Queens death

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JuriEp2 The plague turned the kingdom of Veelus to ashes. No trace of the kingdom can be seen. King Drygo, General Batton, Juri, Princess Meca vanished with the rest of the Veelurian army. Meanwhile Drifus went to Heendus to out throne the queen, and made himself the new god and king for the three kingdom, to set free the hunters, criminals, and dark magic users. "Make way for the new god and king of Heendus fortress. King Drifus, the god of revenge and distraction." One of his servant made a brief announcement, and while Drifus is walking through the aisle towards the throne, someone went over him begging on her knees. "My lord where is my son Junno?" Asked the pity dethroned queen. I thought he made it clear to you." Said the new king. "My lord, you said that you are going to help my son to have his revenge against the king of the Veelurian." The queen continued: "What did you do to my son!" Drifus felt disrespected, so he grab the queen upward and Said. "I granted his wish futile queen, and in return he had to give his soul to me." Explained the Verte.   The queen did not hold on to her poise and attempted to slap the Verte. Drifus got pissed off and turned the queen to ashes slowly while whining about Junno. "Now that the drama is done. Who is your god and king now?" Shouted the Verte. And everyone in the palace chanted his name. "Drifus! Drifus! Drifus!" Now that the kingdom that defend against the evil is gone, what kind of faith the planet Alnym could've be?   Out to short memory. Juri wake up under a shade of a huge tree somewhere unknown place and time. "Where am i?" Juri asked while trying to look around for some else. Then suddenly a shining spirit from the sky went in front of him. This time, a bearded man show up wearing a shining golden armor then at one snap it changes to a casual wardrobe. "You are in my place Juri." Said the battlegod. "Who are you? Are you the king of the battlegods? Vinu?" Asked Juri to the battlegod. "My father wanted me to meet you here Juri." "Father?" Juri started to get confuse. "Yes. You heard it right. I am Algus son of Vinu i am the first born battlegod of the king of the battlegods. I am the god of life and reincarnation." Said the battlegod. "And what brought me here?" Asked Juri who doesn't seem to realize what happen to him and his kingdom. So Algus touched his forehead and Juri started to flashback the apocalypse. Juri fell down to his knees and started crying, the mix of emotion turned his legs to jelly.   Still can't contemplate the whole situation, Juri asked for the others. When he heard Algus reply, he got more confused. "They're all asleep Juri, asleep to death." Said Algus. "What do you mean asleep? Algus I saw them died in front of me." Replied Juri. "Yes. You've seen them died. But before Drifus came in your kingdom all of the four kingdom was under an extremely powerful Magnus spell that will turn you into ashes. A certain Magnus spell he stole from the other gods. The truth is, it’s not literally turning you into ashes. It would make you believe you are turning into ashes and die, but it would only make you fall deeply asleep. Forever. Which isn't different from dying." Said Algus. "But can anyone reversed it?" Asked Juri "Unfortunately its irreversible, even Drifus death can't mend it, and no other god that can mend it, even if they unite their powers, it’s a Magnus magic. Powerful among other magic." Juri shortly stop for a moment. "How am i not paralyze to sleep then?" Asked Juri. "Juri you had been killed literally, if you can refresh your memory." Juri just lost his mood. "There's no other way that i could help at least?" Juri request. "Actually I’m glad you asked Juri. My father wants me to reincarnate you, and bring you back to the four lands, a year before the apocalypse. You have to stop Junno from having a great deal from Drifus." Said the battlegod. "How can i....." Before Juri could finish, Algus brought Juri to a different dimensions, and showed him the king and the rest of the Veelurian army including the princess, and his father.   It was the perfect moment to show and confess his true feelings to the princess. And told his father how lucky he is to be his son. After all the feelings unveiled, being said Juri then accept the battlegods proposition. "I am ready lord Algus. Take me a year before the apocalypse." Said Juri. "Very well, but before i turn you back. There are only reminders that i need to discuss." "Is that a lot?" Juri asked. "Nope. Just a couple of reminders only." "What?" "First is you are not allowed to discuss about this." "And the second?" Asked Juri. "Lastly, hmm. Just basically don't die for you have only one shot for this. Okay?" Said Algus. "Alright do it."   Juri was reincarnated back to life. Exactly the same time a cluster of clouds secluded the entire Veelus kingdom, Juri wake up to his senses bearing what future holds. Wearing nothing on his upper chiseled body, Juri figured he was back a year before the apocalypse. He touched his face, hair, hands, and stretched his palms.   To his overwhelming reaction without remembering what Algus told him, Juri went to see his father. What Juri could remember in the apocalypse is when he died after princess Meca, then he saw his father begging for Juri's life towards Drifus. He was just a meter away to his father, and when he was about to confess what lies in the future. Juri was recalled by one battlegod, Algus fused his spiritual persona to his father general Batton and manipulated his human body. "Father you won’t believe what i have dreamed about, as if it was true." Said the confused Juri. "Yes its true Juri." Replied the general without Juri knowing its Algus who uses his father’s human body. "How do you know father." This time Juri looked closely to his father’s eyes that shines bright. "Because i told you so, Juri. And i told you not to disclose this to anyone, even to your father." Algus reminded Juri. "Algus?" How could this be true? I thought it was just a dream." Said Juri. "Juri what happen in your so called dream is true. Reincarnating you is true. The apocalypse is true. And there's seven battlegods who raised their hands on you to save the four kingdom against Drifus." Said Algus adding: "Look. Alright i know this may sound crazy to you right now, but it'll come to you in a due time." Explained the God of life and reincarnation. "Yeah. It really sounds crazy." Juri said. "Guess what’s crazier. Someone who serve a significant role in the kingdom will die tonight. Your time commenced Juri. You have to search for Junno and stop him in awakening the Verte." Algus vanished general Batton's human body, then brought back his senses. "Juri? What happen? What are doing here son?" Asked general Batton whose back on his senses. "Nothing father." Juri reply. "Then go clean yourself and be ready for the Magasca (victory celebration)" General Batton extend his arm across Juri's shoulder and said: "Son, i hope to see you in the ritual fight later in Magasca. Alright? Honor for family is honor for the kingdom. Remember that son." As general Batton deserted the place. Juri left as well to prepare for the most awaiting event in the kingdom.   Magasca is only being held after a successional war. The main event is the ritual fight. This is to show how strong the kingdom in protecting its wall against the enemy. This is also to honor Vinu, the god of all the gods. Tonight the kingdom will be busy for the occasion. Food and wine are all set. People are chanting to honor the kingdom as loud as they can, so that Vinu can hear them. Juri came early. He was wearing a traditional Veelurian wardrobe, neat and plain. He was of the thought Algus told him when Princess Meca grab his arm and pull him over. "Looking good. Ready for the ritual fight?" Juri didn't answer her question right away, he was staring at her sternly. "It looks so real. In my dream you were....." Juri did not continue to say what he saw in the forth comings. "What looks so real? Juri?" Asked princess Meca. When Juri retrieve his senses. "Ahm nothing. I mean its real joy to see you beautiful tonight." Juri diverted her attention. "Really? Thanks." Meca suddenly felt shy then contain herself. "Anyway. Ahm have you seen the new guys in the competition tonight? They look incredibly strong. I wonder where they came from." Asked princess Meca. "I don't know my princess." Juri answered. "Well anyway. Ceremony is about to start. I gotta go. I'll see you after the fight Goodluck!" Juri nodded.   The king called upon the royal family to officially start the Magasca. After the ceremony. People were dancing, smell of wine and roasted meat lingers the palace. Finally the ritual fight begun, few fight had pass but Juri didn't seem to be present. Princess Meca move her head around to see Juri, however he's not around the arena. Number of rounds were done and the best fighters were left. The King asked the general as to where is Juri. But the king didn't hear anything about him. The king didn't bother to find Juri anymore for he think he might be in the process of his rest from the long battle, king Drygo could understand.   But the last man standing left on the arena had the audacity to demand a fight against the strongest Veelurian warrior. At his young age Juri had never turned his back on the arena. He holds the record for being undefeated. The winner of the competition felt embarrassed for treating his invite to a no show then he start shouting Juri's name. "Juri Vangard i dare you to fight me to see who the greatest fighter of all time is. I'm gonna crush you to the ground until no one will cry for your name. Yeah! You must be hiding in your mother's skirt like an infant." The last man standing insulted Juri in front on many audience.   Meanwhile general Batton just made a savage smile and said: "Oh boy. You just made the worst decision of your life." A little while the whole arena heard a shaking sound that slowly creeps everyone inside the dome, it slowly shake the ground. Then Juri induced his Ryko (spiritual power) it shivers to the nerve to anyone he wants. It feels like a pounding sensation from head to toe. And then Juri showed up, jumped over the battle arena effortlessly. His presence made everyone ecstatic. Everyone inside the arena shouted Juri's name. The king ceased his people and made a way to start the fight. The king prohibited both of them in using their Ryko. "You should have just hide yourself somewhere Juri." The huge man is greeting his teeth and about to attack Juri. On the other hand Juri move is eyes in agility, watches his opponent’s reflexes to his reckless move. The man hold to swing his axe on his left and about to release a hard twist swing of his axe, but it looks so slow in the eyes of Juri, he even touches the tip of the axe's blade before he dock low and slipped across to find the opponent ankle string. Juri cut one vein quickly, the opponent didn't even notice it. It started to shake his knees. Before the opponent could turn around, Juri throw and elbow punch to his face and broke two of the opponent's teeth. On his knees Juri kicked the opponent right leg to lose up his balance, as hard as he can Juri broke the bone on his Achilles. The opponent is now on his knees. Juri followed a forward kick to his face that brought the opponent to faint and pass out. "Still undefeated. The winner of the competition. JURI VANGARD!" The crowd is shouting his name.   Juri went off the Arena. "That was quick. Where have you been earlier? Almost everyone is looking for you." Said princess Meca who approach him after the fight. "I was just hanging around." The princess know he's lying but she cast it aside. "So, that big guy really got you come out." Said the princess. "Well, i have no choice. It will be a shame for the king if i wouldn't come out." Juri trying hard to conceal his agony.   The occasion is about to end and the king wanted to gather everyone, for the kingdom to show its gratitude for every warrior who served and fight, all to more for those who shade their lives to save and maintain the peace and security.   Princess Meca got back to the king to support him including her mother Queen Shareena. While the king is giving his words to his people, he move closer to his wife and queen Shareena for her support. When the king got closer, he hold her hand and share his thought about how lucky he is to be his king. Everything is a little bit emotional, from the victory to the kings’ gratefulness to have his family safe. It seems so unreal. For one man step up in a black hood pull off three arrow, and the three of them embed to the queen's back pointing the vital part. The queen even manage to say something quietly, then blood started to flow on the kings arms. The king grabbed the queen and put her at ease. Juri saw the assassin, he grabbed a sharp spear and throw it to the hostile that hit on the right shoulder. The king went wild, he transform himself to a battlegod form, a golden shining battle armor, unleashed his Ryko in full power to pound the assassin, but the assassin is quite strong, he was able to lift the kings Ryko power. Ready to attack the assassin, he almost got him, but it vanished into nothing.   Part of a Magnus Magic is to vanish a place and jump to another place using your mind power. Magnus Magic started in Heendus, so everyone had a hint that the assassin who killed the queen could be Heendurian. The king had nothing to do but to transform himself back to human attribute. King Drygo made a loud cry to Vinu, asking why the god of the gods let this happen. The princess is in shock of this tragic event. The Magasca that supposed to be an event for celebration turned to horrific mourn.      
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