Story By Lydia Clarke

Lydia Clarke

Poisoned By Desire
Updated at Oct 12, 2022, 23:36
What force of nature is more dangerous than love? Desire. Desire is just as potent as love but more deadly and the high is so addictive that most would say the consequences are worth it. Most except for Julian Doyle. He's guilty of both Love and Desire, and because of this recklessness, he has watched the world change for over a century. Cion has lived her life with the knowledge that the world is not as it seems. Sprites, ghosts, and demons live among the masses, and she is one of the 'lucky' few to know it. Cion and Julien are two completely different supernatural beings. Will they be able to withstand the forces trying to keep them apart? *** To kiss him sober is out of my league. But somehow with all these excuses, I still close my eyes and brace for him. I want to feel the heat of his lips but feel nothing. His breath is on my ear as he mutters, "Your name is beautiful." Poisoned by Desire is created by Lydia Clarke, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.