Story By Tiffany Beylor

Tiffany Beylor

Alpha Female
Updated at Jan 2, 2020, 13:57
I am Princess Celestria Lewis the daughter of King Alpha Oliver and Queen Luna Christi Lewis of the Midnight Guardian Pack. The Midnight Guardian Pack (also known as the Royal Pack) is the largest, strongest, and most feared pack in the world but our pack has a secret we are the last living Lycans (oldest and strongest werewolves alive). I was 16 years old when I experienced the worst thing that could happen to anyone. I watched my parents die and there was nothing I could do. I am Theo Ross the son of Alpha Emmett and Luna Lauren Ross of the Crimson Howlers Pack. The Crimson Howlers Pack is the second largest pack in the world. I was 18 years old when the best thing that could happen to a werewolf. I found my mate.