Veelurians Kingdom of the Battlegods Warrior

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After sacrificing his life for the kingdom and for his loved ones. Juri was reincarnated by the battlegods to redeem the kingdom's solidarity. Juri will be back to life a year before the commencement of the apocalypse performed by a Raven God, Drifus. During his Quest to Heendus, He will develop new ability and power. Even able to activate a form of a Battlegod. He will be accompanied by the Princess of their kingdom unannounced. He will encounter strong and indestructible Magnus magic, and Ryko users. At the end he will meet an unlikely allies that would help him destroyed the Raven gods.

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Veelurians kingdom of the battlegods warrior
JuriEp1 Standing on the most precarious edge of the planet, the Kingdom of Veelus is one of the four kingdom of planet Alnym. Every offspring in the kingdom is raised to be a warrior and soon to wield a battle armor ring. A battle armor ring is bestowed and acquired, only when a warrior attain and passed the test given by the battlegods. Battlegods are the gods who created the four kingdom, and every kingdom has an entity of its territory. The kingdom of Veelus is the kingdom of armor and protection. They serve and fight for their kingdom, and for the other three. The kingdom of Meedus is the kingdom of harvest and merchant. Kingdom of Lynu is the kingdom of wisdom and knowledge. The fourth kingdom holds to be the most dangerous kingdom of all four. Heendus is the kingdom of trading’s and known to harness a black magic. Criminals, and traders are known to scavenge the kingdom. Veelus army is overseen and stationed to protect the people of heendus. The king of Veelus mandated his army to apprehend every hostiles who proved to exercise dangerous magic. The people of Veelus is called the Veelurians. Every Veelurian army wield a ring that possess a power that has the ability to turn themselves to a battle warrior, which emits a battlegods form. Battlegods are the warrior gods, and Vinu is believed to be the most powerful gods among the others. Veelurians were the offspring of Vinu, the significance of wearing a ring means to gain trust and respect from Vinu. King Drygo is the king of the Veelurians. He called his councils to talk about the attacks of black sorcerers in the other kingdoms. "General Batton any update about the attacks?" Asked the king who seemed to be out of the mood. "My lord for now we have caught some black magic users who only have a word of mouth." Replied General Batton. "And what is it General?" "Junno. My lord." The king stops to wonder and tried to identify the name. "Name sounds familiar." Said the king. "My king he is the son of Gratus. He proclaim himself to revenge for his father’s death, and against the kingdoms governance." King Drygo ended Gratus plan to invade the other kingdoms to rule them. The war between Drygo and Gratus was b****y hell. A lot of armies had been fallen. The two kings had become comrades in their times until Gratus fall to l**t for more power and king Drygo stands against him. "My king Junno now holds two rings and a black magic he owes from a Verte (Battlegod of revenge and destruction) and we have confirmation last night that he was seen in the kingdom of Lynu." Said General Batton. "I'll deal with him in some other time." King Drygo ask General Batton to deploy a group of Veelurian army to protect the Lynu kingdom but moments later. One of the messenger entered the hall who's running out of breath, then delivered a message. "My lord Junno of Heendus son of Gratus overtaken the kingdom of Lynu." Said the messenger. The councils were astounded and started to feel alarmed. "My lord he is now heading Meedus to invade the kingdom." Added the messenger. King Drygo clench his fist and took a glance of his golden ring, hold his golden spear stamped it to the floor, then everyone quietly went back on their sets. "There's nothing to feel alarm for i king Drygo will end his infatuation. General Batton prepare the army." "They're ready any moment my lord in your beacon we are ready to head Meedus." Said general Batton. "We'll head Meedus tomorrow at dawn general, for now i want to see my daughter were is she?" Asked the king. She's on her bow and arrow training my lord." Said one of the council. "Told her to see me at noon." King Drygo summoned his servant to get her. Princess Meca, king Drygo's daughter trained hard striving to hold and wield a battle armour ring. Although there's no one in history that a woman wielded a ring, but in spite of that she never loses her spirit to have one. Princess Meca has an eye for archery, she vie his skill from one of the best warrior in Veelus, Juri. Juri won every Battle he entered, he fought by his father's side and king Drygo against Gratus and defeated Gratus right hand to the last of his enemy. The princess strike a pose and aim to hit the target, she took one arrow, hit the target then followed by the second and third arrow. All of them hit the center target. "Not bad." Princess Meca turn around and see Juri watching her while she pull off an impressive shot. "I can do more than that Juri." Said Princess Meca. Juri and Meca grew up together, trained together, only that Juri grew up to fight with his father even in his young age, so he got his ring earlier than anyone before. "Oh i know that princess Meca." Said Juri. "Please don't call me princess, it feels like you're insulting me." Meca replied in a cold shoulder. "I really find you so lovely when you're out of mood 'Princess'." Juri tried to piss her off, and he succeeded. Princess Meca clenches her teeth and make a move. She throw her sword to Juri as if she's daring him to fight her, but Juri doesn't seem to take it seriously, so the princess took a spear and started attacking Juri. They started a sparing fight, and princess Meca showed how well she is with her spear. Juri didn't take any offensive move, he even manage to use just one hand to defend himself from the very furious princess, and that makes the princess even more pissed off. She showed a different fighting style. Something new for Juri. She was able to hit a hard blow to Juri, but it doesn't hurt him. Now Juri uses his both hands. Juri had multiple chances to stop her but he let her to vent out. The princess show off an impressive move that put Juri in a critical situation, she was almost about to beat him, when Juri prove her how is it to have an experience in a numerous war, not to mention bearing the highest form of battle armor ring. As quickly as a blink of an eye, Juri was able to take her spear away from her that caused the princess to drop on the ground. The princess has no way to fight no more, so Juri throw his sword away and helped the princess get up. Out of Juri's attention. The smart princess hold Juri's right hand, twist it and attempted to rock bottom Juri, However she didn't succeed. Juri impose to apologize by extending a hand shake, but the princess didn't bother to extend her hand. "You're getting better. If you are not wearing a crown i can say you're a real warrior." Said Juri. "You're a bad liar Juri." "Come on chill out. What's wrong?" Asked Juri. "You know what's with me Juri. Ever since I’ve always wanted to bear a battle armor ring." Replied princess Meca. "Believe me you don’t need a ring in the long run. I was very keen to wield a battle armor ring before like how you badly needed it right now. But in the long run, i just wish we don’t need a ring just to have peace in every kingdom. Every time i wore this ring it reminds me that someone has to die to gain solidarity. I am waiting for the time to come that we don’t need to wear a ring anymore." Said Juri. "Are you out of your mind Juri? You know that the only way to cease evil deeds is to fight." Insist the princess. "Is it really you getting a ring or is this about your mother?" Juri hinted. "You don’t know anything Juri." "I'm afraid i do my princess." Suddenly someone step in and ask the Princess to see his father king Drygo. "Your highness, your father want you to meet him now, also the commanding general wanted Juri to prepare for a fight. “Fight? Where?" Asked the princess. "Against a possible threat my princess." Said the servant. "Juri can i come with you?" Begged the princess. "Absolutely no princess meca." The princess showed a sneer of disdain and walk out. Before the princess could get away she said something to Juri. Juri walk closer to her and handed a coin and said: "Goodluck my princess." The princess looked closely to the coin and smiled back at him and both go in their separate ways. Juri went to see his father. On his way to the commanding general, he noticed some of the warrior men preparing rushed for the battle, in his mind shows a depiction of how the war brought a tragic loss in every warrior’s family remain. Juri looked around him and he sees the same situation when he entered the kingdom, from his training until he became an elite warrior, joining his father. Fighting side by side. He thought it would change by winning every battle, but it only gets worst, one enemy to another and so forth. Juri and his father Batton had a good companion especially that they only had each other. During every battle Juri and his father Batton ought to exceed each other. They even took a bet of who has the larger amount of enemy kills. A meter away Juri saw a familiar face, he move towards him and said. "You know you don't belong here anymore Sied. You can leave it to the young ones. 'Old guy'." Said Juri. "You should pay respect for this 'Old guy' young man." Replied the old guy while teasing each other, and finally they both can’t hold it anymore and the old guy went laughing. Juri smiled back and shake their hands. "How's the greatest warrior of all time." Said the old guy. "I'm good Sied. It’s been a while, but seriously you don’t have to fight anymore." Said Juri. "Well i am not here to join you into the battle just like before. I am still on my senses kid. How in the world an amputated man could put a fight?" "And so, why are you here?" Asked Juri. "King Drygo wants me to forge new weapons for the army." Sied had no family to be with. He was a legend in making indestructible weapons. He got seriously damage during the war against Gratus. "I am still grateful that the king didn't forget me after all." Sied added. "And you deserve it. It's really nice to meet you again old pal. I gotta go. Had to talk to the general." "Alright son. Tell you father we still have an unfinished business." Sied unleashed a humorous laugh. Juri went to see his father’s official tent. Before Juri could see his father he knew what was going on. He knew this wasn't a new enemy. This fight had started years ago. "Come in son. How are you? I heard you traveled west on your own?" Said General Batton. "Yes general. King ask me to survey the west part of the kingdom." Replied Juri. "The end line? Why?" Asked the general. "He wanted to check if something or someone exist on that hideous part of the kingdom." "And what did you see?" His father asked. "Nothing new." The End line on the west part of the kingdom is huge sink hole. King Drygo has a notion that enemy could be using it for refugee. Few Veelurian believe it's a living monster for it asks lives every day. There are reports that the victims are being controlled through their mind and were persuaded to jump inside that huge hole. "Well it's not our priority right now son. New enemy is fast approaching, and he's becoming powerful. We have to end it before it reaches the kingdom." "Where is he now?" Asked Juri. "He had overtaken the kingdom Lynu already, and manipulated every Lynurian using a dark magic, control it to become his own army. His heading Meedus, i bet he's going to do the same thing in the kingdom of Lynu." The general notice that his son is a bit haze. "What's wrong son?" "I don't think this is still our fight father." The general move closer to Juri, pat his shoulder and said: "Son, don't forget that we are a warrior, and we are gonna die as a warrior, and for the kingdom." "What's happening to you son?" Before Juri could answer his father’s question, a loud sound dome the kingdom. The general and Juri hurried to get into the palace. Rushing to the palace. When Juri and his father have gone inside the palace witnessing the council and the king, in front of them is a messenger confessing a terrifying news. "My lord Junno of Heendus son of Gratus destroyed the kingdom of Meedus, he is invincible, and he is powerful." Said the messenger while shaking in fear adding: "My lord he's coming for us, he's going to destroy the kingdom." "How do you know he's gonna come to Veelus and not to Heendus?" Asked general Batton. The messenger heard him and turn toward the general. The general was shocked to see his face and arms. His half face is rotten same goes with his left arm. "Holy goodlord! What happen to you?" Asked general Batton. "My lord he's coming for revenge. He is so powerful he uses Magnus magic to destroy any living things he touches." Explained the messenger. "Magnus dark magic?" One of the council asked and proceeded: "My lord Magnus magic is the highest form of dark magic, unlike any other magic, and there’s no other magic spell to fight against it. It's a plague my lord, we have to evacuate the civilians in the kingdom." "Any proposition general?" Asked the king. "The councils are right your highness, we have to make our civilians on safety." "Alright! You heard the general, evacuate the civilians! AND PREPARE FOR A WAR!" (Chanting of the army surround the palace) The king stand from his throne and commanded to evacuate the civilians, and ask general Batton and Juri to lead the army. Just right after the king mandated his order, the sky started to get dark, lightning started to struck the kingdom and miles away a dark smoke starting to accumulate. Civilian were starting to panic. Some were struck by lightning. Started screaming all over the places. The princess rushed to see his father. "Father, what's happening?" Asked princess Meca. "He's coming." Said the king. "Allow me to fight with you father." begged Princess meca. "No. He's coming for me." King replied. "Father i want to fight for mother." The princess insisted. "Daughter if you're going to fight, what makes you different from Junno? Revenge will never be a great solution. Remember that." Said the king and ask the guards to secure the princess. "No! Father please." "Take her safely." Commanded the king. There's nothing the princess could do. Meanwhile the general ruled the army together with Juri. The king followed the army and went in front of ten thousand battle warrior army. "What's the situation Commander general?" Asked the king. "No visual of a possible enemy my king only this black smoke in front of us and it looks like it's going around the entire kingdom. A moments later there was something on the dark cloud that's starting to materialize. Starting to form his head going down to his feet, all dark armor. Finally his complete appearance were revealed and said something. "Kneel before me. I might spare you from an Apocalypse." He looks so powerful. Every living things on his pathway is starting to fade and turning into ashes. "You are insane if you think we will give this up without having a fight, and what an audacity of you to come here in one piece." Shouted the king. "I don't need an army to kill you all." After hearing what he said. General Batton throw a spear pointing his head, but it didn’t even manage to hit Junno, it froze in front of him and control the spear to make a counter strike. General Batton was able escape but two of the army got hit. "You really dont know how to respect a visitor general." Said the enemy. "Junno! You can still turn your back now and set free Lynu and Meedus, and we will forget all of this." Said the king. "Do you really think this boy can make your kingdom and any other kingdom overtaken? Let me introduce myself to you king. I DRIFUS BATTLEGOD OF REVENGE AND DESTRUCTION WILL END YOUR KINGDOM!" Drifus started to activate his two rings, blow an offensive strike to Veelurian army. Every Veelurian army that got hit is starting to rotten their flesh and fade away into ashes. Then Drifus unleashed his monstrous army coming from the dark cloud that already wrapped the entire kingdom. Drifus Monstrous army are going wild and started attacking the Veelurian army. King Drygo Activated his golden battle ring, and turn himself into a golden battlegod form, released a full power blow to Drifus monstrous army. Strucked and destroyed, Drifus released a second wave of monstrous army. This time general Batton order the Veelurian army to activate their rings and transform into a battle armor. Then general Batton and Juri also turn themselves into a highest form a battle armor and fought the second wave of monstrous army. King Drygo had a one on one battle with the Verte (Battlegod of revenge and destruction) Drifus. "What did you do to Junno Verte?" Asked king Drygo. "He offered his souls to me in exchange of your death. His hunger for revenge against you awaken my full power and it makes me stronger than any other battlegod, even stronger than your battegod Vinu." Drifus strike a powerful fire fist. King Drygo absorb its power and strike it back to Drifus. While Drifus then dodge the full power fire ball at the center of the palace. East part of the palace were ruin, too many civilian were killed. Some of the monstrous army had breaches the palace already, and everything it touches turn into ashes, especially those civilian. The battle armor ring can somehow fight the curse of the Magnus dark magic, but unfortunately for those who don’t wield a ring will turn into ashes. The general ask Juri to follow those monstrous army that have breaches the palace. "Alright father, I’ll leave it to you." Said Juri, and general Batton nodded. When Juri reaches the palace he killed every monster he sees inside, but it keeps coming larger amount and this time it gets bigger monstrous army, also battle ring amour doesn't seem to take effect. Until half of the Veelurian army were defeated and turned into ashes. Juri tried to check for princess Meca, but he didn't see her, instead he saw Sied on a brink of danger. Juri tried to save him using his bow, but it didn’t penetrate the bigger monster, so Juri brawl the monster and Juri fell off the ground. The monster went back on his feet and was about to attack Juri. Juri knew it and took Sied’s new forge spear, and it cut the monster in half without so much effort. "Thanks kid." Said Sied. "Sied i want you to lead these civilians outside the palace. Alright?" "Alright." When Juri went back to the battle, thousands of Veelurian were killed and a lot of monstrous army are still coming out from the dark cloud. Only hundreds of Veelurian army were left. Even king Drygo and general battle are slowing down. It seems like the ring didn’t work anymore. King were weak already he can’t even make his offensive turn. His golden ring lost its power. General Batton attack Drifus but every strike, Drifus only dodge it. Then Drifus make his attack to general Batton that make the general fell on his knees. Drifus hold his neck up and choke his breath. Drifus didn't see it, but Juri was on his left side and strike a hard blow using his spear. Drifus was thrown hardly and Juri followed another strike while Drifus lied on the ground, but Drifus was able to escape and went up high, Juri knew it and followed another strike, it hit Drifus again and was thrown downward. Juri coming from the sky unleashed a ring full power then strike another attack. When he was so close to hit Drifus on the ground, suddenly ring power slow down, and Juri lost the power of the ring. Drifus throw a counter attack that almost lost Juri's senses. Drifus went for him. "This might be confusing for you kid, but yes this two rings consumes the power of your battle armor ring. But don’t worry kid you have my respect." When Drifus was about to end Juri. Someone almost hit Drifus using an arrow. "Meca? What are you doing here?" Said Juri. Drifus controlled his body and drag princess Meca close to Drifus, hold her neck and choked her while she was starting her flesh turning into ashes. Juri burst into anger and about to attack Drifus, but Drifus took Juri's spear and stab it to Juri's chest twice. "Now that’s really heart broken." Said Drifus while Juri is on his last breath. The remaining Veelurian army including the king and the general turned into ashes. Even the kingdom become traceless. The Veelus entire kingdom became a wide range of land and ashes.  

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