whole situation, thinking it won’t be too long. I remember telling myself, that he must have good reason to have left. It didn’t take me long to figure out that my mate must be one of the members of the medical team who went to the Western Territory with Doctor White and Kyle. I was absolutely elated to realize that he and I would share similar passions and could spend our days together. I even decided that he can help me run my clinic. Of course, I set out to get all the names of the male wolves that left that day and waited in anticipation for him to come back. As days dragged on and a new male wolf would return from their trip to the West, I would wait on the clinic steps in nervous excitement. Some wolves were a bit disturbed by my anticipation for their return and my constant blabbing, as they got out their transport. The longer time went on, the more excitable I became with their returns. I suppose I did seem a bit like a stalker, but my wolf had an urgency and desperation to find out who the wolf was that would complete our soul. I roll my eyes and laugh at my own thoughts. My hope became more and more depleted with each week that passed by and with each wolf that returned, I started becoming more despondent. Eventually, two weeks ago, the last of the men in the medical team arrived back and any sort of hope I had left, became shattered. I remember running back to my room and bursting into tears that day. All I wished for then was for one of those big, bear hugs from Kyle. I feel my eyes water up again thinking about Kyle. What went so wrong? A few days ago, in the garden, my wolf chimed up about the fact that Kyle is also in the medical team that left on my birthday and my veins bubbled in so much joy at this epiphany, that I phoned Kyle on the spot. I remember him laughing when I squealed into the phone about missing him immensely and I could feel myself become comforted at his voice, so I really thought in the moment that my wolf may be right. I let the conversation go on for a bit, but eventually I was a bundle of nerves and couldn’t help myself. (Flashback to Phone Call) Awkward silence. “Um, Kyle?” I ask, trying to not let him hear the slight quiver in my voice. “Yes, Viola?” Kyle answers and I can hear the smile in his voice, making my heart jolt. “On my birthday my mate left me a note..” I begin, hoping he would jump in, but he doesn’t. I wait for a bit, but the radio silence makes me feel ill. “He said he would come back for me one day. I really thought it would be someone in the medical team from Mainland. You know, it would have made sense, because that would be why he had to go that day and wouldn’t stay for me.” I continue, trying my best to elicit some sort of reaction from him on my story, but I get nothing from him apart from a very loud breath. Did he just let out a large breath? “Anyway, they have all come back, so its none of them. I was pretty shaken up about it, but just now Ely, my wolf, rememebred you’re also in the Western Territory..” I carry on mumbling. “Viola.” Kyle says, but I carry on. If I don’t ask him now, I never will! “Are you my mate, Kyle?” I ask finally. My heart is thumping. “W-what, Viola?” Kyle sounds pretty shaky and I frown. “Kyle, could you not here me? I asked if you’re my mate. It’s the only thing that would make sense and it’s also the last option I have, Kyle.” I say again, hoping he could hear me better this time. I smile into the phone and I can hear my wolf yipping in my head. I’d be a little angry that Kyle left without me, but I have always understood that he needs time to get over Pippa, so I would have accepted it. The silence brings me out of my thoughts. Can he not hear me? “Kyle, can you hear me?” I ask again, lifting the speaker to my lips, as if this would help him hear better. “Yes, Viola. I heard you.” He sighs That’s weird. “Well?” I ask again. He must think I am so whiny. “I am so- Viola, I am so sorry.” Kyles voice becomes shaky and his breathing staggered. “I am sure you will meet your mate, one day.” He says again, but I hear his voice crack. I go in to answer him, but the call cuts and I am left in the garden feeling more empty and alone than ever. (End of Flashback) Ever since that phone call, days ago, I haven’t heard from Kyle. He does not respond to my messages and our scheduled evening calls have become radio silence. I don’t know what I did that caused my best, best friend to stop speaking to me. Was he upset that I thought he was my mate? I know I’m not the most attractive she-wolf in the Kingdom and I wear ugly scrubs most of the day, but I really don’t think I am so disgusting, that my best friend would be offended at the idea of being with me. I hear Ely whimper softly in my head. Another strange this, is that for the past few days, I have become weaker. It started off as weird muscle weakness and fatigue, but it gets worse every morning when I wake. I’ve put it down to stress about my mate and Kyle. The truth is, I’ve never felt more alone in my own home before and I feel so tired all the time!

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