Story By Lily


A dreamer, a student and part time writer. My love for reading inspired me to write something, therefore I started writing in my free time. I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy writing them.
The Snake Princess
Updated at Jul 31, 2023, 00:31
It is dark and I am all alone walking randomly in the woods with no idea of where am I or where I am going. I am tired from all the random walking for hours now I need to rest or I might die of exhaustion. I look around for a patch of grass to rest and start again in the morning, just then I see light appear at a distance. I am pretty sure they weren’t there before. I start walking towards it and find myself near the ruins of what looks like an old temple. What is this place? Where am I? Who lit these torches? There were hundreds of questions in my mind. “Hello?” I ask rather loudly expecting an answer. When nothing came, I looked around the perimeter of the ruins. There are intricate carvings of humans in different dance poses there are snakes, bulls, and flowers. It looks so beautiful, even though the main temple structure is partially disintegrated I can tell that it was a beautiful building. I don’t think there is any human habitation at this place. I enter the ruins to find a small pillar like structure in the center which was about a foot tall and snakes all around the place, but instead of being afraid I felt like I was home. Suddenly I feel a movement and I turn only to find my mother standing there. “Mom! What are you doing here?” I ask her relived, at least I am not here alone. “Oh sweetheart, you will know all in time.” She said. “What is this place and where are we?” I ask. She just smiles and everything goes dark.