Story By Chris Rogers

Chris Rogers

I was born in NY but grew up in Florida since I was school aged. I am a mother of two beautiful children and married to a very supportive husband. I love spending time with family and friends, Sunday Fundays consist of bbqs and good old fashion quality time. I have a full time job, writing is my escape to relax and be lost in a dream world. I want to share my creativity and love for the paranormal werewolf romance stories to bring a world for others to get lost in.
Second Chance Mate (The Force - Book 2)
Updated at Oct 27, 2022, 02:49
Vampires killed Mattie's parents, fueling her desire to join the Royal Court to take revenge on them. Having committed to the Royal Courts warrior training program, Mattie gives up everything for her chance to join them. Devastated by their rejection, Mattie goes out on her own to to make a life, one where she can use her training to kill Vampires. Her jealous ex-boyfriend stops at nothing to win Mattie back. Dax is from a powerful family that is never told no. She must balance creating a life for herself while dealing with Dax. Upsetting him would create her more problems than she needed. Hunter is set out to find Cain and end him once and for all. Being so close to having his life in his hands, he is determined to see Cain meet his death by his hands. Having lost his mate to Cain over a century ago, Hunter is seeking justice for his long lost mate. During his search he finds Mattie, his second chance mate. Torn between not wanting a mate and the constant need to protect her, he finds himself unable to leave her alone. Her mission to kill Vampires puts her in danger, something he could not walk away from, even if he rejects her.
The Werewolf's Mate (The Force - Book 1)
Updated at Jul 17, 2022, 04:33
Jessica’s life was turned upside down the moment Mace, Werewolf leader of The Force, walked into her life. Mace never wanted a mate, his only focus was to lead The Force, a Werewolf organization to eradicate Vampires and feral Werewolves while upholding Werewolf law, keeping their species hidden among the human race. Jessica was more than a human, a lost she-wolf discovering a world she never knew she belonged to. Mace’s world is filled with danger. Pulled between his duties to protect his race and the irresistible pull of the mate bond, Mace must find a way to take out Cain a Vampire who threatens Jessica’s existence. Jessica finds herself thrown into the fight against Vampires as her psionic gift connects her to a deadly Vampire named Cain who seeks to take her from Mace and keep her for himself. As fated mates, Jessica and Mace must learn to accept the bond between them to become stronger together in order to win the fight against Cain.