Story By KavyaAgnihotri


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The Lavender-Eyed Omega
Updated at Apr 20, 2024, 11:58
Alexina Clarke, the nineteen-year ordinary omega who planned to escape from her stepparents, ended up as a scapegoat to protect her stepparents from the clutches of Alastair Maynard, the heartless devil, and king of Wrisian. She was sent as a bride instead of her stepsisters to Alastair who hated omegas to his guts due to his past traumatic experience, tricking him. A new challenge came up as innocent Alexina entered the harem of Wrisian where dangers lurked everywhere. Alexina who was more than an ordinary omega was hell-bent to survive through the dark conspiracies of the palace. Soon enough Alastair, the hybrid of a demon wolf and a vampire who wanted to get rid of her upon finding the truth about her, found it harder to resist the omega’s pheromones. Little did they know that their fates were intertwined with each other. The more they got entangled with each other, the more secrets about their pasts started to unravel. ✺✺✺✺✺✺ “Alastair Maynard...You hate me that much to the extent of almost killing me through the inhumane torture just because I am an omega?” With bleeding wrists Alexina huffed, trembling with rage. Nails growing long, her dark brown iris turned into lavender colour while lavender-coloured smoke circled her. “I wonder how you will react upon discovering that I am not just some ordinary omega and I have my eyes on something very precious to you? Alastair Maynard, it's just the beginning…”