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WEEK 1 WritingCampKellen
‘Sanahyabosa’ [Translated to a welcoming greet in our kingdom] I am Kellen the 76th royal grandson of our kingdom. Yes, i know what you’re thinking, being part of the royal family is so damn great for fancy things such as having predisposition for expensive and high end stuffs, not to mention being very well known in every part of the kingdom, expressly with the ladies in our palace. But it’s not me, i was aloof at royal fascinations i have never felt proud of who i am. i am drowned with everything i have that i want to disappear in one snap, although i couldn’t do that not if i wanted to leave the palace on purpose because i have never seen the outside of the stronghold since i was born. Everyone in the kingdom only knows my name but not familiar with my appearance. I don’t attend royal gatherings, needless to say that there’s something i want to do outside the kingdom that would satisfy my soul than to have appearance to anywhere else which makes no sense. One afternoon day i find out that there was a hidden place in south part of the kingdom that only few can ever know. It was a place where the ancient methods, wisdoms, and ancient medicine where deposited. I decided that i needed to be there, it will be a perfect place for me to find myself, to be alone and free from the royal duties. So, I have planned to tell it to my personal guard and fighting mentor. He was the greatest warrior of our kingdom, his name is Rey he's like a father figure to me, as i was his son to him. He shared everything i need to know in combat fight, and probably some advice about life, honestly this was the only thing that keeps me going, well, aside from reading ancient histories and their way of life. I adore doing finesse combat stance and critical offense movement with or without a weapon on hand. He's really is an ace to the royals, he win every battle he fought, and to keep the story short i thought he needed to know about my plan because of our close relation. Like what I’ve said he was a father to me so when told him, he let me go. Such a supportive guy. He said i needed it and he will take care of the royal family. There’s another one person i needed to see and tell my plan before i left to make sure that everything will be fine. Then after that i packed few load and started my quest. When i got out of the palace i felt like i was unshackled and feeling the gentle wind was awesome. I was a mile away from the kingdom within the gigantic bushes that almost caresses the heavens. i only seen this drawn in some pages of ancient writings. After a while i heard some people shouting, i couldn’t hear what they are yelling but it was clear that they are riding horses. I intended to raise my hand for it might be the royal army... I was wrong. "Holy good lord! These are thieves... No maybe scavengers?" I run as fast as i can, but they were really fast i got caught. I raised both hands in the air as a sign of submission, and with all composure i told them i was part of the royal family which i thought a smart way of leaving me alone. Again i was wrong. They laugh at me as if it was the greatest joke they have ever heard in their entire lives. There are exactly ten of them. Eventually they stop from laughing. "I’m sorry my prince, and excuse if we will abduct you for a while in exchange of money... [Loud laughing then continued]" They tied me up, cover my entire head in a piece of blanket, and stacked me with the rest of the other hostage inside a cage ridden by a huge chariot. At least i wouldn’t mind walking and suffer from terrible sprain, saves me from heavy lift, surely it’s better this way. I heard them say they were heading south, so, what a coincidence, I’ll just play my role here and wait until it’s time to escape. [A commotion just commenced, sound of sword fight can be heard clearly] There were four of us inside the cage and i can smell that I’m the only guy along with them, they were starting to cut loose, but not the one in front of me i can tell by seeing blurred images through the blanket that covers my sight that she's composed, afterwards the lady in front me instantly untied herself and help the other two lady. Then after she helped them she went outside and fight the hostiles. She was amazing but wait, why am i still tied up? Im supposed to be helped as well, im part of the hostage situation. What is happening? We were ambushed... And they overtaken the thieves’ possession. But i think they are good people, they just didn’t untied me yet but at least i guess they won’t sell me or anything... Damn it i was wrong again. So, the 'good people' who ambushed the thieves and apprehended them was aiming to save the couple lady hostages, i heard them saying that they were reportedly missing and that the lady in front of me was part of the saving process. I can hear her say. "I have been following them for two consecutive days, and i got the chance to hitch myself as a hostage this morning and find a perfect place to execute the ambush... You two are safe now." the two of them then showed their gratitude to the lady. She has a lovely feminine speaking voice, i can’t help it but to utter this words of appreciation. "That was great, im amazed. I would profoundly appreciate if you can untie me..." No one answered. "Helloo?" I can hear them talking about me, what are they going to do about me, it’s either of the two. First, is they are going to set me free, second, they are going to trade me, but this two? Aren’t my options for me to choose. As a courtesy of the lady she untie me from the cage but not within my two hands. "We can’t trust this man he must be a spy from other kingdom." "You. Where did you came from?" Asked the man whose part of the ambush attack. i didn’t say anything "Take him." Just as i thought that they would release me, they have taken me somewhere else. Somewhere windy and breezy air, I can hear a gust run of riverside. They asked me to stop, placed a blind fold in my eyes, now i can’t see anything. Everything went black. I continued to walk as they do, it’s a little thirsty so i ask for a little drink. "Ahm... Do you mind if could drink some water." Still i didn’t get any response, then after a couple of minute we finally stop. This is it. Someone cut the rope, and ushered me to one place. "You said you're thirsty right? Here, have yourself a drink." The man cut me loose and as i was about to turn around, he pushed me, I don’t know why but from where im standing at was a little unsteady, i lost my balance and i felt like i was in the air. Im falling not in love but im falling in at least thirty feet cliff from the water level, i feel s***k as i stormed down the deep water, I was still under the water when i took off my blindfold. The greenish look from above water bank was clear as i had my sight in it and swam across the river aisle. When i took a peek from below, they were gone already. I didn’t get the chance to take a subtle glance to the lady, it was drastic how they treated me, although i was a little grateful that they didn’t kill me, well, who would die from dropping a cliff, I didn’t, maybe just a few? Next time i wouldn’t involve myself in any kind of hostage dilemma, and this time i was quite right. I didn’t expect to be this harsh the outside of the kingdom is, but i am not losing hope at anyone, i know there will be someone who will show an appropriate manner. I went down a village to prove myself, only to find out thieves and deceitful act are vulgar in some areas. How in the world is this happening? Im pretty sure the king exerted all effort to provide shelter, food and resources for a better living of every village, i have seen it approved with my two clear eyes. There must be a problem with transport or something else that interrupt the growth of the villagers. I try to buy food and the owner checked the money if it’s not fake, i am the only customer he had, i talk to him to buy me some time and also to see how's the villagers doing. He actually seems nice but his words are very limited, one question responded by one answer. He said something: "Listen young man if i were you, i won’t stay here for long even more for the night. If you want to live longer." Then that’s it, i didn’t even finish my food but he took the plate and ask me to go. Before i could go, there’s three men disrupted me and ask for money. Darn it, i should have listen to the old man. He saw me frisked by the three guys. "You're new here aren't you?" I tried to lie just to make them feel they're barking the wrong tree. "I am from here...Ahm... Next village." I said. "What village?" This time i knew I’m screwed, so i warn them. "Alright... Listen i don’t want trouble, i don’t want to hurt you either." And that's it, they laugh at me. The first man pushed me right into the food stall where i have eaten, and what happen to the food stall was very disturbing, the chair break, the tables wreck and i was on top of it resting. The food stall owner tried to make them calm, but the first guy pushed him as well, the food owner is down and i can see his nose bleeding. That was the time i made a stand and take it seriously. I get up on foot and the first guy is about to throw his fist on me, but i got him first. I embed a hard kick blow right on his pumped chest, i was in the right angle to hit a very hard blow. It got him bleed on the ground. The people around were shocked, literally. Then the second came on bursting angrily and throw a straight hawk, i twist my neck quickly to right side and grabbed his arm and charge a short but solid distribution of f****d uppercut, i almost got his teeth out. Then followed by a close range elbow punch right on his throat all in quick turns. It choked him and turned his legs to jelly, now he can’t move so i leave him alone. The third man on the other hand thought that i wouldn’t see him grabbing the chair and planning to smack it on my head. He plunge the attack after i apprehended the second man, and he got me, luckily the chair wasn’t that solid so the number of birds flying around my head is only one, im still on my senses to take my offense, my 360 turn around kick never gets old especially at a perfect range. The third man kissed the floor. The first man is back on his feet ready to attack. But this time it is not his domination so i walk close to him to finish the fight before i could draw too much attention. So, i came on to him first and landed a hit on his nose using the back of my fist, a flicker jab, then open my fist like a paper, and hit it to his throat. After the neck my left arm is sweating hard to attack but i didn’t used it, instead i draw his right leg by kicking it, to swing out of his balance and my smoldering right fist landed to his face before he could drop down at his back out of balance. That downward punch made him calm, well, just for a while. Everyone around me was in awe, i don’t want any attention that’s the reason why i left the palace. I never wasted any second i run out of the village. My heart pumped so fast as i run back to the forest. I never felt that sensation since my training with my second father and combat instructor. I should have taken Rey's advice seriously. "Don’t trust anyone on your way." I get it now, it’s coming on me gradually. Now i need to be careful on my way to the Sinhan temple. I'm about to set foot on the next town and this time it goes a lot different, I changed my look, totally diverse. I went in covered and only my eyes can be seen, Im also in a hood to avoid eye contact. I ask the people as to where i can fetch drinking water, and speaking of drinking water after i fetch some, i saw a beautiful view, well, she looks familiar in figure but i guess she's not what i am thinking her to be. I tried to follow her like a stalking dog but i lost her. She bought something in a strange boutique. It’s an old place boutique selling old strange stuff inside a crystal glasses, and i also sneak out the store. There was an old lady who approached me. Just coming inside i felt a different magical feeling. "What is this?" I say then she said something. "You are looking at Ambiosa flower." The old lady replied. "Yeah? And what is it can do?" "It can sharpen your memory, in case you... wanted to remember something." At the time i heard her say that, it was nice but i don’t want to remember anything in my past. I walk around inside it before i could go, and the old lady said something when i left the store. Although it was wonderful of her to say that to someone stranger, nonetheless it’s quite odd that she seem to know me. Anyway it was about to get dark and i need a shelter to rest on, i look around the place. I shouldn’t be doing this if the ambush guys didn’t took my stuff that include some sleeping materials for the woods. Guess i have to deal with the bugs tonight. The night seem so ordinary just as i thought nothing could go wrong, the lady i saw earlier that day showed up as if she was spying, i covered myself, then i went the other way but i can still see her. She was trying to sneak a certain place. I tried to stop myself from following her but I’m a little curious of what she's up to. She then cross a 10 feet fence walling and inside it is a drinking place for travelers and for some other guys who does good and bad in their past and current life. Of course since i was riveted i did the things that make people nag after they’ve done something worth regretting, I’m stupid. Well, slap me anywhere you want but i got the urge to jump across 10 feet wall. I can still see her discreetly going inside the drinking house. I save myself from having a hard time making an entrance so i went inside using the door. Just as you open the door the smell of wine shroud the atmosphere of the place. Too many tipsy customers, others were sleeping on their tables already. The bigger tables could catch an abundant attention, there are four hunter looking guys who never took their eyes away from their wines and their weapons. I tried to hover my sight around to see the lady i saw coming in but i can’t find her. I have no luxury of waiting for her to show up so i ordered a bottle of wine and pay for it then find a table to enjoy it. Honestly i have never tasted a wine before, i was just trying to cover up myself as one of them, and so I wouldn’t look suspicious. I made myself a try and drink few more. This wasn’t bad actually, it taste good, if there were no sign that this was an alcoholic beverages i wouldn’t think it’s a wine, its taste like a normal fruit juice. I have enjoyed it. Seems like it’s not making me tipsy and so i gulped unto the last drop of it. As i put down the bottle i had a glance of the lady again, and this time she was behind the bigger tables with the Hunter looking guys. Im not that drunk to see her pulling up a knife from her back and about to cut the throat of one of the hunter looking guys. She might be doing this for revenge but damn it, i can’t stop myself looking at it without doing anything. So i stand up and shouted on to the Hunter guys to watch out and to stop the lady from a possible execution. Both the hunter guys and the lady caught my attention and the attempt were halted, they were looking at me, but i barely see them the way i look at them earlier. Oh boy, the wine works, it was surreal cause i am seeing circular movement, I’m turning my head left to right, and i feel like my head is getting heavy. i rotated back my sight to the lady and the hunters, however all i can see is that they look like they're dancing. I know it was just the spirit of wine but in reality they were fighting. I took the courage to help the lady or at least stop them from fighting. f****d myself to walk near to them, the minute i reach onto them i grabbed one of the hunter and said: "Stop you guys." He was nice that he landed me his fist right on my face, i was down, but it gives a small amount of jolt in my head to recover a little from being tipsy. You can’t blame me it was my first time drinking tipsy beverages. Anyway i got myself back on my feet the four hunters were still on a fight, i grabbed a chair and smack it to one of the hunters, he broke down, now the two hunters came on me. The first one attempted to stab me in the chest so i grabbed his arm and twist it for him to let lose the knife, then the second one made an offense, he pulled up a sharp and in enough length one side blade sword to cut my head, but in a right position i made a quick right leg kick that reaches his jaw followed by another knee kick attack to the guy i twisted the arm, got them drop down on the floor. There’s only one hunter left who's the lady is dealing with, when he had seen the three of them down, he surrendered himself but he looked at the entrance door and seen the fifth one of the hunters aiming an arrow blade to the lady. As the fifth hunter on the door pull the shot the other hunter guy went out through the window to escape, The strange thing is, i can see the arrow blade slowly pointing towards the lady, so before it could reach the lady i went into her and cuddle her wrapping her entire body, i can see her surprised and bothered as i wrapped my body around her and all i can feel is heat at my back. I was hit and I’m losing my senses, before i pass out i heard her say: "You...? Again?"

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