Story By Uniquequeen


Very simple, unique and easy going. Always ready to learn and make corrections. Ability to adapt in any circumstances.
Updated at Oct 10, 2022, 22:55
Slavery was the only life Sophia knew after her family members were killed. People start accusing her of being responsible for their deaths because they believe she is bad luck but she only desires to be loved. Her slavery took her to Blue Blood Pack where she met Alpha Axel who was known to be a heartless Alpha and derives pleasure in torturing. Alpha Axel never believes in having a mate because he has the mindset that no woman will ever possess the qualities of his late mother who happens to be the first Luna of Blue Blood Pack. One faithful day, as it is slave Sophia to serve Alpha Axel, their eyes met with each other and there was a spark which made him believe that her eyes was the most beautiful things he has ever seen all his life. Will Alpha Axel fall for a mere slave? Will Sophia be able to change him from a beast to a good human being? *From the story* "The sound of his voice as he called my name softly made me raise my head and glanced at him". "Sophia", a name that is as precious as your beautiful eyes, that's the name I called you.