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Hi there! my name is Jonathan Ibayan a content writer in and publisher on Amazon KDP.
Updated at Jul 5, 2021, 21:35
I planned to make 1000 words daily or at least finish my first book and continue writing more books in the future
Veelurians Kingdom of the Battlegods Warrior
Updated at May 27, 2021, 12:22
After sacrificing his life for the kingdom and for his loved ones. Juri was reincarnated by the battlegods to redeem the kingdom's solidarity. Juri will be back to life a year before the commencement of the apocalypse performed by a Raven God, Drifus. During his Quest to Heendus, He will develop new ability and power. Even able to activate a form of a Battlegod. He will be accompanied by the Princess of their kingdom unannounced. He will encounter strong and indestructible Magnus magic, and Ryko users. At the end he will meet an unlikely allies that would help him destroyed the Raven gods.
Updated at May 20, 2021, 20:49
He was almost killed by the love of his life. The very unknown royal Prince cast away himself from the castle, away from his family to find himself more of how life should be. During his quest he'll be dwelling with Shareena the wit heroine badass heir of their tribe. Kellen will realize his existence. They will be reunited in one purpose, to kill Kellen's father.