Story By Elora Ann

Elora Ann

I use reading and writing as a way to escape as many people do and I am just happy I found a place here to do it.
A Bite of Me
Updated at Dec 8, 2023, 10:03
Melody came from nothing, not just being poor or a peasant, but literally nothing. She came from the pit that the void was in. No one understand why she exists or how for that matter, but they do know is after they found her the mating bond had all but disappeared. Now she is in Tennet where she finds herself in the middle of a scandal when the future ruler of another realm takes an interest in her. She oddly feels comfort when by him so she seeks him out just to calm her body down. Plots soon begin to break out when she is thrown under the bus believing her to be the reincarnated void who has stolen the birth right of people with mates.
The Obsession of the Alpha Titan Brothers
Updated at Oct 29, 2023, 02:18
The last 6 months of Lenora's life had been tough enough with her father dying in an accident leaving her brother mute, her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend at her fathers funeral, her mother on drugs, and constant harassment of her peers. All she wants is to finish school and take her brother away from this town, when a trip to a coffee shop changes everything. She now finds herself fighting against the strings of fate as she is pulled into the world of Illyria. The Titan brothers have become on overwhelming part of her life and there is something not quiet right with her now that she's entered this world.